Site of the Ark of the Covenant Revealed?

Where is the Ark of the Covenant hidden? What began as a normal day became following Keith deep underground into a Freemason cave and beyond!

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My bodyguards outside the Golden Gate

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  1. mary says

    haven’t listened yet, but will tonight, love the photo. Ha-Keiths forearms look like Popeye’s. Enjoy Jono

  2. Dan and heidi says

    The Arc IS there. Thanks for having the guts 2 say so!! May it be revealed 2 ALL as a testimony of our Father in Heaven.

  3. Tara says

    Wow!!! I am so glad you are sharing with us! I feel like I am rhere with you guys.

  4. Tara says

    And try not to get arrested lol I dont have that kind of donation money this month

  5. mary says

    2008, when I was there, climate just like home, BUT nothing, nothing rivals ISRAEL. Like Jono said, the peace, the awesomness of the WORD coming to life. I more than anything want to go back, HIS Timing, HIS plan, HIS peace till then. . . Enjoy Jono-I’m so thrilled for you!!!

  6. FrankfromBerlin says

    Forearms for the win! Despite my jealousy of you all being in The Land, i want to whish all a save and blessed trip. Maybe next year i’m on board. Shalom from Berlin! 🙂

  7. James Hayman says

    Awesome Awesome Awesome great job Jono, Keith & sons. Doesn’t Daniel say something about the covenant being confirmed in chapter 9? How better to do that than reveal His throne upon the Earth? Shalom from Texas

  8. Melanie Iris Munro says

    This is just too exciting for words! As Tara says one feels like we are right there with you. Ever since Michael Rood covered the finding of the Ark of the Covenant in his Rood Awakening series, I live in expectation of His Timing of Revealing it! Shalom

  9. doesn't matter says

    @tara ready with Bail and rescue. yah’s people on the ready, taking action~! now that’s what ayin talkin’ ’bout~!

  10. Miriam says

    You have made me miss Israel so much. I was last there in 2005 for 10 days and my heart longs to return. You’ve brought it alive for me again! What a day it will be when the Ark is revealed. My belief is that it will be exposed as the result of an earthquake in the near future.

  11. Mike Leberte says

    Ron Wyatt found the ark of the covenant by direction of YHWH in 1982

    Also on youtube

  12. Maria M D says

    Rabbi Chaim Richman of the temple Institute
    Said there was always someone that knew where
    The Ark of the covenant was.

    But I truly believe Ron Wyatt found it first.

  13. brothers at risk says

    Guys, sharing experiences is a wonderful ministry for those who cant travel.

    PLEASE do not say things that you do not know. The statements “tunnels go under the temple mount” and “cave goes all under the old city” and “under the temple mount” ARE NOT TRUE, and are DANGEROUS. Though untrue, IF your words reach anyone in the Arab, Islamic or Hasidic world, though incorrect it will be published and used as fuel to attack real people who will really die to “protect Al Aqsa from the infidels illegally under the Dome or Mosque.” It is real, your geography is not. The ark was not found btw, and it was not dug by Israelis.

    Many things are great to teach publicly, but some words just cant be spoken even if true, political sensitivity here is vital.

    Zed’s Cave is under the Moriah ridge but does NOT go under the walled Mount or even near any holy sites to any religion. There are NO plans to do so as it is against the law and disrespectful.

  14. Brandi says

    No the ark was found buy a very great man of gods his name was ron whytt

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