Rabbi Dovid ben Meir – Ancient Shiloh

Ancient Shiloh has been in the news lately. Keith Johnson took the tour there for a very special visit with the additional blessing of our friendly and knowledgeable tour guide, Rabbi Dovid ben Meir.

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Shiloh 2

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  1. Kevin George says

    In Jerusalem, for centuries, all the biblical sites have been trampled by the Catholics, the Orthodox, the Muslims and who knows how many other religious groups. The waters have been muddied, authenticity lost. Here in Shiloh, things have survived unmolested. Here, in the hour following this recording, I had the most intense experience of the presence of God in my life. Our tour made about 30 stops in ten days, all of which were quite good, but this was easily the highlight of the trip for me. If it had been our only stop, I would have counted the whole expense of the trip worthwhile.

  2. Mary says

    Thank you Jono, when I was in Israel in2008, it was with a messianic group. ZLM and it still was the most awesome time of my life. Now, today, I look forward to going back and going to places that have been less xianized.

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