Debunking 365 Messianic Prophecies – Daniel 9 – Part 3 – Rabbi Michael Skobac

Diaspora Museum 3

And after the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one shall be cut off and shall have nothing. And the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. Its end shall come with a flood, and to the end there shall be war. Desolations are decreed. – Daniel 9:26 (ESV)

Join us as we continue to investigate the alleged 365 messianic prophesies in the Tanakh that Jesus supposedly fulfilled in the New Testament!

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  1. Trifon Athnos says

    B”H HaShem knows what He’s doing, who am I to tell Him what He Must do, and How He must do it? Is the Nazarene the Only Moshiach? No, he is Not, was he Moshiach in any way, for anyone at all? That depends upon whom you ask. Is the Greco=Roman tradition about that man absolutely correct?, No. Am I worried? No. Am I worried about what others may think of me? No. I have Proof, that he and the events surrounding him were in fact prophetic, but it doesn’t have much to do with being Moshiach, or not. And besides, if a Major writing prophet (s) wrote that a pagan king of another nation was Moshiacho (possibly said as ‘moshiachevo’) Yeshyah 45:1, who am I to say who and who may not be moshiach? As far as I’m concerned, every righteous Jew is Moshiach, but have they all awakened to that FACT? That’s what we should be doing, wake them up Reb. these arguments are old hat, they’ve all been said, focus not on that, but the promises of Moshiach, as The Rebbe had taught. B’Shem YHWH Elohaynu uv’Shem YHWH Shammah, uv’shem YHWH ELIAN (Revelation 3:12 KJV; B’Reshyth 2:4, Last verse Yetzekiel, Tehellim 7 resp.) Yes, I am a strange kind of bird. He may not be HaMoshiach, but his words certainly could be, for the Light of Torah does shine from them and within them; for that was his teaching method, to speak as though he were the Torah, itself. Always remember as your teachers have taught you Truth (Emeth) is sweet, but when you realize how few could accept it, it becomes bitter. As to the Nazarene, and the history of the Jewish people since that time, I SEE Him in YOU, don’t you know who you are, Baali? I am tempted to grab three bulls this time, there are two groups being decieved, and one still asleep in unbelief. go on pour as much water on them as you want. Shalom Reb Skobac

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