Ira Michaelson – Treasures from the Tanakh – Job 42:1-17


Yehovah gave Job twice as much as he had before…and blessed his latter days more than his beginning…after this Job lived 140 years, and saw his children and grandchildren to the forth generation. So Job died, old and full of years. – Job 42:10,12,16-17

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  1. Dan&Heidi says

    Great study! Great perspective on the end of Job. I really liked that the family possibly survived! That was a new one, but made good biblical sense. We can’t thank you both enough for sharing this “study” with us. Such a blessing!
    As far as the book of Daniel, take it on! But Jono will have to try to contain himself… 😉 sounds like a challenging and thought provoking study!

  2. Will says

    What a feast on the word! Let us filled to over flowing so that we may be strengthened and prepared for the days tat are ahead of us. Halle lu Jah!

  3. Mary says

    Ok, great study, but on the theory of captivity, I need your help with the Hebrew, in the Strongs restore is to bring back, looked but the references and ALL the possible uses of the Hebrew word restore, none were listed in the Strongs as captive. Doing my best here not to read into the word, but using job1:10 and chapter 42, it’s still a no go.

    I like the theory or conjecture, easier to swallow, but I am trying to chew more efficiently and according to the word, not be given suppositions AGAIN.

    Jono I used bible suite to find info, I do not know much Hebrew. What am I doing wrong? This is very dis-comforting as coming from a similar background I am very “touchy” regarding suppositions. Thank you anyway as it still makes me dig.

  4. Rick says

    I have waited years to hear someone who knows the Hebrew language to explain Job to me. I had no idea that Job was so difficult to understand because of the poetic language, the use of metaphors that are unclear to us, etc. I am deeply grateful to Ira and Jono for bringing this series to us.

  5. Rocky Jackson says

    Howdy I finally had a chance today to listen in while mowing the greatly over grown lawn.
    As a whole I think I have listened to every part of this but may have missed one part or another . Any who I have liked the whole show very much
    I have shared it with a few people about its thought provoking context, I hold to my thinking on some of the issues raised but consider strongly that Satan is certainly a Tool instrument of Righteousness… but yet very much a fallen creation.

    With that said the book of Daniel sounds awesome look forward to it..
    I plan as upstate New York Cold winter sets in to make a point to listen to the whole study again.


  6. Linda says

    Yes, please do the book of Daniel!!!

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