The Ancient Ruins of Tel Dan

Bridget, my 15 year old daughter, made this T2U video. I think she did an excellent job considering it is her first one! Stay tuned for more as she helps to take you on tour in Israel. Subscribe to the T2U YouTube channel and make sure you don’t miss any. In this episode we are on site in Tel Dan with Keith Johnson and Shukie our tour guide.

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  1. Deborah says

    Jono I am in agreement, you have a future camerawomen. Great job Bridget, I felt as if I was there.

  2. Dan&Heidi says

    Thank you for the awesome video you created of the first 3T Tour! You did a fantastic job! It was great to listen and see the photos all at the same time. We enjoyed our trip so very much and got a fine reminder of just how blessed we were to have been there. Can’t wait to see your next creation! Yah bless!

  3. Elena says

    Well done girl! I see you have put a lot of effort in synchronizing the pictures and having them rotate so that the listener’s attention would not subside. You did a great job! xxxxx <3

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