What is Dual Fulfillment Prophecy? – Tovia Singer

So all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying: “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.” – Matthew 1:22-23


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  1. JC says

    the name for the snails…It’s es cargo (sp?)

  2. 1wannabejew says

    Escargot, Tovia.
    You are excused for not knowing this, since observant Jews don’t ever eat them.

  3. Derrick says

    “escargot” fancy word snails

  4. Robert Roland says

    Escargot. You guys are really bubbling over in laughter! 🙂 I enjoyed it as always, thanks!

  5. Linda says

    Jono and Tovia, Todah! I was recently debating with my husband about dual prophecies and this answered so many of my questions. Truly appreciate you both and all your hard work. Thank you so much!

  6. Andrea Eversley says

    Good afternoon Jono, I am a concerned child and daughter of ABBA Father and His Son Yeshua, the God and King of Israel and all the world. I have listened to you, Keith Johnson and Nehemia Gordon expound and expose Yehovah’s Word beautifully in the past. I know before Yehovah Elohim that you are His child so I am going to take the liberty to say be very careful with whom you are teaching the Word. You know when one is filled with the Spirit of Yeshua that one is led and guided by the Spirit into ALL Truth, and Yeshua who did come to Redeem all of mankind and who is the LIVING WORD of Elohim, confirms His living water (the Word) which He pours into you as you study His Word of Truth. I, and Yeshua and His Father love Tovia Singer and desire to see him come from under his “BENT” of turning Yehovah’s people from seeing the Truth as it is in all its simplicity as we study it fervently. Tovia is “well educated” in the the entire Bible but there are twists and turns if you know how to listen to the Spirit of the Living God. I have been praying for him and will continue to pray for him and all whom he represents, because debating him is an absolutely waste of time. Yehovah Elohim debates no one, He has graciously given mankind His Word so that man will come to a knowledge of the Truth of God. I will say to you beloved brother, be careful that you are not “swayed”. The Eyes of Yeshua are on you, on Tovia and all His children. I continue to pray for Tovia and all of you. Love in Yeshua’s Name.

  7. jono vandor says

    Andrea, It seems, from your comment, that you disagree with Tovia regarding this program. Please comment specifically as to what you believe is false and supply Tanakh references to support your view. Thank you.

  8. shirley gibson says

    Thank you Jono and Tovia. I love listening to the teachings that you bring forth. May you continue to bring forth and share YEHVOVAH’S truth to all who sincerely desire to receive it. May Yehovah continue to give His people eyes that see, ears that hear and hearts that hunger to understand and obey HIS TRUTH and His Truth only.

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