Crucified Lamb, Anyone? – Jono & Jason

Listen (below) to Jono and Jason as they try to make sense of the Messianic Crucified Lamb ritual!

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Crucified Lamb
Crucified Lamb Eaten

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  1. edie says

    he does this every year .I horrifingly attended one year thinking this was opportunity to show my granddaughter pesach and was horrified at the whole thing ..people getting drunk ,,begging for money ..two men I noticed learing at 12-14 yr old girls walking by ,,I was disgusted

  2. Noel says

    What Michael has done levees me nether hot nor cold;
    However your short broadcast about these pictures and Jono’s baby goat story is Golden.

  3. James says

    This is gross…SICK!

  4. Chad says

    Your wife is a wise woman 🙂

  5. Peggy says

    First, I loved the opening music.
    Second, I had the speakers too loud and practically jumped out of my seat, lol.
    Third, Chani is right.

    Otherwise, I’m totally appalled by the whole proceeding. I see FB posts referring to this being done by the Priests as a ‘shadow picture’ of Yeshua/Jesus, but haven’t seen any Scripture from the Tanakh that backs up the statements.

    I, like so many others, used Christian bibles and totally misunderstood Isaiah 53 to be a ‘shadow picture’ of Jesus.

    I’m sure Michael Rood believed he was showing how Passover ties in with the resurrection. Someone posted that the congregation did actually eat this lamb. So he was probably showing them how at the last supper, Jesus said “Eat of my body.”

    I only hope they didn’t “drink the blood.” Aside from being horrifically pagan and disgusting, on the practical side they would all get worms.

  6. Batyah says

    At approximately 3hrs and 12 mins into the stream, Michael and his “priests” start carving the Christ effigy and begin feeding it to the crowd. Mind you, this happens while the lamb is still on the crucifix and has the crown on it’s head. A blatant display of them carving Christ and eating him right off the cross. The camera keeps doing these close up pan shots on the effigy and people keep coming up and taking pictures of it as though it were an amazing sight to behold. A Facebook friend who watched the video said: “It all seemed very catholic and reminded me of the sensationalism attached to the Eucharist adoration.”

    Michael says “…we’re going to have the priests come up and they’re going to be carving off small pieces of the lamb…of course it’s not enough to feed everyone. But if you would like to come up and get a little bit of the lamb that was roasted then we’ll make that available.”

  7. Crystal clough says

    Wow Eddie , sounds like the messianic church I went too here in Texas . Lol

  8. Anonymous says

    yeah, I found the whole thing of Michael Rood totally horrifying too…so much so that I even commented about it on facebook and that is saying a lot being that I am quite the spineless timid worrier of offending people’s feelings but I found this one of those things I just had to speak out against…

  9. jono vandor says

  10. eileen says

    Re: Messianic Lamb.
    Question: does not Keith Johnson & N. Gordon personaly know Michael Rood for years and have they not shared programing/stage/letures with Michael????
    Question: Is Michael under “a Stress” that people are not aware of????

    Question: is this ‘lammmbbbbbastttting’ from truth2U to the Messianic groups, what did you(truth2U) accomplish by this story and how did this build you as men of The Lord???

    Thank you for the information.

  11. Christy says

    Personally, it looked overcooked to me. I like my gods more on the medium rare side.

    On a serious note, I agree with others that this may be a good thing. People may start to realize that representing Yehovah as a charred god on a stick, singing and worsiping it, then carving it up to eat is the highest form of idolatry. Some will come out of it because of this. But sadly, many won’t be willing to give up their lamb-god and will be “passed over”. We need to pray that many eyes and ears will be opened because of this.

  12. Elena says

    Honestly, I think these people are out of their minds! Bah!

  13. Scott says

    Yes, they did serve & eat the lamb. Skip to about the 3hr15min mark where they are slicing up the lamb with some pleasant symphonic music in the background. Totally nuts.

    To be fair, Michael Rood should not be lifted up as the poster-boy for the Messianic Movement. There are way more level-headed ministries out there like Wisdom In Torah & Passion For Truth that put this clown to shame. Sadly, Rood is a showman and knows how to attract the funds to keep his antics going 🙁

  14. Aggy says

    I greatly respect all the conversations on Truth2U. Yes – what Michael Rood did is beyond bad taste! But I have to agree with Eileen. You guys laughing about this does so much more harm – not just to Michael Rood, but to other believers. Yes, Michael Rood has made a HUGE mistake (among many others). Nevertheless, he is a fellow believer (like it or not). Therefore, cutting him down in such manner is not a Torah example of how we should treat each other. Commenting is ok, but the whole background music and laughing implies a complete mockery. I just hold you guys to a much higher standard. I hope I am wrong. Really enjoy your programming and have learned so much through the years even when I don’t agree.

  15. Daniel says

    Shame on all of you bashing Michael. I am appalled by this display of judgment and disdainful mockery. This was NOT a sacrifice. They were not eating “Christ”, as one of you put it. They were eating a LAMB. It was a teaching aid. Michael uses a lot of teaching aids. If that makes him a clown, he knows what many think of him. If you were horrified, then it got the desired result. Frankly, we SHOULD be horrified at the thought of what was done to our Messiah. We SHOULD have a very visceral reaction every time we think of it. Many of you had lamb at your Pesach. You got a conventional lamb roast from a conventional supermarket. You prepared a conventional recipe, roasted it in a conventional oven, and served it in the conventional manner. You’re very conventional, aren’t you. So, you’re ok. You say you can’t find evidence in the Tanakh of the priests carrying out Pesach the way Michael did. HYPOCRITES!!! There is no evidence in the Tanakh for the way YOU carry out YOUR Pesach. Michael is very clear that we CANNOT keep the feasts because there is no temple. We celebrate the feasts as shadow pictures. The Tanakh does not even describe the details of the temple service for Pesach (or any other feast), much less how we are to celebrate them in the absence of the temple. Michael showed you a picture, a very graphic picture of the unimaginable reality of our Saviors Crucifixion. Horrified? Yeah, I was. Praise YAH!!!

    Some of you are just scoffers. No comment.

    Jono!!! You even admit that you don’t know the details. You didn’t see the event or teachings that lead up to the pictures you saw.Two full days of teaching that lead up to the pictures that you saw. Now, Pesach was not a sacrifice taken from the sheep or the goats. I was to be a male lamb of the first year. But you can apparently take a goat, dare I say a Molech image, born on a pagan birthday, and eat it at Pesach, and everyone is supposed to smile at how cute that is. Talk about mixing seed. I am very disappointed in you!!! And then to scoff at Michael without even knowing the details!!! …very disappointing indeed.

  16. Charmayne Suiter says

    Shame on all of you!

  17. jono vandor says

    Daniel, “Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year. You may take it from the sheep or from the goats.” – Exodus 12:5

  18. Daniel says

    Very well, Jono. You are right on this point. None the less, that is one sentence in the post. Still, a goat, Molechs image, born on the global sun gods birthday? I am not suggesting that you were sacrificing to Molech. I am quite sure that this had absolutely nothing to do with your calculation in your Pesach. And I’m quite sure that you were being cute and clever when you named him Jesus. That’s not the point. The fact is, if some one took just a little bit more time to research their argument than I did, they could tear you apart. Why do we do this to each other? Michael has a heart for Yehova. He is unorthodox. He uses “in your face” teaching aids. He’s an Infantry Marine. I can fully understand why Yehova would call an Infantry Marine to his service – brash and unsavory and all. I was in the American Navy. We made fun of those guys all the time. They stood certain guard posts on the ship, and when they weren’t standing watch, they were wandering around or cleaning their weapons. We messed with them all the time. But I can tell you this. When the brimstone hits the fan, I want them out in front for one reason. The will always DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD, regardless of the personal consequence.The simple fact is that if you watched the teachings prior to the dinner, and after the dinner, you would likely come away with a totally different opinion. I watched the whole thing. It was not a sacrifice. They were not eating “Christ”. Those guys were not real priests. And this was not a religious ritual. It was a teaching aid – very graphic pictures of a very graphic event.

  19. Trent says

    These “teaching aids” are hilarious lol. I thought Mr Rood would have known better then to dress up a lamb as christos, cook it and eat it for passover.
    Thanks for bringing this program to our attention Jono, based on what we know and understand, we all have to make our own decisions as to how we view this type of material.
    Jono, you and Mr Rood should have a skype session and discuss how your jesus tasted compared to his jesus hehe
    Also have you tried jesus in the weber?

  20. Daniel says

    Christos? Are you kidding me? Do you know how many gods are known as christos? By the way, Jesus is capitalized whether or not it is the Messiahs real name. Many will come to know him as Jesus, and later come to know his real name. Besides, it’s a PROPER NOUN. I stand by my former arguments for Michael and augment that with the fact that Jono was cleverly playing with seasons and events. Both Michael and Jono have a hunger and thirst for the truth. They may take different paths, and I may not agree with Jono on the course he’s taken with Michael, but he loves Yehovah and Yeshuah our Messiah. Jesus in the Weber? Are you kidding me? Scoffer!!! Your place has been reserved for you!!!

  21. jono vandor says

    Take it easy Daniel, us Aussies love a good BBQ and roast kid with a glass of Merlot on an Autumn afternoon is a great idea! Come on over Trent!

  22. Trent says

    Yes Daniel, there probably are more than one christos’ claiming to be gods, just as the one portrayed in the NT. I cant think of any other than the current christos being worshipped as god right now at this point in history though. Sorry for not keeping up with the pagan deities.
    So why should we capitalise the greek name jesus or is that Ἰησοῦς ? When i read the hebrew text i dont see any capitals used on other prophets names. Why must i now use capitals or burn in hell forever, where is that written because Im done jumping through hoops to please some peoples ideologies. Also Yeshua is the masculine form of the feminine noun yeshuah as you spell it. And while we are on names, why does MR pronounce YHVH as Yahovah given that you spell it Yehova and some of us use Yehovah? Why did you decide to drop the last hey? I need to know which one is correct as im getting confused.
    And yes jesus in the weber or james would have done(i am referring to Jono’s livestock, not all those living in Mexico with the name jesus). A nice slow roaster with some wood chips for that smokey flavour. I guess MR uses thorny rose bush for that. Was it not a representation of christos(christ) that was cooked and eaten? If not, what was it because you could have fooled me.
    Oh and thanks for judging me all by yourself and suggesting *my place* has been reserved. This to me reeks of churchianity where either you do something as supposedly written or your gunna burn in hell. Id like to think that my relationship with our glorious creator(should that be capitals?) can thrive on being torah observant the best we can without a temple in these times, and i thoroughly look forward to the day we can
    ALL come together and worship YHVH at בֵּית־הַמִּקְדָּשׁ‎

    Hey Jono, you seen our mate Keith on Arutz Sheva this week?

  23. Dan and Heidi says

    First of all, Jono, I hope your goat was tasteless cuz it certainly seemed tasteless to me.

    Secondly, MR is OFTEN times tasteless and unrefined, this may well be another example, BUT he has also shown that he CAN humble himself, and correct his heading. Hopefully YeHoVaH will guide his ministry and use him. Hopefully YHVH will continue to use me, and Jono, and jason, and ALL of us as HE sees fit to suit HIS ends, and HIS will.

    It’s oh so easy to get caught up pointing out the areas where we disagree. But I’d take MR over a whole world full of standard issue Christianity preachers… I mean, people are gonna get on the “path” in ALL KINDS of diverse places… Let’s be critical of our brothers and sisters when we must, but try to build them up if at all possible.

    I was wrong about all kinds of thing not so long ago. Have YOU ever been dead wrong about something, and yet the Creator led you past it in time?? I bet nearly everyone that visits this website can relate to that.

  24. jono vandor says

    G’day Dan, Our goat kid, Jesus, was far from tasteless. He was tender, juicy and mouthwateringly scrumptious! In fact, I’m having him again tomorrow. I will cook him in the oven for a couple of hours with some home grown garlic and rosemary. I think I’ll roast some home grown pumpkin and potato too. There’s nothing more satisfying than a roast dinner entirely from my own produce.

  25. Dan and heidi says

    Allright Jono, I’ll see your cheeky immature reply and RAISE you one cheeky immature reply:

    Perhaps next year for Passover you should select and sacrifice a one year old male ASS with no blemish, as it would more accurately reflect the intentions of your heart.

  26. Dan Herman says


    And ye shall let nothing of it remain until the morning; and that which remaineth of it until the morning ye shall burn with fire. (Exodus 12:10 KJV)

  27. jono vandor says

    “You may not sacrifice the Passover within any of your gates which Yehovah your God gives you; but at the place where Yehovah your God chooses to make His name abide, there you shall sacrifice the Passover at twilight, at the going down of the sun, at the time you came out of Egypt. And you shall roast and eat it in the place which Yehovah your God chooses, and in the morning you shall turn and go to your tents.” – Deuteronomy 16:5-7

    Dan, because of this verse we cannot conduct an actual Pesach sacrifice at home. Our meal is a memorial of the Pesach event.

  28. jono vandor says

    That’s a little too cryptic Dan, I’m not sure what you are implying but donkeys are unclean, moreover, the Pesach meal can only be a lamb, kid, or calf. The intention of my heart is to obey Torah and eat clean.

  29. Dan herman says

    Jono, you said:
    “Dan, because of this verse we cannot conduct an actual Pesach sacrifice at home. Our meal is a memorial of the Pesach event.”

    Ohhhhhhhh, so it is your intentions that matters most, and not the manner in which you “memorialize” the passover.

    That does clear things up a bit, but if that is true why do you care about the way someone else memorializes the feast? Especially if they are sincere. I havent heard ANYONE question MR’s sincerety, just his tactic. And aparently we can do it anyway we want. Leftovers and crowns of thorns and such…

  30. Penina says

    Jono has been called a hypocrite and taken a lot of heat for the way this discussion was presented. Personally I found it informative and I enjoyed the circus music, it put a light hearted spin on an otherwise horrifying presentation Mr. Rood put forth.

    Someone said: “Michael has a heart for Yehova. He is unorthodox. He uses “in your face” teaching aids. He’s an Infantry Marine.”

    It could be argued that Jono and Jason were “in your face” with this radio broadcast. Why are they being held accountable to a higher standard than Michael Rood? Are only Infantry Marines allowed to behave in such a disgraceful manner? Then when someone calls them out on it, that person has to take the heat?

    That’s ridiculous.

  31. Tzofiya says

    It’s a cult. I like that Jono let’s everybody say their opinion- if I had known about the messy-antics, from the begining, i wouldn’t have gotten involved. I’m not in the messy-antics anymore. Looking back on it now, I see the organization , like a pig stretching forth it’s hooves & pretending to be kosher, just like the papacy, just like christians, & just like the messy-antics. All of which steal from the people of abraham, issac & jacob. How come christains are programed, to avoid jews, how come they think that Jews are pharisees even today? Example, after the playing of the movie” passsion of the christ,”. Hate crimes against jews go up in the jewish neighborhoods. I thought this jc club,(cult) was about love?
    Jono let’s people have say, unlike some people…

  32. Tzofiya says

    Oh yah,” teaching aid”—really?! Huh why not teach a week before? Well, unless— oh yah; trying to control the hearts & minds of people? They carried a holy torah scroll in front of the circus, to give validity to the odd , situation, the lights turned down really low & creepy, play creepy heart manipulating music, oh yah- bring in achmed the dead terrorist on a stick….I mean crispy critter, well so it sorta looks jewish like, dress yourself up like a priest, put everybody far back, like they are the peasants, sinners, & how much was charged to have a seat at this show? And did they play e-minor music to get the crow worked up? IF he really wanted to teach why not have the temple institute people from Israel send some teaching video? Oh yah, being then that money wouldn’t got to mr. Rude for any future shows? Maybe people would drop this cult leader? And for the love of G’d, stop trying to guilt trip dan. There is a reason that G’d choose from what tribe to be the priests & teachers? Yah not the tribe of rood, he’s rude.

  33. albert moser says

    not a crucified lamb. it was killed before it was put on the roasting stake. it is a roasted lamb. and the lamb was to be eaten that evening at Pesach. since the one time Keeping of the Passover upon leaving egypt , we have ‘remembered’ YeHoVaH’s Pesach by killing [not sacrificing] a lamb or goat , roasting it on an upright stake with the entrails wrapped upon it’s head [foreshadowing the crown of thorns] , then taking the lamb’s red cord reign & draping it over the wall of the wilderness Tabernacle and later over the wall of the Temple at which time the cord turned from red to white at the end of Pesach. the last time we draped the red cord over the wall of the Temple it never turned white again. that was when YeHoVaH provided Himself to be the Lamb, the one and only time The Lamb was Sacrificed to Redeem His Blood Covenant made face to face with Avraham & Mosheh on their & our behalf. now i was one of the ‘priests’ carrying the historically corrected example of the celebratory Passover Lamb remembrance at rood’s teaching event where 600+ folks were spread with the Gospel of YeHoVaH’s Kingdom on Earth for the first time in 1987 years. the ugliness of my sin and all other sinners superimposed upon the historically corrected example of the celebratory Passover Lamb is the gross & ugly thing represented in rood’s teaching event. those who wish to make fun of YeHoVaH’s history may join the ranks of those who make fun of His Torah, His Ministry, His Sacrifice, the past holocaust, the holocaust [Tribulation] soon coming & may join the ranks of those who laugh at YeHoVaH, the approaching Judge. i will not be among those who hear Him say ” get away from me you Torahless one ” and i am thankful to michael rood for teaching me the meaning of Torahless, ‘workers of iniquity’. sun and moon god Torahless ones are thirsting upon the sun [man that sun god is one hot lake of fire] and gnashing their teeth upon the moon [400 degrees below zero]. Torahfull folk am going to be in Yerushalayim in the KIngdom of Heaven on Earth offering up the morning and evening Oblation before the Face of our KIng. there will be no more roasted lambs on an upright stake. the lambs will be completely consumed by the fire on the Millineal Alter. our gross ugliness will no longer be in our face. YeHoVaH will always be before us and i hope to see you there !
    9 mins · Edited · Like

  34. Dan Herman says

    Do I hold Jono to a higher standard than some other people?
    Yes, yes I most certainly do. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here and I certainly wouldn’t be commenting about this “crucified lamb anyone?” video.

    How come Christians are programmed to avoid Jews?
    That’s a pretty broad generalization. But I think it is sorta true. In my OPINION it is because Rome is the Mother of all churches, and Rome does not want to love YHVH with their brothers and sisters. Rome wants to replace YHVH with itself, and replace the Jews with itself… But it can not. So Rome is wrath upon reformers and wrath upon the Jewish people throughout history. There is, however, a fairly large movement OUT of romanized Christianity. MessyAntics I think you called them so kindly. They are LEARNING to love the Torah, and the Feasts, and Jewish peoples, and the hebrew language and all about the Ten Commandments. They are DONE with Sunday,Christmas,Easter,pork,shellfish,popes,Antisemitism,etc… But you wanna throw em all under the bus?? Better know who your allies are and who your REAL enemies are…

    Passion of the Christ??
    R O M E

    A group of people who practice extra biblical traditions.
    Wow, do you really want to go there?

    My problem with this whole thing is that it has not been constructive. Quite the opposite. And, yup, I expected more from T2U.

    Sorry if I have caused anyone any undue guilt.


  35. jono vandor says

    Dan, I don’t recall using the term “MessyAntics”. Moreover, I never said I wanted to “throw them all under the bus”. you say that your “problem with this whole thing is that it has not been constructive.” What outcome would you have liked, that Rood repent? Were you this upset when Keith publicly spoke against the “Rabbi” Messer/Eddie Long Torah Scroll debacle?

  36. DanHerman says

    Sorry Jono, I was addressing tzofya and penina’s comments/questions. No I don’t think you want to throw people under a buss, but there are a lot who do. What I would have liked? Counter trash with teaching. Lift people up instead of tearing some guy down. I think that should be how we do it. I always appreciated the respect T2U extended to its listeners. This seems to be headed in a very destructive direction…

  37. jono vandor says

    Dan, “counter trash with teaching”?? Didn’t you see the other 5 or 6 Pesach teaching programs I published first?? Was this not enough to counter the trash? (admittedly, Rood’s effort was an enormous amount of trash to counter, so perhaps you have a case?)

  38. albert moser says

    YeHoVaH may not come for His Bride anytime soon. His Bride is spotted and blemished with assemblies that fight like cats and dogs over calendars, feast protocol and Torah Observance just like the churches of the pagan assemblies around the world. Yeshua told us to love our ‘enemies’. our ‘enemies’ are not military or government. our ‘enemies’ are divergent assemblies who don’t celebrate Passover the way we do for example. our enemies are our brothers and sisters who interpret Torah in opposition to each other. As THE MEMBERS OF YESHUA’S BODY we must learn to LOVE OUR ENEMIES….Midrash in Love, not in condescension toward and disregard for our brothers and sisters who at different levels of WISDOM IN TORAH are temporarily oppositional. therefore let us Midrash in Love . we do not need to fight. our brothers and sisters all have value, our members each have something good to share. we must not strike out at each other. when someone is wrong, offer correction in Love [the Patience of Yeshua towards His Seed, His People], but do not traumatize folks who are living on the Milk and haven’t yet teeth for the Meat because this spots and blemishes The Beautiful Bride of YeHoVaH. We all desire that our KIng will come quickly. We must prepare ourself in love without spot and blemish to come into

  39. albert moser says

    As i search the Scriptures i share these observations that we may engage in conversation to edify MY SET APART BROTHERS & SISTERS . right or wrong, let the conversation continue AS WE PRESS ON INTO TRIBULATION & BEYOND INTO YEHOVAH’S KINGDOM . When i removed my rosary colored shades & i stopped seeing thru the blind eyes of the pagan worship world i saw that the sons of YeHoVaH are angels. I saw that Yeshua was not an angel. Yeshua was YeHoVaH in the form of a man for 30 years. He said it Himself, “the Father and I are One.” He said He is the Father and He is the Creator and He is the Savior and He is the Redeemer and He is the Judge and He is the King. He is EVERYTHING ! I come out of babylon. ! angels are the sons of God. Yeshua was, is and always will be YeHoVaH. YeHoVaH provided Himself as the Lamb and 30 years later was crucified on a cruel ugly stick of wood. and it may not be obvious yet but 3.5 years after His most wicked son sits on the Temple Mount and lies & proclaims that he is god, YeHoVaH is taking us up to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and everyone of His ‘sons’ who left their first estate will be toast along with the #1 wicked ‘son’ , hasatan. Yeshua is not the ‘son’ of YeHoVaH. YESHUA IS YeHoVaH. the false prophets of babylon interpreted HIm to be the ‘son of god’ in their dimensionally limited scope of observation, from eyes that cannot see and ears that cannot hear. WE TORAHFULL FOLK are the members of YeHoVaH’s ‘Bride.’ See You at the ‘Marriage Supper of the Lamb’, Brother. i may be wrong. i may be right. let our midrash press on..

  40. fwdinsight says

    Most of the people were unconverted. From what I saw it was a great evening ,however i have seen people moaning about wonderful events. It’s what you make of the opportunity

  41. fwdinsight says

    It is a pity you did not see the full video on the cooking of this Lamb then if you were honest your sneering article and heading hopefully would have not happened. The lamb was covered in specialist spices by the chef, hence its dark look.

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