Torah Pearls – Season 2 – Tetzaveh

Join Ross and Jono as they work through what Ross describes as the most anointed Torah portion of them all!

Join us for this year’s Tanakh Tour of Israel!

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  1. Nestorius says

    Jono, the video and download links don’t work. Please fix them asap… Don’t rob me of the opportunity to say over your divrei Torah at by Shabbos table. I tell all my friends that I listen compulsively to “those goyim who learn Parasha and really ‘get it'”. Few people in my community have woken up to you guys. We live in extraordinary times…

  2. Sophiee Saguy says

    Back on the topick of the word כֹּהֲנִים kohanim. כֹּהֵן kohén could be translated more as “minister” than “priest” or “ruler.” Thus it makes more sense from an English perspective than the more common translation of “priest.” Think of a government minister (e.g. a “prime” minister) and also a religious minister. The word כֹּהֵן kohén is derived from the root verb – kahein which means [to] serve, hence its application to serve in a religious or governmental capacity. 1 Kings 4:5 is an example of its usage for a government minister.

  3. Jim D. says

    I’m a bit confused as to Ross’ religious beliefs based on a statement he made in his review of the JPS Study Bible, . A look at his web site did not help clarify my question, either. Perhaps Ross can respond to this post.

    I would like to know if Ross believes that Jesus was The Messiah and/or was G-d (or literal son of G-d or a god head, etc). He doesn’t really seem to come right out and make this clear.

    The reason for my question is this: If Ross simply believes in the historic Jesus as no more than a man — who apparently was a charismatic preacher with quite a following — they why would Ross even care what Jesus thought, believed or practiced, more than any other person?

    Ross states in his review of the JPS Study Bible that the Hebrew Bible is the only testament he believes in, yet the only reason anyone would think Jesus was particularly important to begin with is strictly because Jesus was the central focus of the New Testament scriptures. If he regards the NT to be without truth or authority, then it doesn’t matter what the man Yeshua did or thought any more than Isaiah (and in my opinion, certainly less).

    So you see, there seems to be a fundamental contradiction here, and I hope that Ross will clarify it for me and for others.


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