Yoel ben Shlomo – Light of the Prophets – Judges 8:30-9:57

What is the difference between a wife and a concubine? Who is Ba’al of the Covenant? Is Avimelech an anti-type of his father? What is the meaning of Yotam’s parable? Most importantly, where is the city of beer today? Did God send a spirit of ill will or a bad mood? Where is the “belly button” of the land? What is the idea of sowing salt? Was the stronghold of Shechem really a tower?

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  1. Darren Chan says

    Thank you Yoel for your study into Scripture clarifying and emphasizing the warnings of divination.

    Unlike Nehemia I definitely side with Yoel and Keith in regard to the dangers of the Harry Potter series and I think it may be because we have children.

    Although that may all change for Nehemia now that he will be married soon!

    That Vav and Waw thing has been a real stickler, some people are really diligent between the two thoughts. I try to combine the two sounds together to the point where people will wonder if I used a V or a W sound 🙂

  2. Penney Ness says

    I thought that Paleo Hebrew, the ancient picture language, shows us that the ‘modern’ day ‘Vav’, was ‘Waw’. From my understanding of this (which is not great at all), ‘Waw’ did not come about from where one lived. Because of this understanding, I choose to use, ‘wadi’ not ‘vadi’ etc. We all want to please our Ab by doing what is right, and if the original was ‘Waw’ then I only want to use ‘Waw’, if it is ‘Vav’, then I only want to use ‘Vav’.

    Good listening though, thanks

  3. Kelvin (a.k.a. RECON) says

    I have been meaning to leave a comment a long time ago since I started to listen to the Torah Pearls and then I tried Light of the prophets and I am totally hooked! I listed to the Torah Pearls on Deut 1-3 and heard Jono saying that they are the only program that read the scriptures for what they are and all they are doing is to try to understand the linguistic/cultural/textural meaning of them instead of using some sort of theology/denomination/doctrine base ideas or what I call “I Think” “I believe” “I feel” and trying to read way too much between the lines and come up with some mystical meaning! I AM TIRED OF MAN MADE THEOLOGY/DOCTRINE JUNK, May Yahova/Yehova/Yahuwah bless you guys!!! Keep it up.
    In regards of Light of the prophets, Yoel is an awesome teacher too, and love how much knowledge he has in the ancient culture/language and all the bonus info that he throws in! In regards of the “Vav” and “Waw” I have been wondering on that myself, but my biggest concern is why YHV/YHW in front of a Hebrew name is pronounce “Yeho” but is “Yahu” when is at the end of a name, so is it Yahuwah or Yehova???

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