Ira Michaelson – Treasures from the Tanakh – Job 28:1-28

Job PAT171p75

And unto man He said: “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.” – Job 28:28

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  1. peter says

    Just wanted to say jono when you did the reading of job 28:28, you said the fear of YeHoVaH …in the king james they capitalize Lord, but when you look at the Hebrew text it does not mention his name instead the text says Adonai …the fear of the lord… its’ even written like that in the aleppo codex too. I think ira missed that one…lol

  2. Rick says

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  3. J Bryan says

    Thank you for your wonderful insight – I’ve enjoyed the lessons very much. I live in FL & wonder if there is any way to contact you ( Ira Michaelson) to see if a group is meeting near me. I attended your congregation in Clermont a couple times. Thanks and may Yehovah bless you.

  4. Johnny Torres says

    elu·sive·ness 😛

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