Yoel ben Shlomo – The Question of Kabbalah

Kabbalah Sunglasses
In this episode Yoel attempts to answer, in a nutshell, the question – what is the Jewish mystical school of thought known as Kabbalah?

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  1. Crystal says

    Although Kabbalah , I use the red string to remind myself to love others. Many things are about your intention. Anything can be used for good or bad.

  2. vicki tate says

    As usual, I enjoyed Yoel’s insights. This was especially informative on a subject that I knew little about. Thanks.
    Human nature always seems to want to add to the Word which is more than enough.

  3. Alex says

    Thank you Jono and Yoel for the insight. God Bless to You all.

  4. Leonard says

    Good teaching, great job Yoel and Jono!

  5. Lael M. says

    I am so glad to hear a fellow Jew discuss this! It is so widely accepted in the shul’s where I live; amongst every sect of Judaism in my area. I feel like Judaism has been hijacked and I am alone in my belief and understanding of Torah. B”H, I go to shul to pray and that is it – I never attend Kabbalah classes, Tanya etc… I feel our family is alone however…

  6. catherinechassay says

    I found his statements about the study of Kabbala very disturbing. He is very cavilier in his comments, distain, and ridicule of same. He began his studies already having made the decision that it is “witchcraft” The fact that you, Jono, chuckled at his remarks is very disappointing. I would suggest you speak to some other rabbis who actually are Kabbalist and get the other side of things. Great rabbis such as Avraham Sutton, Avraham Greenbaum, David Katz among just a few. Very disappointing this type of lashon hara.

  7. catherinechassay says

    I would add to my previous comment that it might be a good idea to ask your regular guest, Ira Michaelson about his studies in the Zohar. I know for a fact that he does study the Kabbalah teachings and takes them very seriously.

  8. elskid says

    TO CRYSTAL (actually the “Crystals” of the world”) I am VERY hesitant to declare information I have or conclusion I have reached dogma; HOWEVER, I do have BOTH FEET SOLIDLY against the idea that you or I can simply REDEFINE items, traditions etc.
    The “Crystals” of this world use the idea that “Many things are about your intention. Anything can be used for good or bad.” as a way to simply be the god of their world. I would dare that group to try to “redefine” the swatika. Or to declare the white robes and pointy hoods of the KKK as a new and “daring” fashion statement. Take a walk in any inner city with your “new fashion” and see how well it is received.

    Now, I would say some symbols might simply have cultural meaning, for example, the twin towers of 9/11. I am fairly sure 9/11 is just 9/11.
    But I think other things, say the Shabbat, might very well have spiritual or mystical meaning. The Father told His people to NEVER abandon the Shabbat. I simply cannot believe it was just the last day of the week and we are simply being obedient. Our Father has depth we have not even begun to understand. I believe there is power in honoring the Shabbat that is NOT available if someone move the day. Stop work, stop using money, stop kindling fire on sunday, and I believe there will be something missing.
    That is one reason why I stopped honoring sunday, christmas & easter. I can SAY those days honor the Father, but they do NOT. The Father ordained OTHER days for a reason. I would not be so arrogant as to believe that I can define what things do and do not mean. I simply don’t have that kind of power or authority.

    I have no opinion what that red thread means, (it this word or the next) but I would be REAL careful thinking YOU are the one who decides what it means.

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