Yoel ben Shlomo – Light of the Prophets – Judges 20:1-20:48

Although Israel inquire of God and indeed receive His council thousands died in battle. Even when He specifically grants them victory there were still fatalities. Why is there no guarantee of their safety? Also, why doesn’t the math add up in Judges chapter 20?

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  1. Chrisso says

    Amazing the tangle of lives in these narratives…!!! Love your work…!


  2. Rick Winkler says

    Do you think that perhaps God when He inspired these words messed with the math to see who was paying attention? Hmmmm. Maybe not. 😉

  3. Rob Lotz says

    I believe I heard you two mention idolatry and adultery. In their purest essence, when you examine them side by side, isn’t idolatry and adultery the same thing?

    Thank you for providing an outlet for Father’s word.

  4. Janice says

    What I find interesting is that there is no mention of the people questioning the Levite’s act of mutilating his concubine’s body. They didn’t even question his telling of what happened in Gibeah. They should of realized that what he did was not written in Torah do in this situation of rape/murder. Could this be because the people forgot Torah? Maybe the Levite knew this and then did what he did to coverup what he did to his concubine? Looks like manipulation played a huge factor in this event.
    This was another great episode. Thank you again Yoel and Jono for these teachings. You make me put on my thinking cap.

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