Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Torah Pearls on the Prophets – Isaiah 54:1-55:5


Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes. For you shall expand to the right and to the left, and your descendants will inherit the nations, and make the desolate cities inhabited. – Isaiah 54:2-3

Corresponding Torah Portion: Noach – Genesis 6:9-11:32

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  1. Warren B says

    Keith is monopolizing the conversation AGAIN! Enough preaching.

  2. Maureen "Jean" Anderson says

    Thank you for reinforcing the concept that I will not need to produce a pedigree, but can simply COME, SEEK and LOVE the Lord Yehovah of Israel..such freedom and joy in His Torah!

  3. shirley gibson says

    Yehovah’s truth holds you accountable to that truth revealed. When He first revealed the truth to me about the origins of Easter – that truth held me accountable. I then had a choice on whether or not i would obey that truth. When I chose to obey that truth personally – that made those around me uncomfortable and I was attacked for that stand. People say “Don’t judge me or you are not to judge me” But what they are really saying is “Don’t hold me accountable”. Some people don’t want the truth because Yehovah’s TRUTH holds you accountable. It causes you to have to make a decision that requires you to hold yourself accountable to THE ONE TRUE GOD or to walk away from that truth and continue walking on the broad path. Your accountability then causes those around you to see the difference in you and that makes them feel uncomfortable and “judged”. To ease those feelings of “judgment”, they attack and belittle you to make themselves feel better.

    Instead of attacking each other – what we all need to be doing is crying out to Yehovah for eyes to see and ears to hear His truth and hearts that tremble with eagerness to obey His TRUTH. May Yehovah strengthen us to go through this process of stripping away the layers of lies we have inherited to reveal His truth and His truth only. Father – i come into agreement with Keiths’ prayer. Father – strengthen us to continue going forward into your truth – give us eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts that desire to understand and obey YOUR revealed truth. Thank you Yehovah for hearing our prayer Amen

  4. Miriam says

    May Yehovah bless the 3 of you. Not only has my life been changed but I have not heard anyone who showed such loving kindness while giving the truth. I make mention of you Nehemia, Keith & Jono in my prayers.
    It was such a blessing to see you in Israel at the sighting of the New Moon! Then to hear you teach on the internet during Sukkot at that congregation last week. Thanks for sending me the link so I could watch you live.
    Also, I want to thank my brethern here who prayed for me about my back discs; I am almost back to normal.
    I love this program-thank you Jono for all the work you do for us in providing it.

  5. Dan n Heidi says

    Fantastic fun! Poor ol sik jono…gr8 job anyhow! Thank you Keith for your perspective and excitement. And Keith was right, Nehemiah is SHARP in the mornings!! Gr8 stuff boys! Thank u.

  6. Krisi says

    I actually love the fact that Keith, Jono, and Nehemia get together and all speak from different backgrounds. This allows people from all over (with many cultural and religious backgrounds) to come and hear with an open mind seeking truth. And where one person may not get something out of a specific comment, that might be exactly what someone else needed to hear. Yehovah is working with His people right now and we have to know it’s with ALL His people and we all need to work on our lives in different I ask that everyone have a greatful, joyous, and appreciative attitude to all of these great men who have agreed to put differences aside so we may all learn of the TRUTH which is what ultimately matters! It’s VERY hard on some of us who have been in ALOT of bondage and we are going through alot trying to seek the truth and we need to hear from all sides. PLEASE PLEASE be strong and know that you guys are doing Yehovah’s work and DON’T let anyone get you down spiritually. Yehovah will work what He wants in HIS time. May all our eyes be open to what they should be in Yehovah’s time and will. As it says in Proverbs 15:23 “A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth: and a word spoken in DUE SEASON, how good is it!” We may hear and not understand, we may see and not SEE..we have been blinded and made deaf and may our ears and eyes be opened to the truth and when Yehovah allows this to happen in HIS time it WILL happen!! Until then we all work with what Yehovah has given us and that is all different gifts(whether it’s from Hebrew language, background, context, etc.) IF yall were all from the same background you wouldn’t be reaching sooo many people!! Thanks guys..keep it up!

  7. Phillip and Linda says

    Brothers: Please take an hour and listen to your broadcast. Count up the minutes you spent on the Haftorah and the minutes you spent on other topics. We hate to criticize you because you take time out of your busy week to share valuable biblical information with us, but you are disappointing us. We think you will lose many listeners if you continue down this path. Keith, you are preaching to the choir! Let your hour contain some meat! We apologize if we have offended you, but our disappointment is great. It used to be the highlight of our week.

  8. Jeremy says

    Although I might be a day late and a dollar short, that was one fantastic study to listen to, gentlemen! I appreciate the fact that you keep the scriptures within its context and share what our Father, Yehovah, has taught you about Himself and His character! Awesome stuff, brothers!

    Something that struck me, as you were reading Isaiah 55:6-7, Jono, were the following verses, especially verses 8 and 9, which say, “‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,’ declares Yehovah. ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.'” What I was reminded and reassured of is the fact that when Yehovah says something, He isn’t just speaking empty words. He always intends to follow up what He says with action that is, many times, beyond our comprehension. And that’s mind blowing.

    We are in constant need of being reminded that Yehovah will not always do things the way we expect or want Him to because, ultimately, it’s His glory and honor that’s on the line and not ours. The fullness of Israel’s restoration and the nations running to her, because of Yehovah, is such an awesome reality to ponder, yet, as I believe you all alluded to, it is not our privilege to know all the little details of how it’s all going to go down. And, in my humble opinion, that’s where authentic faith comes into play because we actively trust the One who said that He would cause these things to come to past!

    One last thing, I have two sons whom I love beyond what words could ever describe. Keith, when you said that your prayer is that your boys would know Yehovah and have a relationship with Him, that stood out to me because I see how easy it is for young men to stray from the truth of our Father’s word. (I was one of them.) My prayer is very similar and even though my sons are both younger than 3 years old, I still ask Yehovah to bring them to that place in their lives where they desire, above all else, to join themselves to Yehovah (Isaiah 56:3) and become disciples of Yehovah, as the wording in the Hebrew states which Nehemia shared in Isaiah 54:13.

    We serve the Mighty God and YEHOVAH IS HIS NAME!!! Thank you very much, brothers. Yehovah bless you and keep you all! Shalom!

  9. Sombra says

    Nehemia, just got your message via Karaite Korner that you are taking a sabbatical. May your rest restore you and may Yahovah bring you a newer and deeper relationship with Him. And may your persecutors be humbled and see what live you have shown all of us by your service. Shalom, from Canada. (We will miss your teaching!!)

  10. Faith Book says

    My husband & I are now in good company Nehemia…we too are on a Sabbatical…praying, seeking God’s direction while reading/studying HIS WORD and giving HIM all the GLORY…for the GOOD, the BAD and the in-between. Our God is the LORD of ALL, even when WE don’t understand the WHY’s. Our desire is to stay in HIS will, despite the circumstance…. God’s LOVE is big enough to triumph over betrayal…even the betrayal of our very heart. If their were a Messianic Congregation in our area, we would become part of it… our Messiah is Jewish…and our desire is to follow His example. He was a Sabbath Keeper and we desire to be the same….He kept the Law of his His Father…and we desire to keep the 10 Commandments, not forsaking the only Commandment that begins with “REMEMBER”…please pray for us as we will pray
    for you.

  11. Marie says

    Dear Jono, Keith & Nehemia,

    I discovered Torah Pearls this year and have been greatly blessed by the teaching provided through Truth2U. What has made it exciting, new and refreshing for me has been the insights that Nehemia has brought to Scripture as a Karaite Jew . His passion for the Torah and his love for YHVH is a powerful testimony of his deep faith in YHVH.

    I have also been blessed by the unity, humour and brotherly love that comes through each programme and I, like many others worldwide, will continue to pray for Nehemia that the name of YHVH will continue to be his strong tower, his strength, his refuge and his joy.

    Thank you Jono, Keith and Nehemia.

    Much love and shalom

  12. Margie says

    Faith Book. We have the same problem here in Northern Indiana and so have found people who have the same desire to Love God with all their hearts to share Sabbath evening with. It’s the joy of my week. Resting with Gods family and learning His Word 🙂

  13. Jeff Edson says

    In my opinion the time would be better served if Nehemiah was allowed to share more of his insight and knowledge of the texts and Keith stopped monopolizing the conversation. Nehemiah’s wealth of textual knowledge and insight could be a tremendous blessing to your listeners if he was allowed time to share it. Many are starving for instruction as are my wife and I, and are looking for qualified teachers and scholars that can provide it. We believe Nehemiah fits both these categories and should be featured more in those capacities. You do have other guests on your programs that are knowledgeable and insightful and we are grateful for what we have learned from them. Thank you for providing this medium for those who are seeking the Most High.

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