Yoel ben Shlomo – Confession Box + 1 Samuel 14:36-52

Listen as Yoel breaks out of the box and begins this episode of Light of the Prophets with a point blank confession!

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  1. Steven says

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


    Good stuff.

    I would say that perhaps 80-90% of Hebrew Roots/Messianics feel as Yoel does regarding the Oral Law.

    I myself sometimes wear a kippah, not because it is law, but because I think it is a good tradition.

    As far as the name . . . use it when quoting Scripture. That is what I do. When talking normally, I use a title.

    Shalom brothers!


  2. Yoel Ben Shlomo says

    Thank you Steven, that sounds like the best thing to do.

  3. Jules says

    As for the use of YHVH’s name, why offend others if you don’t have to. If the use of the name is offensive to another, there is no penalty for you NOT using the name?!

  4. Rick says

    Because you asked the listeners for their opinions I will offer mine. You need to recognize that the religious police are meaner than junk yard dogs. Declaring in a public arena that the Oral Law no longer has primary standing in your life could make you (and by extension your family) their targets. Besides harassment they may be able to meddle in your life in more tangible ways like blocking your access to things that you take for granted such as schools or libraries. Your wife and children have to interact with people who will be deeply offended by your words. Fortunate for you Truth2U radio is probably not often frequented by them.

    Whatever your personal opinion about speaking the Holy Name I advise you not to do it in a public milieu. And, now that you have had your mea culpa I further advise that you remove your confession from this show, and start this program with your teaching 1 Samuel 14:36-52. I would also recommend you delete any listener comments referring to it. Life is hard enough without poking at hornet’s nests.

  5. Yoel Ben Shlomo says

    Rick, I appreciate your concern but I have to disagree with how you put it. In our world (the Jewish one) it is not uncommon for academics to criticize the oral law, as long as you don’t say certain things you will be fine. Having an opinion is the right of all people and I do not need to hide what I think is truth. You have no idea how many secular Jews have come to the realization that the oral law and orthodox practice have harmed the Jewish world. There is an increasing number of orthodox Jews who have come to the same conclusion as I have, and as long as we don’t say harsh things about rabbis or oral law no one cares. I will say this: it is possible that the religious police in your world are a big problem, but as long as I keep away from the ultra orthodox I am in no danger. Also if I don’t go around preaching, like some people do, no one will care. I am well known for my opinions in the world I live in and except for one person, who is a loony bin, no one has ever dared to harass me for what I think. In other words: if you don’t go around harassing people no one will harass you. Also the religious police have no authority on God, they might think they do, but they don’t. The truth about the word of God is more important. Did Yirmiyahu hide away? No he didn’t. Granted, I might have to deal with some people, but we don’t live in cartelized religion in Israel, we are individuals living by Torah, and unless you live in a closed ultra orthodox community no one will be snooping around about how you keep Shabbat or what you eat as kosher.

  6. Rick says

    Thank you, Yoel, for your clarification. I always learn from your words.

  7. RECON says

    Good Afternoon Jono and Joel, I will give my opinion since you asked: I hope not to offend anyone and that my words here may convey the true sentiment in my heart! I think that when it comes down to practicing and governing our life’s according to Torah we must do it the way it was written in the Tanack regardless of who will be offended or not, because when we die and go in front of Yehovah for judgment we will stand there ALONE and we must give account of our actions; granted it is very difficult to not worry about others (family, friends, co-workers, etc.) and how they would feel in regards of what you believe or not, but we MUST remember that we are to serve the almighty with all our minds, hearts and soul and do according to HIS ways not ours. People usually are easily offended by anything that goes contrary to what they believe and we are not here on earth to tip toe around the feelings of the world but the feelings of our Creator! Just because certain things might offend some it doesn’t mean it is wrong for you or anyone to do so. There are ways to be polite, tactful and respectful of others without compromising your believes and duties as a man of Yehovah Eloheinu!
    Joel you were in the military, I was 9 years in the U.S. MARINE CORPS and being tactful, respectful and polite was part of being a Marine, especially if you had to address some senior NCO/SNCO/Officers but our motto was Honor, Courage and Commitment and stand for these: Honor (Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability) Courage (Do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons) Commitment (devotion to the Corps and my fellow Marines) The one I want to talk about is Courage, I truly believe that if we are doing what is right in the eyes of Yehovah, we are conducting ourselves as righteous people we MUST not fear anything that the world can throw at us because Yehovah will provide/protect and bless! Prime example is that you started to wear techelet in your fringes at an earlier age when no one else would, and probably you were judged! I recently went thru a rough time in our lives (wife included) we stop believing in Jesus/Yeshua as a Messiah and believe strictly in the Tanack so we believe in the same way as you do, we are trying to live our lives according to the Command of Yehovah but we live in a Christian world (90%) and even our families are devoted Christians, and to our surprise some of our own family members discriminated against us because we don’t believe in Jesus, when they (Christians) are supposed to support, help, love and have mercy on everyone but obviously they don’t, only if you believe the same way. Well we did not stop from Honoring Yehovah by respect HIM and worship HIM as the ONLY God/savior/redeemer/healer/Lord because it would offend even our loved ones, in life we MUST take a stand for the truth and Yehovah no matter what, there are ways to do it peacefully but if it brings turmoil, so be it! Yehovah will give me peace and love. You don’t have to go around throwing your believes in their faces there is no need to even discuss it unless people ask and then you deal with it with Honor, Courage and Commitment (to God though!) loll
    Ok almost done; in regards of the name we shouldn’t be afraid to use HIS name as to go to the extent of only pronounce it while reading scriptures or what have you. He want to be called by HIS name, He has no problem with using and pronouncing HIS name at any time. Obviously if you are speaking of YHVH you would be speaking in the most respectful way as you are speaking of the God of Gods, our God YEHOVAH! If it was not appropriate to pronounce HIS name HE would have let it known as HE has told us numerous times in the Tanack that HE has a name, and wants to be distinguished among all the pagan gods and deities! Remember Avraham when talking to Malki-Zedeck? Avraham made a point to distinguish the Canaanites god called EL Elion, by Calling the true one GOD by HIS name FIRST then one of his many titles as to differentiate between their false gods that they called EL Elion and the one TRUE GOD YEHOVAH. How would you call you earthly dad of wife or anyone, by their names! Well Yehovah said hundreds of times “CALL ME BY MY NAME” so I am sorry to be so long winded, May Yehovah Bless you and guide you!
    Semper Fidelis! (But to YEHOVAH and TORAH! Lol)

  8. David says

    Best advice I can offer is, since it sounds like a very personal issue its probably something which should be worked out between you and The Creator.

    Oh by the way you had me worried there Yoel. First I hear you say you dont drink coffee then suddenly we are waiting for a confession. I thought for a moment you were converting to mormanisim. Just kidding :-).

  9. Dan and heidi says

    You are a light 2 ALL nations when you PROCLAIM THE NAME! You are a levite, are you not obligated 2 use the name when blessing the nations? 🙂 i understand people get offended all the time about all kinds of things, but this fight is worth having for the sake of EVERYONE!

    Thank you so much for sharing your struggles and conclusions, all i can say is RIGHT ON BROTHER !!

  10. Shaun says

    If Yehovah clearly states that you call Him by name, it seems to me the answer would be do what He says. It’s never easy to get out of the traditions we grew up with.

  11. Michael says

    Yoel, using God’s Name among us as your listeners, please, say The Father’s Name. I’m here to learn what the scriptures say without interpretive traditions. I’m here to hear the real Hebrew.

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