Jono and Jason – The Servant in Isaiah

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Who is the servant in the book of Isaiah?

In 20 minutes we will search out all the mentions of the ‘servant’ and attempt to place a name to the role. ‘Servant’ is mentioned 40 times in 37 verses and we get to all of them. So fasten your seat belts, grab your bible and hang on.. time for another speed study!

Please do not approach this video as a ‘teaching’, it is a tool to help you study and gain a better understanding of the text. We are open to the fact we are far from perfect so please feel free to comment on your findings regarding these verses below, then we can all move forward together. (please back up your comments with a Tanakh verse to support it).

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  1. Linda Sprague says

    What a blessing. I love the way y’all are presenting just scripture with a touch of commentary. It gives us all ‘addresses’ without a ‘full guided tour of the house’. LOL
    Thanks !!!

  2. Roy Clariana says

    Here is my favorite verse about Eved, Is49:6 “And He said, It is too small a thing that Thou shouldest be Eved to Me to raise up the Shivtei Ya’akov, and to bring back the Netzurei Yisroel (Preserved of Israel, the She’erit); I will also give Thee for Ohr Goyim, that Thou mayest be My Yeshuah (Salvation) unto the ketzeh ha’aretz” (Orthodox Jewish Bible)

  3. Lael M. says

    I know where this is going and I agree. I am stumped however, at Isaiah 53:8 that goes on to say “…For he was cut off from the land of the living, stricken for the transgression of my people.” If “he” is Israel then who are “my people” in this sentence? I’m assuming Israel; am I wrong? Then Israel was cut off from the land of the living and stricken for the transgression of Israel? Now I’m confused…

  4. coal says

    how would you respond to Christians who admit that the context points to Israel but claim that there is ‘a dual meaning!’ that actually secretly means Jesus, and it was a secret for hundreds of years until Jesus came and ‘revealed’ the ‘secret dual meaning’. it sounds strange to me, but its hard to dissuade them. it wouldn’t bother me, but they simply wont respect my right to disagree with them.

  5. jono vandor says

    Coal, when a Christian tries that theory I just go over verse 9 😉

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