Rabbi Eli Cohen – A Jewish Perspective of the New Covenant

How does the Tanakh define righteousness? Is the Torah impossible to keep? What is the Jewish perspective of the New Covenant? Does righteousness equate to perfection? Lastly, Rabbi Eli Cohen shares his thoughts regarding the conflict between Israel and Gaza, offering a prayer from Psalm 121.
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  1. Daniel Lewis says

    As interesting and as instructive as this is, i can’t help feeling like maybe I’m missing something here. For the last couple of episodes Rabbi Cohen has banged on about the importance of the commandments, but, am i the only one who feels like the choir is being preached to? The focus of the podcasts on TTU has been for as long as I’ve been listening(2 years), all about the Torah, so i thought this was just a given.
    I appreciate hearing objections to Yeshua, but i do get just slighty fed up with arguments against Christian dogma rather than what the gospels and the letters actually say. It’s almost like hearing objections to mormanism. I wish in no way to denigrate rabbi cohen, but at the same point see no benefit in arguing a mute point.

  2. Daniel Lewis says

    OK, having listened to the whole podcast, I’m aghast. Unfortunately Rabbi Cohen has made the same fatal mistake with Romans ch10 as so many Christian teachers do. He simply relied on a biased translation. ‘BUT the righteousness of faith’ – the word but is the Greek strongs 1161, which can be and is also translated as and depending on the context. Just look at the 20+ times in Matthew ch1. This gives the verse a completely different meaning and it becomes very very clear that ‘the righteousness of the law’ and the righteousness of faith(fullness) are one and the same thing.
    As for Messiah being the ‘end’of the law, please just look this up to see the true meaning. Please Rabbi Cohen, read the verses properly before you teach on them, it’s like being back in ‘church’ again. I know it may sound like I’m coming against you somewhat, but i just can’t help but cry out when i see something misunderstood due to translational bias.

  3. Yechiel says

    Dear Rabbi;
    Funny, I am engaged in conversation on these subjects. I have a respectful exchange, and we learn from each other. But, I noticed over the years that the pronouns and other minor words and endings, and some times I bring this up. I get the usual “OK. But it really…”
    So I deal with the dotes, and still have a conversation going.
    However, there is a noticable change over a period of time, as the facts are sinking in. Not that we are right, but that we have a reliable rendition to go by, and they are beginning to see where The Hebrew may be right.
    All i ask for. i do not want to change or be change, as far as my faith is concern. I seek respect, acceptance of our responsibility to find how we can work together, not change each other.

  4. The Remnant says


    It was interesting to hear Rabbi Eli Cohen quote Genesis 4:7 from a version of the Holy Scriptures that takes away the most important aspect of man’s relationship with his Creator. The Hebrew word תִּמְשָׁל “TIMSH’L”

    A more proper translation comes from the Jewish Publication Society’s 1917 edition of the Hebrew Bible in English it reads as follows:

    If thou doest well, shall it not be lifted up?
    and if thou doest not well, sin croucheth at the door;
    and unto thee is its desire, but thou mayest rule over it.’

    The novel by John Steinbeck “East of Eden” sheds light on a very important difference in the interpretation of a single word:תִּמְשָׁל “TIMSH’L”

    East of Eden goes on to describe how the Chinese servant Lee approaches a learned rabbi and together they would study Hebrew comparing translations…. until after two years they finally felt they had a proper translation of the Hebrew word timsh’l תִּמְשָׁל. Not “thou shalt” or “thou must” but “thou mayest”; thou mayest rule over sin.

    Lee continues “it may be the single most important word in the history of the world!
    Because it gives man the right to choose; between good and evil, between right and wrong.
    The gift of free-will in a single word!

  5. Joseph & Kimberly Callahan says

    It would seem this same misunderstanding about Shaul has been around from the beginning, and he was desirous to set the record straight. He was accused of teaching others NOT to keep the torah, and he, while he was under a Nazarite vow himself, also paid for 4 others’ offerings for the completion of their vow. He did this to show that he did not forsake the torah and did not teach others to, either. (Acts 21) He also said, “I rejoice in the torah of Elohim in the inner man.” Romans 7:22

  6. Kelvin (a.k.a. RECON) says

    Wow another homerun from the Rabbi, this teaching are getting more and more interesting. Please keep teaching us and don’t mind those who get offended by your teachings. this is the first time Jono is bringing the perspective of a Hebrew man in regards of “new covenant” “messiah” “the Torah” which shows clearly that he first century writtings (Paul primarly) are miss quoting the Tanack and twisting the context of the WORD of Yehovah to try to fit an agenda of a Human sacrifice atoning power of his blood to forgive us of sins and all kinds of non sense theologies about a new concept of a Messiah/Law/way of life/new concept of God being 2 in one or 3 and all kinds of crazy ideas that Christianity and believers in yeshua (as a Messiah) are so fixed on.
    In respect about being repeataive about the Torah and commandments is not so, again He is comparing the views and believes of the Hebrew people to the views of Christianism/Messianism and so what if he is being repeatative, remember Psalm 1, we are to meditate on the Torah day and night! I do and it makes me a better person every day, what are we to do? stop being repeatative after Yehovah has commanded us to speak of it when we sit, when we walk, when we eat, when we talk to our childrens, when we rest even in our sleep 🙂 lol just kidding! anyway, if somebody doesn’t like the program, then you have the right to not listen to it but do not try to spoil others enjoyment, please!

  7. James Hayman says

    I read part of the 1000 verses and was struck by the thought that Christians are being taught to have faith in Jesus when in Revelation 14:12 we are told we should keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus. Jim

  8. Annelise says

    Daniel Lewis: I think the bigger problem that Rabbi Cohen cares about in Romans 10 is that Paul chose a lot of verses that clearly state how Israel is to return to God, and then he imposed his own theology on top of that by redefining faith as faith in Jesus, repentance as turning to Jesus, and obedience as accepting Jesus. He selected little parts of larger chapters, not deceptively but because they suited his purpose. The way in which Paul interpreted those chapters might be possible from a Christian perspective because he believed that those who had the faith of Abraham would be those who honoured the Torah AND who accepted Jesus. But the passages are not saying that.

    The startling omission of anything to do with Jesus in all of these clear verses about what Israel *should* do to repent is, while not a final argument, at least a cause for questions. You can’t say that the faith of Tanach is faith in Jesus without absolutely clear answers.

    I’ve heard Rabbi Cohen speak about the things you asked him to look up, and also what Joseph & Kimberley mentioned, and he definitely is aware of them. But having grown up in the mainstream views he was largely speaking to in this interview, I’m glad that they continue to be addressed! And there are so many variant interpretations among people who reject the mainstream Christian ideas and try to bring the NT closer into line with Jewish thinking. It’s impossible to give attention to everyone’s perspective at once.

    In terms of preaching to the choir, it’s nice to figure out where you have things in common and where you don’t. Obviously the rabbinic perspective about what the Torah is and how it functions is not the same as the Torah-keeping Christian view or the Karaite view. Some really deep ideas about how God speaks to humanity, why the Torah was given to Israel particularly, and what He desires us to respond to Him in are embedded in those differing perspectives. So aspects of similarity are a good place to work forward from.

    The Remnant: that was a really interesting post! I think that it illustrates the point of bringing up this verse, despite the translation that was used.

    James Hayman: I’m curious to hear whether you see this view in other places across the New Testament? I typed the words “believe in” (In quotes) into Biblegateway and found lots of references to faith in Jesus as an important commandment for being saved from sinfulness and the judgment. I’m not really sure what the theology is that made you notice this issue particularly, so I wonder what you thought the NT writers meant in those verses. Anyway, 1000 Verses seems to be written more to mainstream Evangelical Christianity (the kind that often evangelises to Jews) than to anyone else.

  9. jenny says

    thanks jono for all your programs!
    i appreciate all the information ur gsts r sharing….
    i feel the need to study scripture more and more and to stick to the torah while still clinging to Yeshua…from childhood i was brought up from a catholic background…but even at a young age i knew i had more affinity to the old testament though the church sermons were on the new testament….i ve always been curious as to the meanings of the old testament and now at 32 years old i felt the Creator has called me to know abt Him….not just Jesus but i feel the need to get to know the Creator of all things, YHVH…i thank for bringing your guests to share on your programs as they help to clear, if not stir up questions in my faith for the better… please keep it up

  10. rocky jackson says

    It seems kind of funny how carefully Rabbi trys to nullify Rav Sha ul midresh on Faith in romans 10 yet its actually Rav Sha ul the torah observing Pharisee who plainly states has AMEN made the Torah of YAH of none effect YAH FORBID WE establish Torah.
    coupled with omitting carefully that YHVH has stated 5 times = the number for grace ….That there is ONE torah for the stranger & the soujouner. Again we must guard ourselfs agianst such clever omission of YAHS word over mens.
    I have carefully question why Yeshua speaks SO STRONGLY AGAINST the levan of the pharisee, while one may question him Yeshua we have to contend with his WORDS

  11. rocky jackson says

    I simply hope we continue to recoknize that Christianity was INVENTED in the 3rd 4th century.

    Also very much enjoying the format it only continues to show me YESHUA in the Torah ..
    Saving in the natural always reflecting the spiritual!
    Baruch Hashem YHVH

  12. Joseph Callahan says

    I am a recent Torah observant believer (studing +- three years) of understanding the Scriptures from a Hebrew perspective. I’m convinced ( about a month ago ), to truly know Y’hovah, the ” God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”,—–Torah, the first five books, is all a person needs to truly know Elohim. The rest of His Sacred Word is commentary about not being in His will and the results thereof, also the prophesy of Him, the written Torah becoming the living Torah.
    As James Hayman appropriately pointed out, we are to have the faith OF Y’shua as did the patriarchs.
    Food for thought: What Word was available during the time when David and others penned some of the most precious words describing Elohim and their relationship with Him?
    I believe this is what Y’shua referred to in Jn17:3,17 and in His counsel to the Church of Ephesus in Rev 2:4:—–return to your first love (TORAH).

  13. Yiska Ivri says

    As I listened intently, I went back to the ISA to read the meaning of the words in Roman’s 10:4 and found that the word translated ‘end’ in the KJV is a miss translation and should be translated: tribute, consummation, or completion. This would then lead to an interpretation that would indicate that Paul was saying that Yeshua was a tribute to or was able to fulfill (finish) all of the the Torah just as Moshe said it is not beyond our reach, etc. I think the English interpretation (KJV) is in error to what was the original intent and that an agenda was a factor in the use of words during its writing.

    I feel that if we actually look at the original writing and interpretation in context, we will find that all of the (Re)New(ed) Covenant is only pointing to the Torah as the True covenant. YHVH is our only Salvation!

  14. Suzanne says

    My husband and I like very much to hear the Hebrew perspective of Rabbi Cohen, We want to understand how and what he and others believe, it is very interesting and we sit and discuss the interview afterwards, Thank You for your views Rabbi Cohen and Jono for all the speakers you choose to air. At some point can someone you know explain, What the binding of the sign upon the hand and reminder betwwen the eyes, with Loving YHVH with all our heart, means exactly, is this physical and/or spiritual, what does the hand and forehead really mean? We know they put little scriptures in boxes and wear them, but I feel like there is more to this. Thank You for your time, SHALOM from Yelm, WA. USA

  15. Tony says

    Rabbi, thank you for your Jewish perspective it is wonderfully challenging.I have listened to all of your Truth2U teachings and find them thought provoking. With that said I would like to say that it seems that although you are reading “Christian Scripture” it is fair to say that your interpretation also sides with Christian tradition and not actual textual interpretation through the Revelation of Torah. Its basis is upon 2 points: 1, Christian Doctrines and 2, Christians themselves. My encouragement to you is this, dont try to prove “Christianity” wrong because you dont have to go far to discover that. Try and prove Yeshua’s words go against Torah and you will find your answer.

  16. Karen Harvey says

    Another thought provoking program. Rabbi Cohen does such a wonderful job of explaining things in a clear and concise way. My sincere thanks to you both for these inspiring programs.

  17. The Remnant says


    The translation of any writing which has influenced the thinking and the lives of innumerable people is important, depending on how it is interpreted it can breed a variety of doctrines and religious sects.

    Now, there are many millions in their sects and churches who feel the order, “must rule over”, which orders men to triumph over sin, and they can call sin ignorance.

    And there are millions more who feel predestination in “shalt rule over”, which makes a promise that men will surely triumph over sin and nothing they may do can interfere with what will be.

    It is easy out of laziness, out of weakness, to throw oneself into the lap of deity, saying, ‘I couldn’t help it; the way was set.’
    But choice says the way is open. God throws it right back on man to choose his course and fight it through and win.

  18. ellen says

    what i hear is railing against the ‘church’ i don’t think you will find any argument from anyone who has studied the evolution of the thing generally called christianity. (read petrus romanus, pub 2/12). what belevers are following is the word (and desperately seeking meaning in spite of translation issues).

    it appears to me that Tony has the rght idea. yeshua is the perfect reflection of Torah. nothing in new covenant takes away from Torah. Unless taken out of context. thru bad translation or lack of understanding of the points being made,.speak to the word in its context not to the man made misrepresentations of ‘the church’

    rabbi eli said that the relationship with yhvh and the jewish people is based upon obedience to torah. it is based upon being a ‘peculiar people;. the abrahamic covenant was completed by yhvh alone. abraham did not participate in walking between the pieces. the hebrew people agreed that they would obey whatever moses said….and then they built a pagan idol. this sounds disrespectful i do not disrespect…i seek truth not slick generalities

    forgive me. i’m listening as i type. you are quoting psalms to illustrate how seriously the hebrews take the torah. yet., taking your view as truth. how do you explain the diaspora. the distruction of the temple 2x. daniels 70 week prophecy which explains the failure to keep sabbath years needing to be ;paid; thru the babylonian exile. these are blatant illustrations of how these peculiar people have not taken torah seriously. (there are many other illustrative examples in the brit hadasha)

    using pauline texts to make your point ,…is just wrong. it is out of context and coming from the ‘churchianity’ of which jono constantly complains rather than reading in context.

    i wonder how rabbi eli explains the apparent failure of the hebrew nation to tell the world about torah. I am very persuaded by yoel harlevi’s explanation of his ministry to tell the nations torah.

    i apologize for my simplistic presentation. which is why i ask that you have a more competent guest to discuss the limitations of this anti missionary point of view. if indeed we are all studying torah and seeking obedience to yhvh’s will surely we are capable of negotiating another viewpoint(i suggest mike brown because he is fluent in the languages of torah…i heard the ira broadcast where this was an unpopular suggestion. surely there is hebrew fluent defender of the faith that meets your high standards–i’d love to hear a civil discussion addressing all of these anti-missionary issues.and i guess pro-missionary issues as well.)

    let us never cease praying for the peace of jerusalem.

  19. Dan and heidi says

    Thank you 2 all who are listening, reading scripture, comparing translations, praying for truth… We just love this forum and pray that ALL here r lifted UP!! Praise YAH!

  20. lori says

    Rabbi Eli Cohen,
    I found the beginning of the lecture quite right about every religion should reevaluate their beliefs. But so wrong when the Jews had not the truth when they had not the tablets ark four horned altar or the mercy seat or the throne of God and a convert king to build the temple. This is why the temple veil rent twain. The tablets were not stone but now sheep skin. Zechariah 8:23 explains very well how the nations will come by the skirt of “A” Jew. But it also explains they will go with because they hear God is with Him. This is extremely challenging for the modern Jew because they went by His skirt. This is the Tzit Tzit. The command of all commands the blue dye. Techeiles. Now tell me why have they not the dye? No truth has the Jew. The Christian can be the Jew and the nations. But in Judaism the Jew cannot and will not. I have witnessed the persecution of the goy. The Jews are awful to the gentile. Which Jew in modern Judaism is recognizably wearing the skirt? When the skirt has not the true dye. I haven’t met any Jews letting people get in by their skirt but the contrary they punch you in the face and demand you get your own skirt. Jesus Christ let people go to God by HIS skirt. In this verse it completely explains that they will go with the way they are and come. But you seem to think its the Jew and only Jew that goes with. The Torah was given to the Hebrews. Moses was Hebrew and uncircumcised. You quote the scriptures prior to Deut. 31-32. you hold that blue strand out to the four directions that is a cross the tav the mark on the head of those whom cry for the abominations of the temple. The cross. This is blue the colour of the throne of God. Jesus said to pick up your cross and follow me. Now…. why would you condemn a Christian when they see the lamb before the sacrifice? This is the essence of God in all the scripture and make up of Torah. The shofar (Rams horn) The tzit tzit (wool) The Torah (sheep skin) The atonement (sheep) The blood of lamb on door post and Mezuzah (lambs blood) The passover meal. (lamb shank). The body and blood is missing from the lamb that became a Torah scroll by the hands of man. It was a the priest that was to inherit the skins. Now tell me how many Torahs.. have been made by priests. You said tattooing is forbidden but man tans a dead carcase of a sheep and dresses it up in wood silver gold and a skirt fringe a crown and kiss it on shabbat with forging God’s name to a dead animal. And tfillen out of a “beast of a field” and bound on the head like a little horn and the hand. While you look for the mark of the beast. and Snail and cuddle fish are unclean animals on your tzit tzit. Now which part is the Jews having the truth. Which Jews are the ones doing commands? You like to talk about Paul… when you make fun of him about his teaching of Jesus Christ but on the contrary we do what man says when we pray and follow what Moshe said. Romans 6:15 The problem with keeping the commands is that you already know you can’t. There is not the tools to. No ark! no dye! no temple! no tablets! no mercy seat! no brazen sea! no sacred objects! If you pollute one law you pollute all law. If you have lost the dye you have lost the command of all commands. Jeremiah 31:30-33 This scripture tells you about “The new covenant” “not” like your fathers That God took them from Egypt… you do not understand it says in those days during Jeremiahs days he lived God had not done this yet. It is not like Duet chapter 30. When you say duet is prophesies Jeremiahs confirmation that it has not yet happened. Nether the less. This is a NEW covenant. The end times. When did the temple system end. The laws at the mount…. is a tablet made of stone. Where does it say it will be now a flesh of a sheep? Did you not read about the lamb that was slain in Revelations? Stone to flesh. But the problem is this proves that when Moshe died… he said that the scroll he had placed in the side the ark would bare witness AGAINST YOU. Now are you telling me Moshe lied? you can now worship a dead carcase and kiss it on shabbat wear dead snail excretions on tzit tzit and wear dead ox on your forehead? Where is this new covenant written? How did David back this? Jeremiah 33 tells you without both covenants there is not day. No Christian believes you have to reach perfection of the Righteousness of God. When you teach that wearing tzit tzit is righteous. Then you smear unclean animals around on it against the law of Moses. then you defile yourself and are not seen as righteous. Every man born of a matrix. Is born in a curse of sin. None alive is good. But that does not mean we cannot do acts of good. Can you take a holy article and touch it to something defiled and make it good? No it becomes defiled. Because you can’t make something Holy with something defiled. Moshe alone went on the mount. The others were not allowed. observing Torah is realizing it takes a sacrifice of a life to make a Torah scroll. Then is when you shall be observant. This is a Jewish perspective.

  21. Annelise says

    I think I was a little off from truth in my comment to Daniel Lewis above. What Rabbi Eli seems to’ve been saying about Romans 10 is not that Paul didn’t believe that keeping the Torah was important. Merely that he took a verse about the fact that *keeping the commandments* is not too hard or too far away, and changed it into an idea about faith in Yeshua/Jesus being as simple as what is believed in the heart and said with the mouth. Whatever Paul believed about the mitzvot, in this instance he took the image in Deut 30 right out of its context to illustrate an idea that isn’t supported by the original text, and is contrary (in this aspect of Paul’s emphasis) to it.

    And when Jono mentioned the ‘end of the law’, I noticed that he wasn’t speaking of it as an abolition at all… of course it is a claim that Yeshua is the fulfilment (in whatever sense) of Torah… but I think the verse was being used to make a different point. Someone let me know if I still haven’t heard correctly 🙂

  22. מי כאל says

    The Book of Enoch
    104.10 And now I know this mystery; that many sinners will alter and distort the words of truth, and speak evil words, and lie, and concoct great fabrications, and write books in their own words.
    104.11 But when they write my words exactly in their languages, and do not alter or omit anything from my words, but write everything exactly, everything that I testified about before; then I know another mystery:
    104.12 That books will be given to the righteous and wise and will be a source of joy and truth and much wisdom.
    104.13 And books will be given to them, and they will believe in them and rejoice over them; and all the righteous who have learnt from them all the ways of truth will be glad.
    105.1 And in those days, says YHVH, they shall call and testify to the sons of the Earth about the wisdom in them. Show it to them for you are their leaders and the rewards will be over all the Earth.
    105.2 For my son and I will join ourselves with them, forever, in the paths of uprightness during their lives.
    And you will have peace.
    Rejoice – you sons of uprightness!

  23. מי כאל says

    Jesus Translates to Hail Zeus?

    If that is true, does this mean that people are praying and asking another/false god into their lives and for salvation?…Wouldn’t this specifically go against the commandment to “have no other gods before me”?

    Where did the name Jesus originate from and what does it mean? It is a well-known fact that the Greeks worshiped the Greek god Zeus. Some say that when the Scripture was being translating from Hebrew to Greek, they translated the name of Yeshua or Y’shua (Salvation) to Iesous (Hail Zeus). Later when translating Greek to Latin, Iesous became Jesus (Hey-Zeus). After which ignorant English-speaking people who did not realize the Latin “J” had an “H” sound began to pronounce the name Jesus (Hey-Zeus) as Jesus (Gee-Zeus). Again if they had actually translated the Latin to English every Christian would be praying to Jesse. “It is known that the Greek name endings with sus, seus, and sous [which are phonetic pronunciations for the chief Greek god of Olympus] were attached by the Greeks to names and geographical areas as means to give honour to their supreme deity, Zeus.” (Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend, Professor J. C. J. Metford) It is no wonder that Dionysus means the Son of Zeus, Ephesus means daughter of Zeus, Tarsus means Sweat of Zeus and so on. The fact is the Greeks were no different than any other culture of ancient times that based their society on religion. Read the Scripture in Hebrew and you will find that well over half of the names of people and places in Scripture have incorporated the abbreviated name (Yah) or abbreviated title (El) of our Heavenly Father in the names of the people and places. Why would anybody in the right mind even want to take a chance on praying to Zeus? If we know what the real name of the Messiah is then why not use it? The real name of the Messiah is Yeshua or Y’shua (Aramaic Strongs #3443) and (Hebrew Strongs #3442) not to mention the true original form Yehoshua (meaning “Yehovah is my Salvation” or “Yehovah Rescues”); and when not used as a name (Hebrew Strongs #3444). You will see that the Messiah’s name in Aramaic and Hebrew means Salvation. Salvation in Greek is Soter (Greek Strongs #4990), Soteria (Greek Strongs #4991), and Soterion (Greek Strongs #4992). All of which are a far cry from Iesous. Anyone who has done any real study can see that many of the pagan deities are the same deity which have in many cases either evolved throughout time or just have different names in different cultures. One interesting fact is that many languages do not have vowels such as Aramaic and Hebrew. When translating to other languages you add vowels to give them their proper sound. The Egyptian trinity consist of a deity by the name of Isis but the real spelling only consist of the letters ISS. When you remove the vowels from Iesous you also end up with ISS (Isis), another pagan deity.

    I just wonder if this is all a “translation error” in our bibles or have we deliberately been lie to as to not follow the one true God. YHVH Yehovah!

  24. Yechiel says

    The Greeks culture supplimented much of the near east. With this, many names came into use among the people of the conquered nations. One was “yasus”, which is an Aramaic/Greek word. Ya = L-rd, sus or zus = gift, or the name of the supream Greek god. So you hae “lord of gifts, or lord is zus.
    For the Jews, for the most part, it mattered little, as the sus/zus part was left at gift.

  25. Will says

    Wow! Well Jono, you have done it again. Thank you for a forum to measure out the weighty matters of His Word. When the dust settles (trial by fire) we will see who’s stature and maturity remains by keeping His Laws. Sanctification is the desired goal for us through the highest degree of love. Psalm 19 Love it! ….and with JOY you shall draw water out of the well of salvation….

  26. David says

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts Rabbi I appreciate it greatly. And of course to Jono for making it all possible. Good stuff keep it up.

  27. Kelvin (a.k.a. RECON) says

    It is ironic how whenever you share the TRUE WORD OF YEHOVAH (The only true Scriptures, the Tanack or Old Testament) everyone’s foundation are shaken and people resort to all kinds of interpretation/gymnastics with MAN’s opinions/interpretations/ideology/doctrine and they think they know better than everyone else and try to fit in an absurd agenda of another God/Deity/Savior/Redeemer/Forgiver of sin other than the ONLY GOD OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE YEHOVAH (YHVH) Stick to the Tanack and you will see that what Rabbi Eli Cohen is saying is as PER THE TANACK and not TALMUD/APOSTOLIC WRITTINGS/KABALA etc. Can you truly do this with any other scriptures??? And never ever find a contradiction/discrepancy when compare to 4,000 YEARS of historical/archeological/factual evidence of the TANACK/OLD TESTAMENT??? I BET YOU $1,000.00 (Monopoly money 🙂 as I am broker than the 10 commandments) you won’t! I love you all.

  28. Linda says

    Thank you Jono for bringing these very informative segments concerning the Jewish perspective. The one basic thing I agree heavily with the rabbi on is the fact that unless one who goes out to mission is willing to openly look at his own beliefs to seek the truth in them, then one ought not be a missionary. This goes for both Jew & Christian.

    A point I would like to bring to the table is from a book I have been reading as of late called ‘The Epistle to the Romans’ by Karl Barth. Quite informative is Barth as he brings one very critical point to the table in regards to Paul’s works, especially that of the Romans which this particular book of Barth’s espounds upon and that is this.

    One can not understand Romans chapter one without chapter 3, chapter 4 without chapter 6, chapter 9 without chpaters 7, 8, 10-12, ect. In other words, to be able to gleam a firm understanding from Paul’s difficult epistles, each epistle must be read as a whole, from beginning to end lest one take a part of one of Paul’s epitsles out of context and make new doctrine.

    Of course we know this is what Christendom has done and so it would seem that this rabbi is simply following the same misguided attempt to uphold his doctrine rather than speak in support of his anti-missionary statement.

    One thing is for certain, YHVH chose a nation, a people and called them Israel after the head of that nation (Gen 32:24-32; Is 49:1-6). When Israel once again became a nation in 1948, yes in the eyes of earthly men, it was a state for the refuge of the Jewish people but in YHVH’s eyes it is His land for His people Israel who are not just Jews (Judah) but a land for all the tribes who had been dispersed and any who would attach themselves to the people of the covenant (The story of Caleb & Ruth). A land for all people who call upon His Name and wish to return and follow His covenant(Is 56 & 58; Ecc 12:13). So it would seem to me that as long as there remains labels such as Jew, Christian, gentile, etc, there can never be a reconciliation because the labels are what keeps Elohim’s people divided and from knowing their true identity and inheritance.(Dt 33:4; Mt 23:1-3; Eph 2:11-22)

    It is my prayer that one day weall, as children of Elohim, would be able to drop the labels and just speak His Word as children of Elohim, one to another, without the hinderance of the labels we have inherited from our fathers.

  29. Stacy Chapman says

    I SO MUCH agree with Linda!
    I want to thank all of you for the comments and I keep you all in my prayers.
    I also want to say that in my several years of studying the Hebrew Roots I have found that the only time that the New Testament contradicts the Torah is when it is not correctly understood! And much to my surprise the Jews wrongly interpret it as often as the Christians do.
    Come on people it is a continuation and in complete agreement when you understand it! Lets all get rid of our religion and get on the same page as one Bride!

    Thank you Jono for all that you do!

  30. Angel says

    Jono – thank you for such a great program. I was actually surprised with how much I agreed with what Rabbi Cohen taught. After many years of bending over backwards trying to explain what Paul “really” meant in all of his letters and trying to balance both the “saved by grace” and “keeping the commandments” teachings – I finally decided to put Paul aside (not an easy thing to do). When that step was finally taken – most of what is left – Yeshua and His Apostles – flow quite lovely with the rest of scripture.

  31. Ken Alder says

    I agree with Linda and Stacy! Lets drop the labels and just get into the WORD.

    Personally I think this whole debate could fall by the wayside if we simply understood the terms of the NEW Covenant are recorded for us in the Book of Deuteronomy! Its not a ‘Re-Newed’ Covenant but rather a wholly NEW Covenant. The old covenant of Mt. Sinai was terminated via divorcement in Numbers 14, the Israelites spent 40 years without a marriage covenant in the wilderness and then via THE NEW COVENANT recorded in Deuteronomy they eventually crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land under the leadership of Yehoshua (Joshua). If we read everything in our bibles from Deuteronomy forward, including the writings of the Apostles, especially Sha’ul, with this as our guide we would have a much better understanding of whats been written. The point being that the Torah is to be ‘observed’ in the land. For us today seeking to be the Bride of Messiah we are to ‘agree’ to the terms of the covenant which we will ‘keep’ once our Bridegroom brings us into His Promised Land. Lets show our Bridegroom our ‘heart’ today by following those commands which we can keep now, doing so will assure Him of our commitment to keep ALL of the COMMANDS once He takes us as HIS WIFE. If anyone would like to read further on this theme you can do so by following this Facebook article I’ve written titled ‘The Hebrew Love Story’ at this link; http://www.facebook.com/notes/ken-alder/the-hebrew-love-story/373736032711170 Shalom everyone!

  32. Gavriel says

    Straight off the cuff, christianity (Sun-day keeping / worshiping) is a man made religion just as Orthodox Judaism is. Both are the works of men whom reject the Truth as handed down to man via HaSinai, and both use either man made rhetoric written or oral to justify their positions but, neither can be substantiated either in the Tanakh or the Brit Chadashah erroneously called the new testament.
    The Truth is what was taught by Moshe and upheld by Yehoshua (Yeshua) ben David, and that is to keep the covenant as handed down to man at HaSinai. Nothing ever replaced it, no one ever gave permission for Rabbi’s to come up with rules and regulations on how to determine or understand it, in otherwords Yah did not make it difficult for man and the yoke is not heavy but, the yoke of the Pharisees as in Yeshua’s day as is today and that of chrisitianity is heavy and burdensome, adds too and diminishes from the Word / Torah or Elohim. Simply put both follow the doctrine of men. Yeshua was an obedient son whom came to do the will of His father and not the other way around as christianity would have us believe. The word used in MattitiYahu that has been translated fulfill is Pleroo in Greek and means to teach fully and in context, which is what Yeshua came to do. Uphold His Fathers Teachings (Torah) and teach them – My mother and my brothers are those whom Hear (Shimah) and Do (Asah) the Word (Torah) of Elohim.
    Orthodox Judaism twists Torah way out of context to try and teach people they have the authority to determine what Torah is saying – Rubbish! No man has authority to override the instructions / teachings that are clearly for each individual to search and become learned.
    Jono what is the point of having segments like this, it may confuse people and if you’re trying to give people a perspective from all angles then it may just be detrimental to some whom are very gullible or should i say naive.
    Shabbat Shalom

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