Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit – Rabbi Michael Skobac

As the 23rd Psalm says, “He leads me by still waters, He restores my soul.” But is this list of 365 “messianic prophecies” of the Tanakh, supposedly fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament, merely a mirage that gives the appearance of water from afar but in reality lacks substance?

88: Psalms 23:1….”I am the Good Shepherd”….John 10:11

89: Psalms 24:3……His exaltation predicted……Acts 1:11; Phil. 2:9

90: Psalms 27:12…Accused by false witnesses…Matthew 26:60,61, Mark 14:57,58

91: Psalms 30:3……His resurrection predicted……Acts 2:32

92: Psalms 31:5…”Into thy hands I commit my spirit”…Luke 23:46

93: Psalms 31:11…His acquaintances fled from Him…Mark 14:50

94: Psalms 31:13…They took counsel to put Him to death…John 11:53

95: Psalms 31:14,15…” He trusted in God, let Him deliver him”…Matthew 27:43

96: Psalms 34:20…..Not a bone of Him broken…..John 19:31-36

97: Psalms 35:11….False witnesses rose up against Him….Matthew 26:59

98: Psalms 35:19…He was hated without a cause…John 15:25

99: Psalms 38:11…..His friends stood afar off…..Luke 23:49

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  1. Roberta says


    This is a question for you that I (I believe many others) would like to know, maybe the whole story would be nice 🙂

    Where was the breaking point for you to leave the believe that Jesus/Yeshua was the messiah?

    This is my short list I got from studying the Tanach

    – Satan is not arch enemy
    – Blood is not needed for sin
    – One do not pay for others sin (even though children inherit consequences for parents bad choices)
    – People in exile not a bit worried about sacrifices (Daniel, Isaiah etc)
    – Job not a story of a real person
    – The lamb of passover is not for sin (actually the lamb was an Egyptian god)
    – The goat with sins in Yom Kippur is not even killed (bye bye types and shadows of the feasts)
    – The Messiah will offer sacrifices in the Temple, for him and his family
    – Isaiah got his unclean lips clean by a touch from a angel

    There is more, can’t remember them all.

    Then there were the audios of Tovia, that I listened to about 2-3 years ago. Which showed the prophecies, as you are doing. Then these two tore the silk thread that was there because until then I was still considering Jesus a person that actually existed, but, even though not the Messiah, he was still an important figure of the past:

    – Tampering of the Hebrew Scriptures
    – The NT validating the god Hades and Greek mythology
    – Reading the Midrash and finding stories of other people fitting into Jesus story/words
    – Watching a video about the Inquisition and the movie ‘Disputation of Barcelona”

    I see Hebrew Roots as a passage from Christianity to the truth. When you believe in the Christian doctrine is kind of okay, because all you read it is Paul etc. Now, when you are in Hebrew Roots, you have access to the Torah and read from it. Of course, through the eyes of Christian bible, but questions start to coming up.

    I understand that people had invested a lot in Jesus (emotionally) and it is hard, these people I understand. I get disappointed by those that already built their kingdom (ministries) and , like pastors, can’t accept the truth or they will lose their job. They are now using the same tactics of mama church -> you are with us or with the devil and will burn in hell. My stomach turned when I saw people making a decision to no longer worship Yeshua being compared with the rebellion of Korah!

    That it is why I respect you, Jason and Jeff Gilbert.

  2. Darren says

    After listening to Christian and Messianic preachers for over 25 years, what I had received from that experience is fear. The fear of Satan, going to hell, fear of not being good enough, the dreaded end-times, the fear of death, and the fear of not believing in Jesus and persuading others likewise.

    After listening to a relatively few Jewish teachings of the Hebrew Tanakh, what I have received is an “understanding”, to live, so a sincere thank you to the articulate Rabbi Skobac and Jono’s program.

    Psa 119:34 Give me understanding, that I keep Thy Torah and observe it with my whole heart.

    Psa 119:144 Thy testimonies are righteous for ever; give me understanding, and I shall live.

    And although I have had great respect for the Karaite teachings, I now have equal appreciation and respect for the teachings of the Rabbis.

  3. Frank says


    First, I would like to say thank God I found this website; I enjoy it so much.

    Second, I have a question in reference to the 365 prophecies. Here I would like to add a 366th prophecy that floats around the Christian world: Melchizedek is a theophany of Yeshua. The writer of Hebrews (whomever it is) draws a parallel between Yeshua and Melchizedek. Would you be willing to bring this question before Rabbi Scobek or Rabbi Singer? It would be really nice to hear their take on this. Thank you.


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