Tovia Singer – Does HaMoshiach Appear in the Tanakh?
Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pope Benedict’s Theological Three Card Monte

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  1. James Hayman says

    I hate to say this but it is a great thing that the world escaped the clutches of the “Great Ones.” The Pharisee’s believe that YHWH word belongs exclusively to them. Like the Pope’s after them, in matters of interpretation we are free to decide for ourselves without being burned at the stake or be stoned. I disagree with the comments by the Rabbi about Daniel chapter 9. I look at the rest of the verses and conclude Daniel is prophesying about The Messiah spoken of by Moshe who we must listen to. Thanks for these programs guys. This sounds a little harsher than I intended it to but I feel strongly about this point. Jim

  2. Scott says

    I didn’t take the time to listen to this, so I won’t comment as if I know everything contained in this lecture. Just wanted to point out that the word “HaMoshiach” does in fact occur 4 times in the Torah Leviticus 4:3, 5, 16 & 6:22.

    Granted, they are not prophetic in nature pointing to “THE Messiah” as Christendom has made the verse in Daniel to be, but still; in all fairness, “HaMoshiach” is absolutely in the Tanakh.

  3. jono vandor says

    Thanks Scott, we did touch on that fact.

  4. Andrea says

    Enjoyed this one. My kids love the creature features! Thanks guys!

  5. eileen says

    First of all the Yeshua/Jesus said call no man “rabbi” this segment is a good reason why not to call men rabbi… Mr Singer is using ‘fighting’ words such as “slam, threats, enemies,enemies of Torah, people who oppose God” all of which put listeners/Christian,believers minds onto “fight or flight” mode( a weak man would use such means to gain verbal ground but it does not gain ground in the Word). Yeshua/Jesus stated that the PROPHETS,Moses all spoke about Him/messiah(a covering). I believe Lev means heart, so the heart of the matter is the priest had to sprinkle blood Lev 4:16 Yeshua spkinkled His blood (Ables/Isaac did not have The Fathers content). It was stated ‘kings’ met the peoples physical needs, Yeshua met the peoples physical needs providing teachings on The Word(its required for the king to write a scroll, well Yeshua took that Word to the people instead), feed His people with bread & fish, healed His peoples bodies & restored life, just as stated to John The Baptist. There is no other King but Yeshua/Jesus HE’s not dead. Prophets not recording each other, no need to their word/events where inspired by The Lord,their words witness to each other(two witness required).Dainel, Alexander the Great?= it states Greece,Daris the Mead which one? Book of Hebrew is commentary its intresting that the word Holy was used to describe it(it does describe faith & witness to the Torah) imperfect book? against Judaism? well maybe rabbi pharises & rabbi sadducees “judaism”= teaching of rabbianic “traditions” as opposed to Moses & the prophets, psalms the teaching of God. So what do you say about the “spoken words” of Yehsua in the new testement?? I believe bears smell a human who eats meat, in scuba gear you have no scent to fish unless you bleed. Yeshua The Blood offering of Life who waves His hand to you and says ‘come’!..Now someone told me that inside the Dome of the Rock building is writen “God has no Son” isnt that interesting? outside of the camps I say God has a Son! Yeshua/Jesus!

  6. eileen says

    Mr Singer questions: on what bases do you establish Hebrew as apart of scriptures?
    A’s) the very first line, In the past ‘God spoke’ to “our forefathers”= establishes ownership. The writer sites OT scriptures as any attorney would do in a court case and applies them to his present commentary(court case: Hebrews) bringing OT shadows/pictures onto a solid present day( his day ground zero) foundation to the viewer. The writer must have been at ground zero for information and do any of Yeshua/Jesus words /actions change the out look of this Hebrew commentary/case at hand? Who ever this man was who wrote Hebrews loved with brotherly kindness his own people and with insight applied that knowledge.

  7. Scott says

    Is there anyone who can speak towards “Moshaich Nagid” (Messiah the Prince) in Daniel 9:25? Who is the Anointed Prince who will come 69 weeks after the commandment to rebuild Jerusalem? Is that perhaps a possible prophetic reference to a forthcoming Messiah-figure? I am not well-versed enough in Hebrew to know for certain.

  8. Christy says


    Could you do a segment on Isa 49:6 with Rabbi Singer? I am coming to the understanding that this is not about a single Messiah , but the righteous remnant of Israel that stayed true to the Covenant who are now teaching the scattered tribes and Gentiles the only way to God and bringing them in. I’d like to hear his thoughts on this.

  9. Elena says

    Tovia,Jono and Jason,
    Todah !! As a convert to Judaism and someone who search diligently for the truth , this video clarifies so much !! Tovia as I have always loved dolphins it was wonderful to know how special Hashem made these beautiful creatures !! For those of us who were Christians ,the struggle is to know what is really Hashem”s word as opposed to the twisting or lies placed in christian scriptures, is important !! May Hashem bless you all that you may continue to bring the light of Hashem for all those who truly are seeking him !!
    As former Christians who studied diligently all scriptures to do Hashem”s will , it takes time to cleanse our minds of the lies and incorporate the truth !! In our minds are old expressions , misinformation as well as false doctrines -appreciate what you are doing to clarify and bring further light to us all !!
    Always love ,
    Elena (this name literally means light )

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