HR ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark?’

This week Jono and Jason explore Hebrews Chapter 9 and compare the contents of the Ark as listed in the New Testament with those listed in the Tanakh. Join us as we return to the Hebrew Roots and strive to find out if the accounts match up,

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  1. Albert Roy says

    Great video. The “wherein” or “in which” of Hebrews 9:4 can most easily be fixed by changing the comma to a semicolon preceding it. Recalling Greek, like Hebrew, used no punctuation, translators typically stick with a wooden, clumsy translation here. Using a semicolon might help the reader better understand that the “wherein” modifies the Most Set-Apart Place rather than the ark itself.

  2. Elena says

    Thank you for the suggestion, Albert Roy, indeed if we read ‘wherein’ as referring to the Holy of Holies instead of the Ark, both the Old and the New testament say the same.

    Until now I thought that it was possible that, in the course of time (because of the many ransacks and temple robberies, like for example the one of Nebukadnetsar), the Levites could have set the pot with manna and the staff of Aaron inside the Ark to prevent that they were stolen of damaged.
    They might have left the Torah roll outside the Ark because they needed it regularly in order to read it.
    Since nobody could enter the Holy of Holies -except the High Priest on the day of Yom Kippur-, the general public did not notice the difference, but the priests and the levites knew.
    Then, the writer of Hebrews -an insider- might have revealed to us the state of the art at the time he was writing.
    We must not forget that many centuries passed since the first temple was built. There was captivity for 70 years and many robberies of temple articles. Then the temple was rebuilt and we have no account of how the articles were placed in the second temple.

  3. Mary says

    Looked up a few of the instances of “before” (there are over 400) that use the same hebrew as in the ones you used in video. And the ” in ” used in the nt. ECk! However I found it inclusive, because “before” is used so many times as in rejoicing before Yehovah, coming “before” Yehovah. I am using Biblesuite from spiritual babies, Jason, to look stuff up and these references gave me the impression that “Before” does not mean just in front of?

    Thanks again, pls keep up the faithful work, you have become one of my “go to” references. M

  4. Barby Vial Johnson Miller says

    Is it possible, when the Ark was hidden, these items were slipped into it for safe keeping? And…that it was common knowledge amongst the Priests? Shaul (Paul) is the “supposed” author of the book of Hebrews, and it seems to me he would have that inside knowledge.

  5. Ray Cameron, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada says

    Excellent as usual! I have a few thoughts on this I would like to share. I had thought of what is written in Hebrews ch 9. Barby Vial Johnson Miller mentioned 1 possibility. The Ark of The Covenant’s dimensions were not big, how is this staff going to fit? If it did fit, it would more than likely be broken, and that is a frightening thought. Here is another, the language in Hebrews 9 is not accusatorial at all which suggests common knowledge of where and how these sacred items are kept. BIG PROBLEM-it doesn’t fit Torah. If it was factual that is a HUGE statement about the Cohanim, since they are responsible for operating the Temple in accordance with Hashem’s Torah/instruction. If this is the case Israel is in big trouble. Again the language is not accusatorial / not a prophetic warning so I have to throw that out. I just don’t see these items being misplaced. UNLESS the Ark of The Covenant was a facsimile, made bigger to accommodate these items. Problem with that is that it is not recorded to have happened (to my limited knowledge). So again out with that idea.
    And why would the writer of Hebrews so casually and lightly speaks of the Ark (it’s only the heart of the Temple-so what-good grief) and then move on as though THAT topic was a lightweight topic. That suggests a position of the people and their relationship with Hashem through the Torah was taken very lightly in my understanding.

  6. Ray Cameron, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada says

    Oops I clicked the post button a little too soon. The Torah is very clear on the Ark. Sounds to me like someone has some knowledge, sadly enough to be dangerous and mislead (hopefully unintentionally-benefit of the doubt). Look how it has led the church in this particular aspect. Folks you can always trust the Hebrew!

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