Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Torah Pearls on the Prophets – Isaiah 42:1-43:11


“You are My witnesses,” says Yehovah, “And My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no god formed, nor shall there be after Me. I, even I, am Yehovah, and besides Me there is no savior.” – Isaiah 43:10-11

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  1. Susan Loats says

    I would like the show to be longer. I could listen to your truth all day long. Thank you so much for this show.

    Do you have all the past Torah Pearls and all of the future Torah pearls on the Prophets put on a cd for those who travel around and my not have internet? My husband and I are selling everything next month and traveling the US telling everyone who will listen about the Hebrew Roots of the faith and living the life of Yeshua. It would be great to have all of your teachings on CD to listen to while on the road.

    You are an amazing blessing to us. Shalom to all of you.


  2. Tara says

    Oh wouldn’t it be nice if we had Keith doing something on the new testament to soften the blow of this rabbit hole I fell down when I stumbled across this site. I feel like I am starting all over again with faith. I’m sure Jono understands….this is my first year detoxing from my Christian upbringing. I am loving this new series. Thank you Jono Nehemia and Keith.

  3. Krisi says

    Hi! This was wonderful! I am sooo thrilled you guys are doing this! I have a question though..can Nehemiah please explain from a Jewish perspective what the Messiah is expected to do? I come from a Christian perspective so I’m trying to understand what exactly the role is of the Messiah to the “unbelieving” Jews. I just honestly have no concept from that point of view and would love to know. Thanks so much! I love hearing all these views I also have a question on the witnesses. In the New Testament is speaks of 2 witnesses being sent and I know it is believed by others Elijah is to come back first. Can you also explain this? Do you think the witnesses are his people before the restitution? And if anyone else knows these answers please feel free to answer me 🙂 thanks again.

  4. Yvonne says

    Great to hear the haftarah but in gaining an understanding of Scripture, I found it very helpful to use a Hebrew method of interpretation called PaRDeS; Parshat – literal, Remez – hint/symbolic, Drash – midrash & Sod – hidden/prophetic level(s). I’m surprised Jono, Keith and Nehemia that you never talk about this rather than using a lot of energy trying to explain how to look at Scriptures hebraically. I found this tool (PARDES) removes much of the complcations. Could you comment,please? Just it might be useful method to escape the dogma/traditional way of viewing the text, for those from a Christian background.


  5. Guy says

    When we begin to put YHVH first”
    This is when our eyes begin to open”

    I am praying for this day”



  6. Sandrew says

    Wonderful guys and waiting to hear from you next week ….. it has always been a blessing …… Sabbath Shalom and Baruk Atah Yehovah hu ha Elohim…..

  7. Jé (pronounced "Jay") says

    As always, this was awesome! Thank you to you three for your study and discussion on Scripture. But why does this just have to be just an hour long? You guys are skipping stuff and limiting what you would say. At least go two hours, please!

    Yehovah bless!

  8. Jeanette says

    Thank you so much for this teaching… It was a few years ago that these verses in Isaiah helped me to understand who the real Servant was and it has opened my eyes to see who “the Lord” really was – the only ONE, and the ONLY Savior, NO other god but THE ONE: Yehovah!!!! I feel like Nehemia- wanting to shout it out: HalleluYa! May you all be blessed…Shavua tov!

  9. Teri says


  10. Miriam says

    What a fantastic first Prophet Pearls program! My eyes are opened every week by both the Torah and now the Prophets because of your discussions.
    Please pray for me as I have thrown out my back this week with great pain and had to be taken to the emergency room. I am sort of housebound until I get some relief. In this program there was discussion about childbirth pains which I remembered vividly this week because of my back pain and the similarity of each.
    Thank you so much for all your efforts; I am always so blessed by this web site.

  11. jono vandor says

    Miriam, sorry to hear that you have thrown your back out 🙁 I pray Yah restores you quickly and blesses you for the encouragement you give us!

  12. Jimmy Fink says

    Plesae help me understand the passage in Romans 9 that makes me believe that all that accept Yeshuah are Israel and any that have not accepted are not a part of Israel. Sorry to raise such a contravestial idea.

  13. Linda says

    I have enjoyed y’alls teachings and have gleaned much from them, and am so thrilled you are now doing the prophets. I do have a question …… In Chapter 43, vs 3 and 4 it talks about Egypt being the ransom and about Father giving other men in your place and peoples in exchange for you life. Is the exchange of the wicked for the righteous a Jewish concept? I also refer to Proverbs 11:8 and 21:18 which uses the same Hebrew word for ransom. Please continue your good work as we continue to lift you in prayer

  14. Robert Howard says

    awesome work guys! limiting yourselves to 61 min just doesn’t seem to work. Maybe 61 minutes each would work better. But either way יהוה is blessing us by keeping the 3 of you together in His Word. Thank you for your work!

  15. Kelvin (a.k.a. RECON) says

    Wow, this was an outstanding teaching, I love it! No Doctrine/No Theology/ No Agenda. You would be amazed how BIAS is the Christian Bible (I was a Christian) I have many versions of the bible in english/spanish and if it is christian, you better believe it is BIAS!!! I am tired of being deceived; so I am trying to learn Hebrew and I got a JPS and The Scriptures (english version) and it is amazing how if you put aside your believes and just read the text as it is written, you will figure out that the servant was and is ISRAEL! not Jesus…. (Yeshayahu 42)

  16. Krisi says

    Jimmy, I think this will answer your question. I am still praying and learning but I think I’m getting on the right track. I have been praying and studying alot concerning the aspect of Yeshua’s role and how in some verses it says His feet will touch down vs. others that say it’s Yehovah’s; how it says Yeshua is the Savior and in others it says Yehovah is only Savior. Just as Moses was the “savior” leading Israel out of Egypt it was always by Yehovah’s authority and power given to Moses. With Moses went many who were not “Israelites” by blood..but were a mixed multitude which followed “Moses” commands which were actually Yehovah’s commands. In other words, Yehovah is the Savior but Moses was the “instrument” Yehovah used at that time..just as Samson was to “save his people” in Judges 13:5 (mine states deliver but in hebrew it’s the exact same word for the angel also stated to Mary in reference to Yeshua). Also, Yehovah says He will be the one stretching forth His hand on Egypt in Exodus 7:4 but in fact we see it was Aaron who did this in verse 9 (so here Aaron was the “instrument” used by Yehovah). So in order to be “adopted” into Yehovah you are to follow whatever “instrument” He uses to represent Himself..which is what His son Yeshua has been chosen to do. This is how Yehovah says His feet will touch down as He uses His “instrument” of Yeshua’s feet. Hope this makes sense and helps.

  17. Krisi says

    I wanted to add a couple other things that just came to my mind. It’s interesting I used the word instrument to describe it because I then realized as you blow into an instrument YOU are in control of that instrument you are the one playing it…but it is in fact the instrument that is making the noise. Also, I wanted to say that when the people tried to raise up against Moses authority it was as if they were being rebellious to Yehovah; and so those who will not submit to Yeshua the Messiah it will be as if they are being rebellious to Yehovah. But Yehovah knows what He is doing..I believe when the truth is completely out many eyes will be opened…however, we have to be led out of “Egypt” first. 🙂

  18. Maureen says

    I like most hearing from Nehemiah, because we already know the christian perception of the Word…..I for one would like to know exactly what it says in Hebrew…what the culture was…..and that helps to put it into context. I want to adhere to the Torah….not traditions or idea’s. It is so hard to find any source for Torah learning that doesn’t have traditions of men or mens idea’s. I think that from Nehemiah’s background and being a Karite that this is the best place to learn, since he also wants only to go by our Father’s Word alone. 🙂 Thank you

  19. YoAv ben Porey says

    Shalom Jono & Shabbat Shalom,

    I’ve downloaded all the Torah Pearls & Haftarah Pearls and listen to them on Shabbat. With MS Media Player, the studies loop over & over. It was always a Shabbat gathering with you, Nehemia & Keith. The conversing external to the study, made them all the more personable – but now they date them.

    Even with Nehemia in China, perhaps you 3 can once again hook-up. It is a sweet time, to share Shabbat with you.

    Blessings to each of you!!

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