Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Chukat – Numbers 19:1-22:1

Is there a red heifer in Israel? What is the water of menstruation for cleansing? Does a corrupt priesthood invalidate the water of purification and are we cut off without it? Is the site of the Temple off limits today? What exactly did Moses do wrong when Yehovah brought water from the rock? How did the snake on the pole cross the line into idolatry?

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  1. Daniel Otero says

    We are in Australia in the state of South Aystralia. I loved your program on the red heffer.
    Rare Red heffer. Looking forward to hearing much more. Thanks to Y’shua that I can be here and be Jewish ( messianic) and hear incredible programs!
    Thanks for being there.
    Daniel Otero

  2. Chrisso says

    1334 BC – 53rd Jubilee – Year of Restoration – Moses Leads the Hebrews out of Egypt in the first month…

  3. LKelly says

    I am unable to download this particular program via iTunes. The others are available, so I’m not sure what’s up. Thanks! (and double thanks for Torah Pearls!)

  4. Ida Blom says

    Question: The story about the high priest dying in the Holy of Holies does not sound credible. Just think: If the high priest DIED in the Holy of Holies then the Holy of Holies would have been become defiled! I’ve heard the story about the rope for years and have also heard that it was made up.

  5. John Wickes says

    Isn’t it interesting that Jesus used the ‘bronze’ serpent as an example of himself. Could this also be on the level that he was a work of God brought healing…. but was not to be worshiped as god

  6. Rick Winkler says

    Exo 17:1 And all the congregation of the children of Israel journeyed … and there was no water for the people to drink.
    v. 3…and the people murmured against Moses, and said: ‘Wherefore hast thou brought us up out of Egypt, to kill us and our children and our cattle with thirst?’

    I like most others had wondered how the people who saw the plagues in Egypt, the waters part where they escaped through the sea on dry ground and their enemies drowned in the same sea, and their God descending in thundering and lightening and earthquakes on mount Sinai and speaking to all the assembly directly so that they feared for their very lives, how they could not believe their God would deliver them from dying in the wilderness. I then read the above verses and saw the word, “children.” I then realized that they had been without water so long that their children and cattle were crying from thirst. I could hear their wives screeching, “Don’t you hear your children crying from thirst? DO SOMETHING.” I cannot speak for other men, but I could not have done anything else. I would have wondered why He had brought us into the desert to die.

  7. LKelly says

    Thanks for fixing the iTunes link! 🙂

  8. Vic R says

    thanks again ,guys, for more great insights.not sure if the ques.of
    why the serpent was bronze was addressed. doesn’t it have to do
    with purification and repentance? I also noticed an establishing
    of a pattern here. When Israel is attacked with out provocation,
    the attackers lose and Israel gains their territory.

  9. Patricia says

    I have heard teachings that some of the water of the red heifer was sent to each Levitical town throughout the land so these priests could cleanse the nearby population when exposed to dead bodies. Was this a correct teaching? Or did they have to go to the temple? Also, John 2:6 refers to large empty jars used for ceremonial washings at Cana wedding that Yeshua ordered filled with water prior to the turning to wine. Would these have been jars used for the red heifer water? Have heard this teaching also.

  10. Marie says

    Enjoy your teachings, have a question about Acts 21:; If this is purification of the Ashes of the Red Heifer, why then in 21:23 did the men take a vow, and in 21:24 they are shaving their hair? sounds more like the the Nazirite vow of Numbers 6, to me, Thank you’ll for your work

  11. Ester says

    Shalom Jono, Keith and Nehemia!
    Wonderful Torah pearls! Appreciate Keith’s stressing that YHWH knows a Red Heifer is required! And that is YAHushua, not simply any red heifer.
    And Nehemia, your input of Torah history and knowledge is SO appreciated.
    When YHWH spoke to Moshe to take the rod, it means to stand in His authority, and not “shall WE fetch you water” as Moshe said to the people. In so saying that, Moshe has brought the ‘glory’ to himself, and not to YHWH. The rod is a representative of HIS authority, just as the bronze snake, both requiring obedience to YHWH, to do as HE said.
    Thank you!

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