Torah Pearls – Season 2 – Vayera

Why did Lot offer his two daughters to the depraved men of Sodom and why did his daughters have sex with Lot? Why did God make a great nation of Ishmael? What is Documentary Hypothesis and is it credible? All this and more in this week’s Torah Pearls!

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Rabbi Tovia Singer – Craig Evans Debate

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  1. Derrick C says

    I think you are talking about Pat Robertson.

  2. Carla Newton says

    I am confused in 20:12 Abraham said Sarah is the daughter of his father but not the daughter of his mother, making them half siblings. Where did niece come from? Is there something in the Hebrew that is wrong in our english translations?

  3. Jacinthe says

    When a son from Sarah was to be born he pleaded for Ismael to live, but when Isaac Was to be sacrificed he never pleaded anything. Was he hoping that yhwh had changed his mind & would call back Ismael to be his heir, maybe?

  4. LaTuana (Anna) Montgomery says

    I want to thank you for providing excellent teachers on Torah. Truth2U has made me question much that I have been taught throughout my life. I grew up being taught this is what is truth, this is what saves you. This Jesus is savior. I didn’t know what a savior was, nor what a messiah should be, I just knew this was supposed to be true. My foundation is crumbled, my life rearranged and I have never felt better. Thank you for teachers such as Tovia. I laugh, I cry and I learn. Please continue to share. -Anna

  5. Sophiee says

    Jacinthe, the point is that G-d had told Abraham that Isaac could inherit the covenant. Furthermore Abraham had argued with G-d to save the people of Sodom, knowing that G-d is just and would not allow the good to be killed due to the deeds of the evil people. The whole point of the Akeda (binding of Isaac) is that Abraham trusted G-d. Abraham was willing to go so far as to raise the knife because he trusted G-d. Abraham knows that G-d abhors human sacrifice, and further Abraham knows that G-d won’t kill the innocent. The whole point is that G-d will not allow human sacrifice.

    How do we know this? Well, for one, Abraham doesn’t argue for the life of his son. Yet just a few lines before he argued to save the innocent of Sodom: Abraham asks G-d in Genesis 18:23 ‘Will You actually wipe out the innocent together with the guilty?

    So Abraham would fight for the lives of strangers, but not for that of his son? This is after Abraham has also pleaded with G-d not to forget Ishmael — but on killing Isaac you think he would remain silent???

    Then Abraham says in Genesis 18:25 “It would be sacrilege even to ascribe such an act to You – to kill the innocent with the guilty, letting the righteous and the wicked fare alike. It would be sacrilege to ascribe this to You! Shall the whole world’s Judge not act justly?”

    Isn’t Isaac innocent? Isn’t G-d just? Yet you think Abraham wouldn’t even QUESTION the request?

    And you are also forgetting that G-d has already promised Abraham that Isaac would inherit the covenant. Did G-d lie to Abraham? Did Abraham forget the promise and assume G-d was going to take his son? In Genesis 17:19 G-d said, ‘Still, your wife Sarah will give birth to a son. You must name him Isaac. I will keep My covenant with him as an eternal treaty, for his descendants after him.”

    So G-d forgot His promise? Or Abraham forgot what G-d had told him???

    Obviously neither forgot. And remember that we call the Akeda the “Binding of Isaac” — not the sacrifice. Abraham told Isaac in Genesis 22:8 ‘G-d will see to a lamb for an offering, my son,’ replied Abraham.

    And G-d did just that.

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