Ira Michaelson – Treasures from the Tanakh – Job 4:1-4:21

Is Job in fact King Jobab of Genesis 36:33-34? Who is Eliphaz and what does his name mean? Who was the shadowy figure that Eliphaz encountered in his vision? Why does Eliphaz mention a tent cord in Job 4:21?

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  1. Dan says

    When I was in college I was “taught” the book of Job by an atheist philosophy teacher. It was fascinating, and has remained a book of great interest 2 me. I can not tell you how much MORE excellent it is 2 go back into Job with MEN WHO RESPECT THE CREATOR! I am so great full for the teachings, and really appreciate the insights and candor. Keep it up brothers!

  2. Ida Blom says

    Interesting that in Jewish tradition there is no concept of eternal damnation? Wow, I learn so many new things every day. Rev 20:10 does talk of an eternal damnation – I was wondering if that was another invention by man.

  3. Kimberly in Idaho says

    Brother Ira! You left me hanging! I thought we had learned that haSatan was a messenger of adversity from YHVH. Why couldn’t he be the one in Eliphaz’s dream? You said you didn’t think the adversary could do this. Why not? If YHVH could send a messenger in a dream, why couldn’t it be the adversary? What am I missing?

    I am loving the taking apart of this book because in trying to read it in years past, my brain just glazed over in the multitude of speeches. Thanks so much for slowing down and getting this to make some sense. Shalom!

  4. student of Torah says

    I am enjoying this series, and learning much. I appreciate the Hebrew, the information, and in depth digging.

  5. Krisi says

    WOW..this was great! Thanks for linking Jobab and Eliphaz in Genesis..I never would have seen that! Thanks again…I love this 🙂

  6. keo says

    Really liking this series. One thing that came to mind was “the wise men from the East”. Wonder if this is where NT got its wise men from?

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