Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Matot – Numbers 30:2-32:42

What is the Torah involving vows and does it differ between man and woman? Why didn’t Balaam the son of Beor die according to his request in Numbers 23:10? What is the relationship between the Midianites and Israel? How can we reconcile Numbers 31:15-18 And Ezra 10:18-19?

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  1. Anthony says

    Awesome info guys! Ty again. I have a question for each of you if you have time to discuss. Is this following quote true? Why or why not?

    “YHVH [Yehovah] never commanded the children of Israel to create a religion called ‘Judaism’, and Yeshua never commanded His disciples to make a new religion called ‘Christianity’. He said make disciples. The Torah and Prophet’s testify of the Father, YHVH, and Yeshua testifies of the Torah and Prophets. They are one [echad], a compound unity [echad], just as man and woman are to become one [echad], a compound unity. Yehoshua [shortened version ‘Yeshua’] means: ‘YHVH [Yehovah] saves/delivers’.”

    YHVH keep and bless each of you!

  2. t says

    amaen, anthony~!

  3. Darren Chan says

    I’m living in the wrong country.

    RUSSIA invites Nehemia to help them with a Russian translation of the Hebrew Matthew.

    CHINA invites Nehemia and Keith to speak about the Hebrew origin of the “Lord’s Prayer”.

    The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA invites Egypt’s newly elected Islamist president to …?

  4. Gavriel says

    Darren, the Obama administration is pro Islam which is not surprising when we see that Obama was raised as a Muslim. I believe Obama is ignorant of Scripture even though he purports to be a christian but hey so was Hitler.
    On another note, Shabbat Shalom, I enjoy the weekly Torah pearls…
    U’vrakhah b’shem Y’shua Hamashiach

  5. Jeanie says

    Boy, this was an enlightening portion as they all are. However, something Nehemia said caught my attention. He was speaking about ritual impurity. He said that our Jewish brothers did not think that a dead gentile rendered them unclean. Then he said that implied that they did not consider them human. When did this concept come about for them? Because one reason Hitler was able to murder the Jews was because he did not consider them fully human. Which reminds me of your guys’ discussion about Creation, where at least one of you did not think it mattered about what people’s beliefs about are. But it does because if Darwin and evolutionists are correct then life is not sanctified. It is then easy to justify genocide. If I am not mistaken I think Hitler embraced evolution.

  6. Krisi says

    So is a vow only something spoken publicly? Or can a vow be something in a prayer between yourself and Yehovah? And if so, then this wouldn’t be heard out loud by if no one heard it then it would stand no matter what?

  7. Krisi says

    I think it’s comical that someone would think if they were in contact with a “Gentile” dead body it would not make them unclean. IF anything I would think it would make them even MORE unclean. For example, when one comes in contact with a clean dead animal they are unclean until the evening; however, they are actually forbidden to come in contact with a pigs carcass. I don’t agree it makes anyone more unclean coming in contact with a Gentile body but that’s why I find it comical that they say coming in contact with an “unclean” dead body (as in not being a Jew) does not make them unclean.If a “clean”(Jew) dead body makes you unclean how much more would a “unclean” persons body make you? LOL.

  8. Pamela says

    There was a couple of verses in Num. 31: 48-50 which gave me pause.

    The commanders of the Israelite troops took a head count after conquering the Midianites and found NOT ONE man missing!! Wow. They recognized the hand of YHVH in the victory and in His divine protection of their lives. Only the hand of YHVH could do this. Out of appreciation they brought a free will offering of the spoil to Moses and Elazar to atone for their lives. What a sense of awe and reverence must have prompted their response. God commanded the battle against those who tried to destroy His people by turning them from Him. He kept the Israelites who went into battle safe in His mighty hand. And He also honoured His promise in Gen. 12:3 and I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.
    What a real faith builder. It just makes me want to sing and dance and praise Him. Hallelu Yah!

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