Ira Michaelson – Treasures from the Tanakh – Job 40:1-41:34

Behemot Leviatan
Now take the Behemoth, whom I made as I did you…He is the first of God’s works; Only his Maker can draw the sword against him…Can you draw out Leviathan by a fishhook? …Lay a hand on him and you will never think of battle again! – Job 40

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  1. Dan and heidi says

    Guys!! Come on!! Seriously?! Water buffalo and hippo?? DINOSAURS. “First made…” Ever heard bout surapod dinosaurs in the Congo? They eat the molumbo fruit for pete sake!!! There is a great deal of info on the topic, but I’ll leave that to you. In my OPINION behemoth was a surapod dinosaur (Sauropodomorpha) and leviathan would be a WATER DINOSAUR (plesiosaurs). Job is the oldest book in the Bible right? Probly would have still been a few of em around back then especially there are sightings of such things today…
    I love u guys, but id love to see the elephant or water buffalo with a tail like a CEDAR TREE!!! They have tiny lill wimpy fly swatter tails! 😉

  2. Daniel says

    The king James version (derived from the Latin vulgate, in turn derived from the veritas Latina, in turn derived from the sometimes mistranslated version of the tenakh known as the septuagint) refers to the tightly nit sinew of his stones and if you read with an understanding of the chiasmic poetic structure of the old testament one could make a strong case that he is referring to the penis and testes. Reptiles ( the word saur means in dinosaur) don’t have any external genitals. Dinosaurs are clearly reptilian (ancillary jaw bones, skull shape and the latest DNA testing confirm this) also the sauropod was 100 feet in length and stood at 40 feet high so it’s unlikely they shaded in the reeds and under lotus trees. Also it says moves his tail like a cedar not that he has a tail as big as a cedar tree. If you have a look at cedar branches they are very similar to the tail of an elephant or rhino. Plus the fact he finds shade.. Not a very good habit for a reptile which are cold blooded. That’s not even counting the massive amount of scientific evidence that says Dinosaurs existed millions of years before man. I think interpreting this passage as a dinosaur has pushed me further into disbelief about the intelligence of the average christian. it’s a crude sideways attempt to thwart evolution because it says a book mid-copied from ancient Jewish people might be purely poetic mythology ( job is considered a poetic book in the tenakh) I think it’s important to keep an open mind but not so open our brains fall out 😉

  3. Dan and heidi says

    So, i have an opinion/perspective. This causes you to judge an entire “group” of people, ridiculing thier intelligence no less. I think its GOOD to bring perspectives to a diverse conversation about scripture. And whats wrong with dinosaurs in the bible anyhow…

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