Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Ha’Azinu – Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52

After loosing the greatest Torah Pearls episode of all time into the vortex of cyberspace (except for the scratchy first 10 minutes), Nehemia, Keith & Jono regroup to record a tribute episode for the listeners about the Song of Moses!

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  1. Liz Huebsch in South Africa says

    Hi Guys.
    I so enjoy listening to your Pearls, they are wonderful and very helpful.
    I’m being blessed listening to-day as it is Yom Kippur .
    May Yahweh continue to bless you and your families.

  2. Dixie Hall says

    Fabulous…thanks to all for helping us in our search for the truth in YHVH Word…so encouraging…so full of LIFE!!!! Appreciate your honesty and your study.

  3. Deb Hanks says

    This comment is in reference to Christians and Jews being able to worship together. It saddens me that the Muslims have two sects which disagree so much that they kill each other all during the year, but on their HIgh Holy Day, they manage to put aside their differences to come together and worship a god that isn’t even a god, yet we have the real God as our God, and cannot seem to get along enough to come together long enough to worship Him! What a sad statement that must make to the world! No wonder we cannot witness to them! I think that Nehemia and Keith should be looked to as an example to the community of YHVH worshipers that we do not have to agree on every point to be able to get along and learn from each other! I believe that He is going to do a work in people that are willing to come together as ONE MAN in these last days and those that want to continue to cause division and strife will remain outside of what He is going to do in the world in the last days.

  4. Steven says

    Umm…instead of installment 4 being about Romans, hows about Treasures from the New Testament!

    I think it would be fabulous and enlightening to get all three views. Just say in’. 😉

  5. jenny says

    thank you much jono for these broadcasts! im from the Philippines and currently working in Singapore and i am truly amazed and thankful that YHVH has opened my eyes to go back to His ways and leave the Catholic faith. i downloaded the torah pearls and i truly appreciate that you provide them for free. please keep this up. i enjoy listening to the three of you and I praise YHVH that He is using all of you to broadcast His torah to the world. Praise YHVH and May He bless you all and keep you all under His guidance, sustenance and protection. Praise YHVH!

  6. John Wickes says

    MOZAMBIQUE is with you as well!

  7. Darren Chan says

    Jono, we seriously need a program with Nehemia translating the New Testament writings in context relating to the Tanakh for us “believers”.

    It would be fascinating to listen to Nehemia analyze the book of Romans in its proper perspective as a “non-believing” Jew.

  8. Jackie Urbanek says

    My husband and I listen to your broadcast each week, and it is the highlight of our Shabbat! Nehemia I am moved to tears by your excitement about what the Word says….oh that we would all be so excited about the word alone!! Jono I appreciate your work in bringing these broadcasts to us, and also your moderation. Keith I love that you are also holding us all to the Word and the Word alone! I am really hoping that you three go on and do the Haf Torah portions in the coming year….Please please, please!!
    Nehemia and Keith, we were praying for you as you went to sight the new moon just this month. We were moved to tears when we saw the video and heard your account, not only of the lost keys that were found, but of the young soldier and the witness he brought that if Israel was really following scripture, they would have been observing Yom Teruah on the next day as well! Thank you, all three of you, for being the blessing to us in your sharing of the Word of Yehovah!
    Nehemia, we have read your most recent book, and WOW! Thank you!!
    Jono, we also listen to your other broadcasts, all through our computers and thank you!
    May you all be blessed, as you have been blessing,


  9. Krisi says

    Oh wow are you guys really thinking of doing portions from the New Testament?? I would REALLY REALLY LOVE that! I do definately want the prophets too though! But having you guys make the connection between the 2 testaments is wonderful! Thank you all so much.

    Also, Jono can you make a tab up top (like you have for Torah Pearls) for the other portions that are being spoken about (Joshua, Judges, Job, etc..)..maybe Prophets, Writings,? I think that would really help!

    You guys really make me laugh! I love it!

  10. Devorah says

    I keep wanting to hit the “like” button! LOL So do you guys really have the “list” of 22 most important verses? BC throughout the year we’ve heard you guys emphasize particular verses and I’d love a list of those, can you post them on FB or on here? Thanks. Its been a wonderful year with one of the best years in my memory of studying torah. Thank you all three of you, for giving all of us special insights into the life’s manual and showing us torah pearls! YHVH bless you all

  11. kathrin Rothlisberger says

    Thank you for all we have the opportunity to hear. I have never heard someone who is so enthusiastic about Scripture as you three are. What a refreshing listening. I have just a question, Where on earth comes the idea from that we go to heaven, when throughout the Scripture there is no evidence. I looked and have not found any. Or that we need “Saints” who interceed for us. Thank you! And I’m looking forward to listen when you go through the Prophets. (And I’m glad you stay together)

  12. Aron Brackeen says

    Regarding Deuteronomy 32:21, the commentary by Saul to the beloved of Elohim Avinu residing in Rome offers the advantage to understanding that provoking by Yehovah upon the continuous disobedience of the nation of Israel. Read about it in Romans 10:19-21 and 1:11; both chapters shed light on the meaning of this week’s Ha’Azinu. Shabbat Shalom.

  13. Trent says

    Great works and understanding are coming from T2U. Thankyou for sharing your hard earnt knowledge and rest in the fact that it is making a difference.
    In relation to Keiths comment on AQ, i find this may also back up that assumption.
    Please remove in inappropriate.

  14. Kat says

    Why don’t you sell your new book on iBooks?

  15. Bert says

    You guys are a true blessing. I pray that Nehemia gets back in the saddle. Ya be with you all.

    Please take this no other way but to maintain accuracy. The JW’s website states: “While many scholars prefer the spelling “Yahweh,” Jehovah is the form of the name that is most widely recognized.” and ” . . . the divine name appears as four consonants, יהוה. Those four Hebrew characters—transliterated YHWH—are known as the Tetragrammaton.”

  16. Valli says

    No more singing, Nehemia! LOL (Yes, I am unanimous in that.) Thank you for sharing all of this information. How exciting!

  17. Ron Barnes says

    listening in 2014

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