Jono Speaks with Ministers on Easter Sunday

This morning I grabbed the microphone and headed out to some local churches just after their Easter Sunday service. I asked three ministers about the original meaning of Easter and if Passover has any significance to the Christian tradition.

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  1. Kevin George says

    Wow! They hardly have a clue. These are ministers, you say?
    I can only hope they are open to learning new things!

  2. SgtKRG says

    Amazing how they don’t even know what the word Easter means or comes from! I am not surprise as I didn’t know either and I was once a Christian. But the interesting thing is that only the English speaking countries call it Easter just because it appeared once in the Christian Book of Acts 12:4 but it was translated correctly as Passover 26 other times! Although the actual Greek word in Acts 12:4 is the same as the other 26 times “Pascha” so one time Easter; 26 Passover! But in the Spanish, Latin, Italian, Portuguese and other languages appears as Passover or Pascuas in Spanish which is what I grew up in, and I never knew what Pascuas meant, all I knew was what it represented in Christianity the death and supposedly resurrection of a false God/Messiah!
    Interesting too is that Christianity calls Jesus the Passover Lamb that was slaughter for the forgiveness of sins, But since when Pesach/Passover was anything to do with atoning for sins or a sin offering??? It was not, it was a sacrificial meal and like Jono alluded to, it was nothing more than a slap on the Egyptians face as they slaughter their God or creation Khnum or Amun!
    Besides we don’t have to have a blood sacrifice (as Hebrews 9:22 says) in order to be forgiving read Leviticus 1-5; And Yehovah didn’t even commanded us or ordered us to do sacrifices (Jeremiah 7:22-23) The sacrifice instructions were giving by Yehovah just in case any man would desire to do so, Lev 1:2 says “IF” “IM” in Hebrew, that means it is not you have to or must! He doesn’t delight in the blood of thousands sacrifices but in doing justice and righteousness let alone in human sacrifices! He detests them (Lev 18; Deut 18)
    Anyway, just wanted to share my 2 cents 🙂

  3. Linda Sprague says

    That completely clears up why I am no longer a christian. Thanks for taking the time to get these interviews.

  4. Linda Wells says

    Wow! People (Pastors) are pretty darn ignorant, scary. Todah Jono for being diligent in doing this. It creates quite a wake-up call.

  5. Brenda Spicer says

    I also like the older version that you did about the sign of Jonah.

  6. Mike C says

    Y’shua said He had the power to forgive sins. It says if We confess our sins He’s just to forgive our sins. There was no repentance in Egypt, just put the blood on the door posts. When Israel rejected Messiah they should of been killed like korah was for rejecting Moses. He died in there place and death, passed over, without repentance.

  7. Dean Philpot says

    Jono , your questions cause Keith’s bunny to explode? Very informative , how many pagan christians are there? Pasteurization kills milk and preachers.

  8. SgtKRG says

    Yeshua/Jesus could have said anything that doesn’t mean it is true and it shall bind, that is the problem with Christianity that they have accepted as fact and as authority from Yahovah himself anything that Jesus said. Even if he was Messiah you cannot twist and change the meaning of the Passover no matter how much gymnastic you use, Torah is not to be changed by no Man’s word no matter how that Man claims to be God himself! And if it is true that Israel should have been killed for denying Jesus then I should be dead to and I will gladly die if it means to accept one God Yehovah and no other false Messiah/God! Christianity is so arrogant to say Israelites are awful and they are the chosen one and the blessed ones, whatever give me a break! Well anyway we all entitle to our opinions! 🙂

  9. Mary says

    oh my!
    This was my first year rejecting the celebration of easter. Much to my church’s disdain. After listening to Rood &TRuth2u and using your challenge to look it up, I am convinced that I can no longer justify idol worship mixed with the hope that “getting them into church, no matter what” will work out for HIS good in the end!

    Thank you so very much

  10. Dan n heidi says

    BaZINGa!! Fascinating interviews, i laughed, i cried… As to people yelling bout jesus, hilarious, funny how the book says messiah will be a stumbling block to both jew AND GENTILE. Hilarious i tell Yah… Thx 4 the fun 🙂

  11. SgtKRG says

    Dan n Heidi:
    Where in the scriptures says that the Anointed would be a stumbling block both for Israelite and Gentile? I would like to take a look at it, thanks and may you both be Bless!

  12. Dan and heidi says

    We preach Christ (the Messiah) crucified, [preaching which] to the Jews is a scandal and an offensive stumbling block [that springs a snare or trap], and to the Gentiles it is absurd and utterly unphilosophical nonsense. (1 Corinthians 1:23 AMP)

    I have no desire 2 debate the validity of messiah as it is FAR 2 complex to properly explain in this “comment” section of Truth2U. I suggest you study the difference between greek and hebrew logic instead 🙂 and take it easy on the christians eh? They just might b your brothers and sisters. Seriously

  13. Gideon Rossouw says

    I am surprized that so many ministers do not know the original meaning of Easter.More surprized to hear that “…Easter was taken over by Christianity….” Thanks goodness I left christianity. Did the Messias realy twisted the Torah..?? Please tel me how. I do believe He was the Messiah, but that does not define me to be a christian. Regards

  14. Dan and heidi says

    Messiah did not twist Torah, false pagan “christians” twisted messiah rather. Through tradition and through translation. Basically, the greatest slight of hand trickery EVER.

  15. SgtKRG says

    Dan n Heidi: I wasn’t asking for debate, I was truthfully curious. I don’t need to debate what Tanack says so no worries, and you are right I need to take it easy on the others! I apologize although I didn’t think I was harsh, I was stating facts that perhaps might be offensive to others, so I am sorry. May you both be Bless!

  16. Dan and heidi says

    No worries, i think everyone who listens 2 truth2U get a bit wound up around xMass and easter! Myself included!! May u be Bless as well. 😉

  17. Diana says

    Jono This is soooooo sad!!!!!! what are they teaching?????

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