What is the Mystical Significance of the “Aleph-Tav”? – Nehemia Gordon


If Aleph-Tav really translates as “Yeshua”, then the Messianics have a BIG problem!
Gen. 9:22 And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw YESHUA the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without.
Ex. 8:26 And Moses said, It is not meet so to do; for we shall sacrifice YESHUA the abomination of the Egyptians to the LORD our God: lo, shall we sacrifice YESHUA the abomination of the Egyptians before their eyes, and will they not stone us?
Lev. 26:40 If they shall confess YESHUA their iniquity, and YESHUA the iniquity of their fathers, with their trespass which they trespassed against me, and that also they have walked contrary unto me;

Somebody say, “Aleph Tav”! – Nehemia Gordon


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  1. Aggy says

    Thank you Nehemiah! I appreciate you being respectful towards one’s journey of faith. It is great to be challenged. We should think for ourselves, examine all aspects, and then come to a conclusion. What ever that might be – we should respect each other. If we are honest, we are challenged all the time.

    I share your frustration Jono, when people try to fit things from Tanakh and claim to have obtained some revelation. One thing is to keep it to yourself or discuss it with a small group, but another is to teach it as a doctrine.
    Thank you for this piece and all your great programming. It is liberating when you do not have to agree with everything, yet you can always learn something. As long as conversation is respectful, I always look forward to what all of your guests have to say.

  2. Shali says

    Nehemiah, in this case is absolutely correct! A-T is simply a function of normal Hebrew grammar and that we should no more expect to see deep patterns there than we would expect to see codes in the English word “and” because it really is that common.

  3. Red says

    So the argument brought forward is that AT can only mean one thing, and that one thing is only what you say it is?

  4. Sheryl says

    Excellent! Thank-you!

  5. anna jakubowski says

    Hi Nehemia. I came across this 2 parts teaching from Rico Cortes on Aleph & Tav. Personally I believe he is moving very fast towards kabbalistic approach and discovering on his own 71st layer of Torah but I always find some jewels from his teachings that are not typical to messianic trend. He pulled some interesting facts and numbers about first and second temple period, also facts on U’rim and Thum’mim, anointing High Priests, etc. He is not saying where he got them from so could you confirm, are they are true to your knowledge. I’m not trying to set any any apologetics between two of you, I’m just trying to find as much info on this subject as I can. Hope you will respond. Here are two short (compare to your programs, hahaha :)) videos:

    If you don’t want to respond on the blog you can send me an email to livetospin@gmail.com since I would like to hear more of your thoughts on this topic in regards to the information on the listed videos.

  6. William Sanford says

    The Aleph Tav (A/T) is a symbol which firstly means the “strength of covenant” and represents emphases where it is placed in regard to the “covenants” with the Yah-head (God-head). The patterns whereby it is placed clearly reveal this if you care to take a few minutes and examine my video research. If the A/T is simply a DOP in Paleo Hebrew Grammar then it begs the QUESTION, WHY isn’t the character symbol placed in every verse that has a direct object and a transient verb? There are more verses that meet the qualifications that do NOT have a A/T, than those verses which do. In fact there are whole chapters that do not have a A/T or may only have one or two A/T’s, and there are thousands of verses that contain a A/T that do NOT point out the direct object in accordance with the grammar rules but point out adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. This fact alone reveals that “WHERE” the A/T is placed is a result to “SUBJECT MATTER” in the verse and consequently has strong spiritual significance and meaning. For more insight on this subject please watch these two short videos: (IS THE ALEPH TAV A DIRECT OBJECT POINTER? https://vimeo.com/110103627) and (AMPLIFICATION OF THE ALEPH TAV https://vimeo.com/110085040) and part 2, (THE ALEPH TAV AS THE ALEPH-BET https://vimeo.com/110085041). I have a total of 16 short videos that explain only some of the AMAZING patterns I have discovered whereby the A/T is used.

  7. Joel says

    Yah-head That’s another way of saying trinity isn’t it!

    Nehemia Gordon, I never liked you…. Until I came across the truth!
    I searched for it for years, and always ended up in the twilight zone of History.
    Now I thank you.

    I did buy two of those Aleph tav study bibles, and the morning I got them, I was sick. So sick because the night before, I came across the truth, and the next night, I had a dream that I was getting my feet wet in a tainted pool… Tainted knowledge… I am so dumb I have to get a Jewish woman to translate my dreams 😀 Thank YHWH I have her.

    She did not know that I had bought the Aleph Tav Study bibles, but I knew that was the tainted poo, she confirmed it after I told her. I never opened those books, they sit in the rain waiting for the pile to be lite so they can burn up. That has been two weeks ago, and you know. I feel like I have had a load lifted off my shoulders! Now I run across this.

    I came to realize one thing:
    (Hosea 11:8~9)

    8 How shall I give thee up, E’phraim? How shall I deliver thee, Israel? How shall I make thee as Admah? How shall I set thee as Zeboi’im? Mine heart is turned within me, my repentings are kindled together.
    9 I will not execute the fierceness of mine anger, I will not return to destroy E’phraim: for I am God1, and not man; the Holy One in the midst of thee: and I will not enter into the city.

    In retrospect I can tell you Just what He was going to do…
    He was going to give E’phraim an Idol to worship, that is able to point people back to the Him and back to Torah.. That is what He did…

    In that, I have to say WOW, what a merciful God we serve!
    Now it is time, that we all dropped that Idol!

    Thank You

  8. Laura says

    First when looking at the Hebrew text of Genesis, I noticed that there were no comas. Then I looked over Genesis 9:22 in a English scripture the first word seem to be missing, and of course they don’t interpret the word “eth”. I got; “Ham the father of Canaan fear God, saw the nakedness of his father, and told both brothers outside” is that what you see?

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