Ira Michaelson – Treasures from the Tanakh – Job 9:1-35

In chapter 9, Job, for lack of a mediator, speaks in his own defense in what progressively develops into a hypothetical court hearing, even though Job acknowledges from the very beginning that his appeals are futile.

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  1. Rick Winkler says

    Who am I to contend with Mr. Michaelson? But, something does not make sense to me.

    Fact 1: Job was blameless. That means without blame. Period. Inferring that Job was not quite perfect, and Job was just unaware of his faults goes against God’s testimony on the matter.

    Fact 2: God caused this just man to experience physical torture and mental anguish beyond natural endurance.

    Job is baffled and bewildered by these two seemingly incongruous facts and is crying out from the depths of his soul for answers. He is not ascribing injustice to God, nor am I, but he seeks solace.

  2. Ira Michaelson says

    Contend away Rick. Iron Sharpens Iron. Remember that we are bringing all possibilities and perspectives to the table. We are dealing with poetic language and obscure Hebrew.

    You will see as we move ahead, specifically in the next chapter ,that Job will in fact does accuse God!

    Stay tuned, it will be worth it.


  3. betz says

    Wow, I am sure learning form these discussions. I’m so glad you are confronting these issues in Job. I use to think that Yehovah was just in all ways, Isn’t that what Duet 32:4 states and the Psalms states? Is the “just” mentioned by Job in regards to “fairness” and the “just” used in Deuteronomy referring to Yah’s righteousness?

    I’m confused….I thought all these ideas in Torah: equal weights and measures, an eye an eye, no favoritism etc…all presented Yah as just and requiring justice on earth?

  4. Janice says

    I am really enjoying these episodes! This one was especially good. Thank you both.

  5. Dan says

    Court is in session! This is a fascinating study and the personal challanges contained within this book are PROFOUND! YAH bless your teachings and understanding. Thank you!

  6. Grover says

    I don’t know…that pic you have up of Job doesn’t depict well enough the dead, decaying and rotting flesh…blood and oozing pus and crusted over wounds…lol.

    Loving this series! XD

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