Torah Pearls – Season 2 – Vayigash

Why did Jacob trust Judah? Why is faith in Jesus the best Christian defence? (not kidding) Why were we told that Joseph’s silver cup was for idolatry? Why did the King of Egypt ask Jacob how old he was? Why did Joseph advise his brothers to say that they were only shepherds? Why did the Egyptians despise shepherds? Don’t miss this show!

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  1. Larry Cheshier says

    Torah, Prophets and the Writings are the only truth and Yeshua is within them. Yeshua did follow Torah. My faith is in YHVH, the creator of the universe, the God of Israel. He told us He would send the Messiah, whom He did send in the person of Yeshua.

    No where in Torah are we told to call YHVH “hashem”. We are told not to add to or take away from YHVH’s word. But you do and claim you do not.

    YHVH’s will will be done. All those of Israel will come to know that Yeshua is Messiah.

    The pearls of Torah you provide are for the most part good. Your efforts to always deny Yeshua do you no favor. YHVH is love.

    In Yeshua’s love.

  2. Jacinthe says

    Tobias, did you say that Benjamin was a young boy? When moving to Egypt in Gen. 46:21 he comes to Egypt with ten sons. Can you explain this?

  3. George says

    Shalom Shalom & B’rakhot for opening the Scriptures to us listeners. Todah Raba, each weekend I have been trying to determine why one of my smoke detectors was chirping – each weekend, yet not during the week. Please, someone, buy Jason some batteries.

    As to Larry C. & other Messianics – do you really want to use the term HaShem, as evidence of ‘adding & subtracting’ to Yehovah’s word? How many Christians quote the Tanakh, envisioning that “The L-RD” in the text is Yeshua? If people would study the 5 Books of Moses, from several different translations AND setting aside the theology of the nations, for several years – you each would come to see all the additions & subtractions the Church of Rome AND her daughters have done. Deuteronomy 13 is an awesome filter. Using ‘HaShem’ in place of Yehovah’s name, does not compare to trampling the Sabbath, by sanctifying Sunday. The Church makes no distinction between the Holy & the common or Profane. Yeshua started-out glorifying the Father and crediting Him, but evolved into crediting himself & lifting himself up (John 12:32). How many Believers do greater deeds than Yeshua or even the deeds he spoke to John the Immerser about (John 14:12)? Yeshua said, “he who believes in me…” which means, each one who ‘believes,’ even today.

    In Sunday school, Americans are given Jesus instead of Yehovah; all the glorious songs are sung to Jesus and not to Yehovah. DEU 32:39 ‘See now that I, I am He, And there is no god besides Me; It is I who put to death and give life. I have wounded and it is I who heal, And there is no one who can deliver from My hand.
    ISA 45:5 “I am Yehovah, and there is no other; Besides Me there is no God. I will gird you, though you have not known Me; ISA 43:11 “I, even I, am Yehovah, and there is no savior besides Me.

    Some say, Yeshua is Yehovah… MAT 28:18 And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. JOH 3:35 “The Father loves the Son and has given all things into His hand. REV 5:7 And He came and took the book out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne.

    One might make a case that Yeshua was the Angel of Yehovah, copying the Father (John 5:19), with the other angels during Creation, but later became puffed-up, as in Psalm 82.

  4. Jim says

    Larry, tell us what you think the messianic prophecies are please, and include citations to the verses you use. Then tell us how Jesus fulfilled them. Thanks.

  5. ShoutedTheDustSpeck says

    I’ve listened to several of these shows so far, old and new, and I really enjoy the trio of ideas.

    I found Tovia’s page a while back when some thoughts I had been mulling over resulted in the need to carefully re-examine each Hebrew word in 53:5. After doing so, I had some questions and started looking for answers.
    I have a great respect for Tovia’s insight. I listened to a few radio programs and I appreciate his treatment of people, even if those people are frustrated. I then found a debate on YouTube with Tovia and from there I found the Spiritual Babies YouTube page. That led me here.

    Although I have great respect for Jono and Tovia, I would like to focus on Jason specifically. I was listening to a discussion among you guys regarding Joseph. Tovia was making a point about how Joseph’s vanity got him into trouble with Potiphar’s wife. Tovia was relaying the opinion of the sages who have come before.
    As I was thinking it over in the moment, I disagreed with the sages’ take on the issue. I felt that Joseph was attractive because of his genes. His grandmother was attractive to the point of garnering attention from a king as well as his great grandmother. It appears that whatever traits this family had, powerful people were drawn to them. Do I believe Sarah or Rebekah brought this negative attention down on themselves because of the extent in which they took care of themselves? No.
    That is when Jason spoke up. He stood up for Joseph in a way that was admirable. Tovia was very polite, but I think, in this case, his respect for the sages blinded him to consider another possibility. I was actually grateful for a third opinion. I think the sages, in their desire to link every action to a Karma like corrective reaction (although that may be appropriate), may be wrong in this case. As the roles have been reversed in the Torah, no one would put the burden on the woman for unwanted sexual attention. I do not feel Joseph to blame regardless of the care he took with his appearance. He was a visible servant in a wealthy man’s house and he was part of this man’s property. I feel that Joseph taking any less care of himself would be disrespectful. If vanity would need punishment, I am sure that his time in inferior clothing and unkemptness in the prison would be sufficient.
    In summary, there is value in having new eyes a fresh perspective. You can sometimes see things that those who have studied for a long time may not. Equally, those who have studied a long time have insights that those, who have lesser time under their belt, may not.
    It seems good for Jason to speak as much as Tovia and Jono. He has his own type of insight. It would be easy to listen to Tovia, Jason or Jono alone (and beneficial), but there other pages, links etc. where that could happen.

    Debate is good and you guys handle it well. I think much is lost, however, if all three perspectives are not properly voiced.

    Save Mr. Squeakee

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