Bruce Brill – The Ark of the Covenant, Ron Wyatt & the Levite’s Demise

In this episode Keith Johnson and Burce Brill remind us of the importance of investigation before investing, whether it be our finances or our faith. Listen as they uncover deception (before this program gets taken off the air).

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  1. Clea Belcher says
    Temple Mount Awareness Day 2015. A very good, honest discussion (led by Chaim Richman) concerning where the Ark of the Covenant is and where it has always been known to be.

  2. Clea Belcher says
    At the 29 min. mark, there is a very interesting look at the giant foundation stone at the base of the western wall, and Dan Bahat’s question of why and what is behind it.

  3. Randy Hahn says

    OK which one of you geniuses knows where the broken leaf from the pomegranate is. If you know please e-mail me at

  4. David says

    You should pick a different picture. In the picture, the ark is being carried with the staves running along the long side of the ark. YHVH, sitting on the throne under the Cherubs, is being forced to ride facing sideways! I’m sure YHVH really doesn’t mind nor is He actually sitting atop the ark, but still!

    When Shlomo put the ark in the temple, he pulled the staves out so they could not be seen. If the staves ran along the long side as your picture suggests, the staves would be pulled sideways and would still be visible. The staves could not be removed, ever, according to the Torah. The staves must have been in the short side so YHVH could ride facing forward and the staves could be pulled back, but not removed, and not be seen from the front.

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