Ira Michaelson – Treasures from the Tanakh – Job 19:1-29

If all Job’s ten children are dead why does he refer to them as if they are still living in Job 19:17? Also, Is there a hint of a resurrection in the latter part of the chapter?

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  1. Will says

    In Lamentations 2:11 What does the phrase, “….My liver is poured out….” mean?

  2. Krisi says

    Thanks this was a very informative portion! I would like to say that as it states in Isaiah that Yehovah’s feet will land on the Mount I believe it will be through Yeshua’s feet. The reason I state this is because of these 2 passages (which I will state below) we see Yehovah says He will stretch out His hand but we see it’s actually Aaron’s hand who we see physically stretching out the hand. It is because Yehovah is the one who gives the power/authority to whom He chooses and Yehovah is the one who is in fact causing things to happen (though what we see is another person doing Aaron’s arm, Yeshua’s feet).

    Exodus 7:5 And the Egyptians shall know that I am Yehovah, when I stretch forth mine hand upon Egypt, and bring out the children of Israel from among men.

    Exodus 8:17 And they did so; for Aaron stretched out his hand with his rod, and smote the dust of the earth, and it became lice in man…..

  3. jono vandor says

    Krisi, the passage with which you conduct your eisegesis (I-see-Jesus) is not found in Isaiah but Zechariah 14:3-4 where it clearly states that Yehovah’s feet will stand upon the mount.

  4. Krisi says

    Ok, sorry Jono I misspoke on Isaiah (I meant to say Zechariah clearly). Exodus 7:5 clearly stated Yehovah would stretch out His hand among men in Egypt as well. I believe Yehovah did (but it was not visibly seen..the effects were seen but not literally Yehovah’s hands; however, what was seen was Aarons hand that stretched out in Exodus 8:17). There are many more examples; not just this one. I will just list a couple more but they are all throughout. I had been praying about this for some time when Yehovah revealed it to me. For example, Exodus 8:2 (Yehovah will smite with frogs); Exoodus 8:6 Aaron yet again with the power of Yehovah. Exodus 13:17,18 God led them through wilderness; Exodus 14:19 angel of God went before the camp. So was it Aaron or God? God or Aaron? BOTH! The fact of the matter is simply this…the power comes from Yehovah and Yehovah is the one who makes whatever He says happen; however, he uses people (or whatever He chooses) for these things to happen. Therefore, it is correct when it says “Yehovah’s hand stretched, Yehovah’s feet” etc.. but we only see Aaron’s hand, angel of God, etc..because whoever He chooses to work through does it in the name and power of Yehovah! We can’t see Yehovah but we can see His power and glory and sometimes He chooses to show us by allowing others to have certain powers/authority (such as Moses, and yes, Yeshua!). Now, I’ll give some that no one will disagree on that have nothing to do with Yeshua so you can see what I mean. I say if people can agree on this then they can not have any conflict on Yeshua being a “vassel” Yehovah uses for His power/glory.
    It also clearly states Yehovah is our only Savior. (Isaiah 43:3,11,45:15,45:2149:26,etc…). But Yehovah sent Israel Saviors!!! 2 Kings 13:5 And YEHOVAH gave Israel a SAVIOR so that they went out from under the hand of the Syrians. Judges 2:16 Nevertheless the LORD raised up judges, which delivered (H3467-exact same word for Savior) them out of the hand of those that spoiled them. Judges 2:18, 3:15 (raised up “deliver” same Hebrew word for “savior”), on and on. Yehovah delivered His people out of their enemies hands; using Moses, Joshua, the judges, Gideon (Judges 6:36.exact same word And Gideon said unto God, If thou wilt (save3467) Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said), Samson (Judges 13:5 same word translated as deliver)..
    NO ONE will argue that Yehovah is the only Savior (that’s scriptural!); however, NO ONE will also deny that Yehovah “used” these people to get His will accomplished..which included them being “Saviors/deliverers”! Does this contradict? NO because they are both correct! Through the power of Yehovah these people were able to accomplish what Yehovah’s will was..just like Yehovah’s hand; Aaron’s hand; Yehovah’s feet; Yeshua’s feet!!

  5. Krisi says

    I also want to add that even “unbelievers of Yeshua” clearly await Messiah who will “save” Israel from their enemies (be a Savior as the others w ere)..and everyone knows this will be through the power of Yehovah. It’s simply only a disagreement of who this Messiah is. So in Zechariah 12:7 (Yehovah will “save” /exact same Hebrew word used here) doesn’t it seem likely that it is going to be through the means of Messiah (someone like He has done before??) vs. 8 Yehovah will defend…we know Yehovah has defended always through his power but the people fought (as Yoel has said many times). Zech 14:3 (Yehovah will go forth and fight against those nations, AS WHEN HE FOUGHT IN THE DAY OF BATTLE); therefore, its showing it will be as He has done before (through someone)..and this someone IS the person/Messiah Israel is waiting for! The next verse then goes into the “His feet shall stand in Mount of Olives” vs. 9 “Yehovah shall be king over all the earth”…. We know Messiah is to be king right? Annointed one/king… but it says Yehovah..this is because we will be following/obeying Yehovah through the power of Yehovah through the King! Therefore, it is only who is Messiah that is the issue here. I’m not going to type here anymore as I’m really not trying to argue or disagree here and the program was really informative..I only wanted to touch on this issue because I was personally having trouble understanding this at once. After much prayer I now understand and wanted to share with those who would like to hear. Thanks Jono.

  6. Ira Michaelson says

    Actually Krisi it is more than just who the Messiah will be. If, as you say, Yehovah is the only savior, then what is the purpose of Yeshua? Ezekiel 18, Ezekiel 33, Isa 55 and many other scriptures make it clear that repentance is all that is required. There is no requirement for knowing a Messiah, or having a Messiah that sacrifices himself for anyone.

    Not one of the agents of YHVH you mentioned require anyone to follow them, nor did they come to suffer for anyone. They were simply used by God.

    Judaism is not foundationally based upon Messiah. If you strip all of the scriptures that allude to a Messiah, Judaism remains standing. However, if you strip the NT of Messiah, there is nothing left.

  7. Krisi says

    As I’ve said many times Yeshua is the testor of the new covenant which is for the world to come. And through him many have repented (including me). The requirement of the one who comes who has Yehovah in his name is Yeshua and yes we are to listen to him. Yeshua is the way to the Father as Moses was the instituted of the covenant of this world through bulls and goats; Yeshua’s blood is for covenant of world to come and only way to Father therefore is through him (same way one could not partake in “old”/this world covenant without accepting Moses. ) Thanks again Ira. I respect your decision as we all have our own choices to make but I disagree. However, as I said although I disagree with you I respect your decision as one who has seeked for truth vs many who don’t ever seek truth. Though I disagree with you I still learn from your knowledge and appreciate your time!

  8. Krisi says

    Real quick wanted to point out that if you “stripped” Moses out of the equation you wouldn’t have foundation of Judaism either I guess thts how I compare this worlds covenant and the world to come covenant. Thanks again

  9. Ira Michaelson says

    Quite frankly it is a false dichotomy to compare stripping Moshe from scripture to a discussion on Messiah. Moshe is not a picture of Messiah, because the very term is based on the root “to smear.” This is where the concept of anointing comes from. Priests were anointed and Kings were anointed. So, Aaron could be a Messiah.

    I respect your decision as well. I also respect how you came to your own decisions. However, when you continually maintain that Yeshua is the only way for anyone to come to YHVH, this is nothing more than towing the Christian line, which destined anyone who does not agree with you to some type of eternal torment.

  10. Will says

    Consumed by our vanities.

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