Jono and Jason – A Prophet Greater than Moses…?

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  1. allenb119 says

    I have always wondered about a couple things.
    Is it possible that the same people who came up with the talmud and mischna removed anything from the Tanakh? I always wonder that about the NT, because the Catholic church removed books also right? Maccabees and what not? Its one of those things that everyone has proof of their own views which dont agree. hehe

  2. allenb119 says

    Mind you, I am merely commenting, on things here guys. But I believe that the whole 3 days 3 nights thing was completely twisted up and the christian churches messed it up so bad. Nobody says that it would have been sunday when he rose.
    wed night , thurs day (day and night), fri (Day and night) sat (day) equals 3 days, 3 nights

  3. Rivka Ateret says

    This was great! My favorite one so far!

  4. shirley says

    Love these teaching lessons. Always enjoy learning (or having it confirmed) new things. You guys do a great job of getting our attention and inspiring us to go check it out for ourselves. Keep up the good work – Love it. (Y)

  5. Jeff says

    Jono and Jason,

    Good chat but, who is the prophet like unto Moses (has he come yet)? Are the “references” to a messiah in the line of David even akin to the prophet like unto Moses? I was actually thinking Talmud/Mishna may have some history which could shed light on that. Wow…study to show yourself approved, maybe that is bull too?!

  6. jono vandor says

    Allen, a Wednesday crucifixion contradicts the statement made by the men on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:21 that that Sunday IS the 3rd day. Your theory would make Sunday the 4th day.

  7. Cosmin says

    Jono, it depends if you count inclusive of excursive.

  8. Lael M. says

    In response to allenb119: Every book of the Hebrew bible with the exception of Esther, is represented in the Dead Sea scrolls (the earliest known copies of biblical works). If the sages altered or tampered with the scriptures in the Tanakh, I’m sure there are plenty of historians that would have jumped at the chance to point this out.

  9. Tracy says

    Dear Jono and Jason, I appreciate your podcasts very much. I am hesitant to even mention this as I place great value on the information you relay to all of us. Lately as a Christian it feels like you are mocking genuinely held beliefs, while it is your show it makes your ideas harder to receive. Thank you for your consideration.

  10. Roger Worrick says

    Keep up the good work! By continuing seeking truth, we will know the truth and it will set us free.

  11. Shelley says

    Oh, snap! After listening to this, I feel like such a dweeb. Good stuff!

    Hey, do you suppose Moses looked like Adrian Paul?

  12. Larry Cheshier says

    I have listened to your programming for over a year especially the Torah pearls. I have found it educational and insightful for the most part. However, the prophet greater than Moshe broadcast I found to challenge your “truth2U” claim. In Yeshua’s love it is told to you that this broadcast seemed to show you as one who simply wants to dispute that Mashiach has come once already in the body of Yeshua. Your challenge of the authority of Luke’s authorship was supercilious at best and possibly simply mean. The authorship of all scripture can be challenged on some level. The person through whom God has chosen to deliver His message is really not the point. We who believe in YHVH, the God of Israel and the creator of all things, take the scriptures by faith, knowing that He has provided His love letter to us for our study to gain understanding on growing closer to Him and the love He has for us.

    Your reference to Acts 3:18 in my opinion was without proper understanding. All the prophets did not reference the death and resurrection of Mashiach. The speaker in Acts 3:18 is referring to the coming of the Mashiach when he references “ALL” the prophets, not simply His death. See Complete Jewish Bible Acts 3:18. All the prophets do reference some aspect of the coming of Mashiach. You reference 50 – 70 prophets. It would be helpful if you identified them. I always thought the reference to prophets in the Tanakh was to the named prophets.

    Your desire for scripture that tells of the necessity of Mashiach suffering and to rising from the dead on the third day is as follows:

    In the Prophets – Isaiah 53 tells us of the necessity of the death of Mashiach (Please read Isaiah 53 – The Complete Jewish Bible). It tells us of God’s plan and desire for Mashiach. If you fall into that crowd that claims Isaiah 53 is referring to Israel, please explain how a country or group of people can be: “Like a lamb led to be slaughtered,
    like a sheep silent before its shearers, he did not open his mouth. 8 After forcible arrest and sentencing, he was taken away; and none of his generation protested his being cut off from the land of the living for the crimes of my people, who deserved the punishment themselves. 9 He was given a grave among the wicked; in his death he was with a rich man.” Isaiah 53:7 – 9, Complete Jewish Bible. At no time has Israel ever been led away without a fight. Never has Israel been given a grave among the wicked and/or the rich. Before the rabbinic attack against learning the truth of Mashiach in the last 200 or so years, Isaiah 53 was always thought to be referring to Mashiach.

    In the Psalms – Psalm 22 tells of the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Mashiach.
    Psalm 22 Complete Jewish Bible

    The Writings – Daniel 9:24 – 26 tell of the time of the arrival of Mashiach and His death.
    Daniel 9:24 – 26 Complete Jewish Bible

    The 3 day reference is from Jonah. Yeshua was taken on preparation day, as you know is the 4th day of the week (Wednesday in pagan calendar terms), and rose on Shabbat; 3 days and 3 nights. The Christian world messed this up as they tied Yeshua to the pagan religions.

    Those who took over the spreading of the Good News from the original Jewish believers in Yeshua did eventually from their own religion, Christianity. But YHVH is greater than religion. He used them to spread the word of Yeshua throughout the world (even though they call Him Jesus) and has now begun calling His people to Him through what is generally called the Messianic believers, those who believe we must follow Torah and Tanakh as Yeshua called us to and believe that Yeshua is Mashiach who has come and died for our sins and is coming again soon to establish His kingdom on earth.

    A book some may find helpful in understanding is “The Big Lie” by Michael Cohen available on and Amazon.

    May you know the love and salvation of Yeshua.

    Larry Cheshier

  13. Red Letter says

    Larry Cheshier, thanks for your comments, I pretty much align with all you said!

  14. Tzofiya says

    Nice show & well done. And i love your sense of humors(both of you:-) if i wanted dry uptight watered down-same old same old stuff, pssht i’ll still be doing sundays.

  15. Dawn says

    No where in Luke 24 does it say that they were walking the road to Emmaus on Sunday. To the contrary the day is specified as “the first of sabbaths” which would be a Saturday, so that fits the three days and three nights from a Wednesday crucifixion. This is why it’s so important to study the Word in its original language and culture. The English translators are happy to translate “sabbaton” as Sabbath 60+x in the NT except the 9x where it relates to the resurrection timing or post-resurrection Apostle meetings.

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