Is Psalm 22 really the “Crucifixion Psalm”? – Rabbi Michael Skobac

68: Psalms 16:10…Was not to see corruption…Acts 2:31

69: Psalms 16:9-11…Was to arise from the dead…John 20:9

70: Psalms 17:15…The resurrection predicted…Luke 24:6

71: Psalms 22:1…Forsaken because of sins of others…2 Corinthians 5:21

72: Psalms 22:1…Words spoken from Calvary, “My God…” Mark 15:34

73: Psalms 22:2…Darkness upon Calvary…Matthew 27:45

74: Psalms 22:7…They shoot out the lip and shake the head…Matthew 27:39

75: Psalms 22:8..” He trusted in God, let Him deliver Him “…Matthew 27:43

76: Psalms 22:9……Born the Savior……Luke 2:7

77: Psalms 22:14…Died of a broken (ruptured) heart…John 19:34

78: Psalms 22:14-15…Suffered agony on Calvary…Mark 15:34-37

79: Psalms 22:15……..He thirsted……..John 19:28

80: Psalms 22:16…They pierced His hands and His feet….John 19:34,37;20:27

81: Psalms 22:17-18…Stripped Him before the stares of men…Luke 23:34,35

82: Psalms 22:18…..They parted His garments…..John 19:23,24

83: Psalms 22:20-21…He committed Himself to God…Luke 23:46

84: Psalms 22:20-21..Satanic power bruising the Redeemer’s heel.. Hebrews 2:14

85: Psalms 22:22…..His Resurrection declared…..John 20:17

86: Psalms 22:27…He shall be the governor of the nations…Col 1:16

87: Psalms 22:31……”It is finished”……John 19:30

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  1. Scott says

    365 prophecies; one for every day of the Gregorian Year… 😉

  2. Red says

    …..Actually, the Septuagint, the oldest existing Jewish translation of the Tanakh, was the first to translate the Hebrew as “they pierced my hands and feet” (using the verb oruxan in Greek), followed by the Syriach Peshitta version two or three centuries later (rendering with baz’u) not only so, but the oldest Hebrew copy of the Psalms we possess (from the Dead Sea Scrolls, dating to the century before Yeshua) reads the verb in this verse as ka’aru (not ka’ari, “like a lion”), a reading also found in about a dozen medieval Masoretic manuscripts—recognized as the authoritative texts in traditional Jewish thought—where instead of ka’ari (found in almost all other Masoretic manuscripts) the texts say either ka’aru or karu.

    In conclusion, the Dead Sea scrolls agrees with the picture of the pierced Messiah in the 22nd Psalm, verse 16.

  3. Darren says

    Thank you for the ongoing series guys, when I take a step back it seems too simple to me now. Objective history clearly illustrates throughout the centuries that the Greeks, along with their counterparts, have attempted to destroy the Jewish People, The Torah, and recognition of their inheritance, the physical Land of Israel.

    Hebrew = One God, the Tanakh is written in Hebrew, our Creator is The God of the Hebrews.

    Greek = Many gods, the New Testament is written in Greek, Jesus is the the third person of the Triune godhead.

    The Church has created a condition for the Christians and Messianics that to deny Jesus/Yeshua would result in being tormented by a misinterpreted “Satan”, and condemned eternally to a misinterpreted “Hell”. It is very difficult to overcome this controlling fear, and to potentially be alienated by dear friends who are saved “believers” in Jesus.

    Ultimately, knowledge of the Hebrew Torah does bring great peace.

    Psa 119:165 Great peace have they that love Thy Torah; and there is no stumbling for them.

  4. Penina says

    The more I learn, the more I realize how much I still have to learn.
    Thank you so much for these interviews/teachings.

  5. Frank says

    So nevermind to my previous post about Melchizedek. Rabbi Skobac did a great job. Also, I purchased the “Complete Jewish Bible” from Jewish New Testament Publications. It offers 54 prophecies fulfilled. I am sure if you google search for these specific to this text you would have no trouble finding. In listening to this program, I plan on cross-examining the validity of these alleged fulfillments.


  6. Charles says

    this man i think has not studied temple service. I thirst how bout just maybe it was the cup of bitter waters of adultery. found in Det. 15 or how bout they did not use nails in his hands and feet just stabbed his side he would be the only one not nailed they have found bone still nailed to wood at Crucifixion sites. also why does the Talmud recorded the ribbon never again turning white on the day of yum kippar after the great earth quake that happened on the day of Passover the same day our suffering servant died. he is not and did not come to be the messiah that is not the rule he did nor is doing now. shame on you jono you had Rico Cortez on years back you both went over this same stuff. and then you were speaking in the same way. it seams you are two faced. shame on you.

  7. jono vandor says

    G’day Charles, thank you for your comment. I’m not too sure what you are trying to communicate but I assure you I only have one face.

  8. Charles says

    yes jono just commenting you have had Rico Cortez on in the passed and have covered the things you are now talking about with this great one opps rabbi addressing the same things this rabbi is miss using text alot he don’t know temple services it is obvious by his stance. but most Judaism don’t study temple service either so he is nothing new. how about having Rico and him on one day how bout that.

  9. jono vandor says

    Sure Charles, you let me know when you get Rico’s consent and I’ll see what I can organize.

  10. Charles says

    Working on it right now.

  11. Charles says

    Jono why in the heck do you even have this anti Redeemer stuff on? What roll did Yahshua come to do? what roll is he doing now? it was not in the roll of the king. we can easily see that.come on the lamb of Elohim is not the Messiah.king roll. any who we are just so shocked that you have this stuff on your show.

  12. Shimeon says

    KA’ARU IS NOT A REAL HEBREW WORD. It is a made up word not hebrew

  13. Peggy Brigham says

    Is there a CD available of Debunking 365 messianic prophecies?

  14. Dieter Schlaepfer says

    Shimeon is correct. K’aru (excavated) is not a “real Hebrew word.” Neither is k’ari (like a lion). They are both Aramaic spelling variations as far as I can tell. The difference between them is the last character, whether it’s a yod or a vav. There are some online images of the Dead Sea Scrolls that include a fragment of this text dated 50-68 CE that’s relevant to the debate. There’s also an internal mirrored symmetry called a chiastic structure in Psalm 22 that starts with bulls, lion, dogs . . . and ends with dogs, lion, wild oxen (?) that could be considered if you’re open minded. Pierced is a different word in Hebrew, dakar, as is found in Zechariah 12. Kind regards.

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