Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Vaetchanan – Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11

Vaetchanan is perhaps the crown jewel of Torah portions. It contains the Shema in Deuteronomy 6:4. But what do the Hebrew words “Shema” and “Echad” mean and why is this single verse so important? Also in this program: Is Jesus/Yeshua a victim of character assassination? What are the Noahide laws? Was the covenant made with us or our fathers? What is the 1st commandment?

Tefillin (Phylacteries) by Nehemia Gordon
Truth2U – Nehemia Gordon – Ezekiel 18 & 33

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  1. pedro quinones says

    Yono all i can say is OUTSTANDING…torah pearl. Yehovah hu ha elohim…may our loving father continue to bless all of you, please continue to do the work you guys are doing…..shalom.

  2. Gavriel says

    שלום אחים בתורה Shalom brothers in Torah, this is a question for Nehemiah. Nehemiah do you believe that the lost tribes as scattered amongst the goyim have returned to Yisrael in their fullness and, do you beleive that the lost tribes are only those of Jewish heritage or heritage that can be proven?
    Toda raba

  3. Rick Winkler says

    Yasher koach to the three of you.

  4. Rick Winkler says

    As an aside for the tefillin link above, my brother who does not share my love for Torah saw men on TV davening at the Wailing Wall while donning tefillin. He asked me if they wore the boxes on their foreheads to keep from banging their heads on the wall. 🙂

  5. LaurieJo says

    RENEWED COVENANT with every generation!

  6. Rebecca says

    Wow! This was an excellent discussion! All three of you were on fire and I want to say thank you for being willing to discuss the more “controversial” aspects of scripture. Not all of us have friends with whom we can discuss these things and it is encouraging to hear the different perspectives being addressed with respect. May Yehovah bless you all!

  7. Miriam says

    A shout out to all 3 of you! What an outstanding program today.

  8. Dan n heidi says

    Top 5 pearls of all time! We love u guys dearly and we shall c u all in israel! Thank u for your gift (torah pearls)2 us. We cherish it. 🙂

  9. Charlie Elmer says

    Great Torah discussion. However I would like to suggest a different interpretation of the phrase, “that you may live long in the land”….. I think the point is that repect for parents or birds or whatever other good we do effects everyone and if the nation falls into immoral behavior we collectly will bring judgement upon the nation as a whole, for which the penalty was to be removed from the land that we were given. J

  10. Herman says

    You guys are just great,thanks for sharing your knowlage with us. I am downloading everything. Do you think you can change your format to mp3 as it will use less mb. One other thing, can you date and name your pearls so its visable on the podcast before download?

    Thanks again

  11. Darren Chan says

    Yes, an awesome episode that I will be listening to over and over again to make sure I didn’t miss anything Keith was trying to say before being interrupted 🙂

    Just kidding, there was an explosion of information and inspiration from all three of you, I don’t know how you guys manage to contain yourselves.

    And isn’t it funny Jono how excited one becomes when learning Torah we actually look forward for the JW’s to come knocking at our doors to discuss Torah with them.

    I was also on the “echad” Christian / Messianic more than one bandwagon for a while. Thanks to Nehemia for explaining the Hebrew and Jewish understanding of echad.

    Although I would greatly appreciate the input of Nehemia, Yoel, or Ira about the “make man in our image”, “let us go down”, and the “like one of us” passages of the Torah.

  12. Linda and Phil says

    That was a wonderful discussion! I have a comment concerning the Oneness of YHVH. The word “one” can represent a unity or a singularity. For example, the Big Bang is called a singularity because it was a one-time event that cannot be repeated. But it produced a “uni” verse. We have one universe. I think of YHVH as a unity rather than a singularity or a trinity. If I read John 1:1-15 with this definition of “One” it makes sense to me. Yeshua is the “one and only” while Isaac was the “only” son of Abraham. Just my understanding, I would love to hear Nehemia’s Keith’s, and Jono’s comments concerning my definition.

  13. Warren B says

    King Saul asked David to swear in the name of Yehovah. See
    1 Samuel 24:21

  14. LKelly says

    G’Day, G’Day G’Day!

    Thank you, Jono, for not editing out nearly as much as Keith and Nehemiah think you do. ^_^

  15. Jean Anderson says

    Just listened to this a second time. Outstanding! As you were reading about Yehovah’s redemption of Israel with his outstretched arm, I was reminded of Is. 53 – to whom has the arm of Yehovah been revealed? The arm, or hand Yehovah is mentioned so many times in the Torah and Prophets that I would love to hear a discussion by the three of you concerning this.. Shalom and thanks!

  16. Yahson says

    When dose the day end from when it says to post the commands on the post of your house and the gates to it everything that I command you in this day?

    DEBARIM 6:6“And these Words which I am com-manding you today.
    9“And you shall write them on the door-posts of your house and on your gates.

  17. Mimi says

    Love you guys from sunny Queensland. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this episode. We finally have our Sabbath gathering up and running and you are well and truly part of it. God bless you and your good work.

  18. says

    So glad you didn’t edit out the portion you talked about editing 🙂

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