Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Vayeilech – Deuteronomy 31:1-31:30

Does Truth2U assist the Christian faith by promoting it’s idolatry over Torah observance? What is “dual causality”? What does it mean to be “strong and courageous”? We are to gather and listen to the Torah read every seven years, but is it our job to go out and convert people? Do we believe in the “living words of God”, and what of Proverbs 8 and John 1, does the Torah ever take on human form? All this and more in this week’s Torah Pearls!

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  1. FrankfromBerlin says

    G’Day Ya´ll!
    Ain´t it so, that you can only have Faith when it is challenged and do not these challenges draw us closer to YeHoVaH, seeking his face to find out, if things are the way we were taught? Pray about it brethren. This programm is the one example of common ground: TORAH.
    Yah´blessings from Berlin!

  2. Susan Loats says

    Thank you all three of you for sharing your thoughts comments over the year. I have never heard such sound teaching on Unity in the Truth as I have heard here. Patience with others as they come to the Truth is what is needed and not grandstanding or proping up personal belief systems. I have learned a great deal from your insightful converstations.

    Shalom to you all! ~ Susan

    update to last post – My husband and I are leaving the Christian ministry that we have been working for here in Texas and are going back home to Colorado. Looking forward to where this next journey takes us. Thank you to you all for your encouragement.

  3. Torah observent, Spirit filled, Anglicans says

    woooow!!! Preach it Brother Nehemiah.

    I went to a prayer meeting Tuesday 18th Sept morning and the word of the Lord was perseverance, persistence, tenacity…don’t give up! don’t give up! don’t give up! Computer problems or not my brother, don’t give up!

    perhaps the mic was too loud?
    ps watching you and Keith on youtube at new years was amazing, thank you both so much
    Jono – you are such a blessing…thank you so much for what you are doing.

  4. William Dalmas says

    Thanks to all of you for hammering out the framework of the Seventh Day. You really are making a diiference. Please put this volume of studies on CDs for purchase.May you all be blessed in the gates of your deeds.

  5. Beau B says

    I know that these are pre-recorded, but I hope that you discuss the difference between the Song of Moses in Exodus 15 and what is called the Song of Moses in Deuteronomy 32. Whose song is that one anyway?
    Thank you for the insights that you all have shared.

  6. Ed says

    hey all such a blessings hearing this program and the pearls are so refreshing that makes u wanne study, search, hear, learn and do the Torah. Shalom shalom from Singapore!

  7. Tinah Brown says

    Blessings from Cologne Germany! I LOVED todays program. This will go down as one of my favorite programs to date. The common ground of Torah, Y’hovah’s Living Word, was fantastic to witness today. My husband and I listen to your program a lot and since we are 2 English speakers in Germany we don’t go to a congregation, so you are our congregation. Thanks for the awesome teaching you put forth. You all enriched our Shabbat. Looking forward to meeting you all in Israel! This will be my first trip there and I just can’t wait. We are shofar blowers so we plain on bringing them along. Shabbat Shalom!!!

  8. Teri says

    Hello Thank you all for taking the time every week to bring in torah pearls, it’s a choice that all of you make even when you don’t always agree in everything, but before the ending of the program you all remain friends and that’s whats so amazing to me, Thank you again Teri from Goshen, Ca.

  9. Laurie Jo says

    My religious up-bringing was a lot like Keith’s. My first memory of being guided by my parents in religion was at the age of 8, when my parents dressed us up and took us to church on Ea_ter. My personal experience began much earlier at age 4 when I prayed that my life would be spared as the family was in a vehicle driven by a drunk uncle and I was afraid we would all die. I do not have to tell you that my prayers were heard! At age 5, I dressed my 3 year old sister and took her across the street to a church bright and early on Day 1, while my mother slept. We even took communion! I wonder what those people thought of two little orphan looking children showing up for church. LOL
    As to my understanding, and I would have to say, my spirit lead understanding (at this point), where we see the words, “The word became flesh and dwelt among us.” I will say that “The Torah written by Moses and inspired by YHWH, completely complimented the flesh of a certain Jew, Yahushua, and the word (Torah) and Yahushua, so that, YHWH through His word, tabernacled among us. Yahushua leads me by his lifestyle then, how I should live today to please our Elohim. Whenever I have a question, I look to see what he did, and the Torah solidifies his (Yahushua’s) works for me. I consider Yahushua to be my “Brother.” Only YHWH is my Father. Only YHWH is my Elohim! Only YHWH is my Savior, although He does use people to act on His bejhalf, like He did with His beloved, Yahushua. Even Yahushua’s name proclaims that YHWH is salvation.
    The word “became” can be understood this way… that the Spirit of Elohim, through His Torah, put on the flesh of said Jew, Yahushua. This is not the first time we see this happen throughout history as was mentioned in the early part of this Torah Pearls episode.
    As a person who does believe that Yahushua is “the sent one,” The Prophet whom YHWH promised to Mosheh, I would say about him, Yahushua, that he was perfect in his obedience to Torah, and thus our Father in heaven. His life is STILL a perfect example for those who believe that YHWH is Elohim today.
    From my own experience, as small as I am, I can say with strength and confidence, that since I began keeping the commands, I have been given understanding which I could have never obtain had I kept living my old life of UN-willfull, christian church lead disobedience. Since a youth, I have tried my best to keep the commands according to my own understanding. I did this because the church never taught me how to keep the commands, and actually diminish SOME of the commands. Praise our Elohim that I no longer have to do this my way, but through humility, the word has become a living thing in me, at least in part. Hopefully people around me recognize I am different. Hopefully people around me recognize that I the changes that have made me different are good changes, and that they too have the same opportunity to choose life as I have. Hopefully they can see that Elohim does bless me as if I were an “original branch.”
    Thank you gentlemen for your wisdom, your understanding, and your humility. I love Torah Pearls.

  10. kathrin Rothlisberger says

    May I? Could you read and explain Revelation 19:13 . It says, that His name is called ” THE WORD OF GOD”

  11. Ida Blom says

    Thanks y’all for another great one! Interesting point at the end that the Orthodoxy says one should never memorize the written Torah but it is ok to memorize the oral Torah. I know they claim that the oral Torah was also given to Moshe on Mt. Sinai. Don’t they then by their own admission say that there is a difference? I wonder what justification is there in their eyes that is it ok to misquote the oral Torah?

  12. Ed in San Diego says

    Hearing (during this TORAH Pearl) Nehemia talk about his Karaite approach to Scripture helped me to understand why I accepted Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior (in 1965) with the determination not to follow man-made doctrines or traditions but, to be taught by God from Scripture even as I listen to programs such as TORAH Pearls, books, videos, and teachers. This is the approach that I have followed with great blessing; hearing Nehemia’s approach gives me great encouragement. As said both in Isa 54:13 “And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children” Jer 31:34 “And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.” and in Joh 6:45 “ It is written in the prophets, And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me.” To live in such a blessed time as this, to be taught by God, is an unbelievable blessing. Thank you (Nehemia, Keith, and Jono) for your diligence and obedience to YAHOVAH.

  13. Sandrew says

    Thank you guys and truly you are the light of the world …. i have learn many things from you guys and also my friend Marlon in Shillong, India…. Yah bless you all … Shalom !!!

  14. Jeff says

    Haftarah Commentary from JNK? &^$% YEAH!

  15. Tara says

    Happy Birthday Moses and thank you for a wonderful lesson on tolerance and the word of YHWH. 🙂

  16. Shelley says

    Not finished listening to this yet but on my way out the door…the Christians I talk to DENY the word, word, in John 1.1 is the Torah.

    They believe that the word is Jesus who was pre-existent to becoming flesh and dwelling among men.

  17. Krisi says

    So could it be that Yehovah created the LIGHT on the first day and this light was the Torah? And Yeshua is the way, truth, and light..the word/Torah? Created before the earth… ??

  18. George says

    This Torah pearl session has been a blessing again. I highly appreciate that despite the technical challenges you kept going and I am very thankful that you made it freely available to all.

    That the Word became flesh isn’t a religious statement but a scientific one. All physicist agree that the universe we live in was brought into existence by the energized vibrations of sound.
    Something unseen (i.e. the Word) became something seen (i.e. the universe).
    Einstein put it in E(energy/unseen) = mc² (matter/seen) times the speed of light square (i.e. relationship)

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim, and the Word was Elohim.” (John1:1)
    That means that the Word of Elohim and Elohim are interchangeably used. We are thankful that the “Jews” thought that too and kept the scriptures in high esteem, preserved them with the utmost diligence.

    Since the discovery of DNA in 1953, we have the scientific proof that His Word is truly written in our innermost parts and is truly written on our hearts. Furthermore, it is a fundamental scientific truth and as well a witness to why Yeshua had to come (mRNA)

    “And the Word became flesh and pitched His tent among us, and we saw His esteem, esteem as of an only brought-forth of a father, complete in favor and truth.” (John1:14)

    Shalom Alecheim

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