Ancient Synagogue of Tiberias

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  1. Russell Judd says

    This is great stuff guys. Love it…
    Now… as you are stating the mosaic floor in the video is “spiritual mixing of seed”. However, be careful we aren’t throwing a very important baby out with the bathwater. I am working directly with Keith on this because it is VERY controversial but basically the 12 symbols are not pagan. they are Yahovah’s. He called them the Mazzaroth in Job 38: 29 – 35ish… Also “Canst thou bind the sweet influences of “Pleiades”, or loose the bands of “Orion”… etc. Go read it all. This is very important to Yahovah and He is responding to Job when he mentions the topic in Chapter 9:9. I’ll note that to this day translators disagree on the meaning of this Hebrew word.
    Now Mazzaroth is very different from Mazzalot. Mazzalot is mentioned in 2 Kings 23:5 as an abomination along with the worship of the sun and moon.
    My conjecture is that Mazzalot is the worship of the Mazzoroth or recently known as astrology. Mazzaroth however is more akin to astronomy and is the study of Yeshua written in the heavens… “night after night, heavens declare His glory…pour forth speech…”etc. Its what the wise men (Magi) were watching (taught by Daniel their ancestor) to know Yeshua had arrived.
    Have you ever wondered why there is a lamb, virgin, judgement scales, bull, a lion etc… these make up the face of Yahovah’s clock and they are perfectly in sinc with the feast days (moeds), the sun, moon and aviv barley etc. Its absolutely stunning when you see it. Its even more amazing to see what happened at Yeshuas birth, death, Yom Kippur after Yeshuas death when the red ribbon off the Azazel goat never turned white again (blood red moon at the foot of the Lamb “aries” over the temple mount!!!) and so on. Inthis day with Pentium chips and NASA models we can rewind this clock to see things hidden until this day. Read Gen 1:14 again. Its not just the moon and sun. Its the heavens!
    Jono… Keith knows me. Talk to him about this. Its stunning!!! and is going to make our brothers from Judah jealous that The Yeshua is the only man who perfectly fulfilled the timing of his Fathers clock written in the heavens.
    Its so very controversial and every great man who has known of the clock has tried to pretend his life fulfils the mazzaroth prophesy. Its the trump card.
    The “Zodiac” is a borrowed concept. It doesn’t revolve around Helios. He stole it and is trying to say he is the prophesied one. Its Yeshua who fulfilled it and is at its centre!
    The Pharisees know this …its one of their “little” secrets.
    That therefore explains why it is there on the mozaic floor with all the other spiritual mixing.
    Bless you heaps Jono and Keith. Love you heaps.
    Write to me Jono. We can Skype maybe.


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