Yoel ben Shlomo – Light of the Prophets – Judges 10:1-12:7

Before Yoel & I unpacked the story of Israel’s 8th judge, Yiphtach, and his vow to God concerning his daughter, we first discussed the significance and traditions regarding the 9th of Av. Also, 30 sons rode 30 donkeys who had 30 donkeys? What’s that about?

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  1. Rick Winkler says

    Thank you gentlemen for another captivating discussion of the book of Judges.

  2. Susan G. Monaco says

    Could you please tell me who painted this exquisite picture on your post re: Light of the Prophets. I truly would like to see if I could get a print of it. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Susan G. Monaco says

    Thank you for the quick response. I have googled and googled James Tissot and I cannot find this particular piece of artwork. Do you have the name of the piece and/or will you tell me where you found this piece. I spent hours trying to find this piece of artwork on the websites and nothing. Very frustrating. Thank you again for assisting me.

  4. 爪'讜驻 says

    讙’讜谞讜, 诇砖讗诇转讱 讘讚拽讛 讛47:57 讬砖谞讜 驻住讜拽 讘’讛讗讝讬谞讜’ 砖诇 砖讬专转 诪砖讛 “讻讬 讬讚讬谉 讬讛讜讛 注诪讜 讜注诇 注讘讚讬讜 讬转谞讞诐 讻讬 讬专讗讛 讗讝诇转 讬讚 讜讗驻住 注爪讜专 讜注讝讜讘 讜讗诪专 讗讬 讗诇讜讛讬诪讜, 爪讜专 讞住讬讜 讘讜 讗砖专 讞诇讘 讝讘讞讬诪讜 讬讗讻诇讜 讬砖转讜 讬讬谉 谞住讬讻诐 讬拽讜诪讜 讜讬注讝专讜讻诐 讬讛讬 注诇讬讻诐 住讬转专讛

    讻诇 讛讻讘讜讚 讬讜讗诇讜’砖 注诇 转专讜诪转讱!
    讬砖专 讻讞!

  5. Susan G. Monaco says


    The response came through in Hebrew and although I am taking Hebrew lessons I am not proficient enough to read your response. Could you please have it come through in English?

    thank you.

  6. jono vandor says

    Susan, My reply is above the Hebrew comment. Click on the “Here you go” it will take you to the painting.

  7. Darren Chan says

    Whoa, for a minute there I thought the Pentecostal side of you came out with that Hebrew answer Jono.

  8. Darren Chan says

    BTW I thought that was a very cute and polite reply Susan had 馃檪

    I probably would have gotten very upset and said “C’mon Jono, who do you think I am, Nehemia or Yoel!”

    “Give it to me in English, I may have an Anglo-Chinese name thinking I’m multilingual but I speak English buddy, ENGLISH!”

  9. William Dalmas says

    Shavuot appears to me as a dispensing of gifts by His Spirit. We accept these gifts for strength for the trials that takes us through the “narrows”. Psalm 118:5 . “Out of the narrows of distress I called upon God, God answered me with liberation.” Relationship is so important during this period. We can relate without a temple or icons and symbols. Our love is made manifest in the crucible, purifying us from the errors/dross of our lives. Does anyone think that Job may have gone through his trials during this period? “And everyone who gave up homes, brothers or sisters, father, mother, children, or fields because of my name will receive a hundred times more and will inherit eternal life.” Matt.19:29 His love is, is…sigh.

  10. Susan G. Monaco says


    Thank you for your patience. I am so happy to now know the name of this beautiful painting. Now I have to find a source to purchase a print of it. Thank you again for taking the time.

  11. Kim C says

    Just a thought on the name Yiphtach; when you said it means “he will open”, my first thought was that maybe he was the firstborn. (the one that opens the womb) But now, seeing that his mother was a prostitute, that seems very unlikely. Soooo… nevermind. 馃檪

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