Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Sh’lach – Numbers 13:1-15:41

In this Torah Portion, what does the name Hoshea mean? is there Hebrew slang in the Torah? What is God’s perspective of forgiveness? Caleb and Jesus went into the land? What does it mean to sin with an uplifted hand? Also, beware of the tzit tzit police!

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  1. Mike says

    The download link doesn’t work.

  2. jono vandor says

    Thanks Mike, fixed it 😉

  3. Sandi Hayman says

    I agree with Crystal…I LOVE THIS SHOW.. Most days I have you guys on all day. The Torah Pearls are awesome! I love the laughter and camaraderie you 3 have. Even tho I’ve been studying the Parashas for 6-7 years there is soooo much to learn. You guys make it fun too!

    Sandi in Florida

  4. Krisi says

    Wow this portion was great! While Nehemia was talking about the “2 witnesses” I had such a great “pearl” come to mind that I had never linked before! He said and the 2 witnesses (referring to 2 different passages about the 20 and up being held accountable for good and evil)..and I had to rewind it a couple of times to realize this is what he was referring to..because in my mind I linked it to Caleb and Yehoshua who got to go into the promised land. Immediately the 2 witnesses in revelations came to mind so I paused it and thought for a minute thinking hmmm I wonder if there is a “pearl” here relating the 2 men here with the 2 witnesses in revelations. Continuing with the program you guys began talking about entering into the promised land and it dawned on me!! Caleb (representing Judah) and Yehoshua represent the LAW and TESTIMONY…which states in revelations those who have law and testimony shall inherit the kingdom..not sure how this relates (if any) to the actual 2 witnesses to come but maybe it’s in refrence to the 2 houses (Israel and Judea coming together)..we are seeing prophecy fulfill!!

  5. Joseph Zube says

    Beautiful Program! Listen every week.

  6. Mike says


  7. Lori says

    That makes sense then that people get very angry when we try to teach them the truth from the Old Testament. Because once they hear how they are to live and worship YHVH they go from the ignorant forgiven child to the knowledged unforgiven child because they don’t want to give up their “traditions”.

  8. Bonnie says

    Just wanted say i love you guys! Y’all’s Torah Pearls have been so helpful in understanding the commonly confusing portions of the Torah. Praise YeHoVaH in all HIS goodness! I appreciate y’all very much, thank you so much for shining and sharing HIS light!

    P.S. i really love the fact that y’all share the fun playful stuff with us as well…the crunchy, unripe peach and Nehemia speaking in chinese! 😛 It makes me feel like part of the family!

  9. Christa says

    Thank you so much! Every week it is a joy to listen to you all on Friday afternoon at work and get all pumped up for Shabbat! I thank you all also for going over the passage about tzit tzit. As a woman i was wearing them when i was between jobs and now lately i’ve been dressing up for work and could not get my head around the four corners bit. I made one of the ones i used to wear a bracelet to wear on my right hand. The discussion has helped me have a few more ideas about ways to apply this command to my daily personal relationship with our Father. Thanks again. Shalom Brothers and may Yah continue to bless you all in joy and success!

  10. Darren Chan says

    Nehemia speaks awesome Chinese and he nailed the accent! I’m Chinese and I only know a few words like won ton soup and chow mein, I no longer eat those foods so I’ve pretty much lost my Chinese speaking ability.

    Fascinating how the Chinese people are responding so well to Nehemia and Keith’s information, a future of kosher Chinese food for everyone!

    Jono, in all seriousness your program is very effectively helping to spread the light of the Torah throughout the nations.

    As more people take hold of Yehovah’s Torah I envision a life of only clean foods and peaceful Sabbaths. No more struggles to enjoy clean meals and the Sabbaths with family and friends around us.

    Today living in the States I guess I would have to return to the Land to live in a beautiful world like that.

  11. Daweed Ohst says

    We live on the Molokai and love you guys. keep up the good work! How old is Nehemia. Boy do I have a match for him. She’s a real peach and I now know Nehemia likes peaches.

  12. Daweed Ohst says

    We are wanting to listen to this weeks Torah pearls but there is only 6 minutes available.Whats up?

  13. jono vandor says

    Daweed, it seems to be steaming fine from here.

  14. Shelley Browne Cadd says

    Tears of Joy from a 4 year Intercessor on behalf of Ruach Ha Kodesh and His Hebrew roots movement, to rise up from within and without this amazing nation. Tears of Joy. Guys – I wanna be there when u come over in the Fall. PLEASE keep me in The Loop. TEARS OF JOY!!!

  15. Gayle says

    Really enjoy these shows. Just wanted to make a comment about the name “Jesus” I have learned that there was no letter
    ” j ” in any language until the 1500’s. Also it is not a Hebrew name. I’m sure his mother would have never given Him this name. Yehoshua makes so much more sense. Never mind the meaning of the name Yehoshua. We should use the Hebrew name rather than the Greek Hellenized version!

  16. Sharon says

    RE: Bamidbar 14:17 Acc’d to THE SCRIPTURES, edition by Institure for Scripture Research, this info. is given from the work of Dr. C. D. Ginsberg “Introduction to the Massoretico-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible.
    “‘…Generally speaking there are few problems with the MT…However, the did make a few changes in the text itself which have been recorded for us…In 134 places the Sopherim removed the Name YHVH and substituted the term Adonai. In a further 8 places the Name YHVH was substituted by the therm Elohim.” pg.15 of Intro.
    Can you comment, in light of your discussion to the use of Adonai in Num. 14″17
    Sharon Mueller

  17. Tzofiya says

    Thank you Jono, & Gentlemen for all your hard work. I enjoy
    that Jono reads a lot of Torah, because we have a grandchild who is 4, he doesn’t read yet. He listens with us, when he visits. Not everyone has a Torah/Bible, believe it or not. Also there are folks of a more mature age, who do not see as well as they used too, but they hear wonderfully still…& they get to be included, in the Torah lesson. So ever since Mose taught Levi’im, & they taught the people…the people learned listening. Way back then when there was a temple; people went up to the temple, during festivals & shabbats & Sukkot, didn’t they? The people learned by listening. So I really appreciate you Jono, being so thorough, & going over so many beautiful pearls. =-) Shalom to you & yours.

  18. Peggy Cunningham says

    It is invaluable to me to hear the correct meaning of some of these verses as opposed to the incorrect translation in some versions. The only problem is that no one version seems to be consistently correct, other than the original Hebrew and I don’t know if I’ll ever master the language adequately enough to read it on my own.

    So, thanks to Nehemia for being our translator, and to Jono and Keith for making such a wonderful show possible.

  19. carol crawford says

    We are to take on Y’shuah’s yoke,and He taught observence,which is what I see Nehemia teaching,no?I’ve had lots of points clarified,bless you very much.Love your program!

  20. Chris says

    I appreciate Nehemiah proclaiming that there is grace for those who in ignorance transgress the law (Numbers 15:22). However, how should I reconcile that with Leviticus 5:17 where one is guilty, even if the act is done in ignorance? Any ideas?

  21. John Holsti says

    Jono, I seem to remember last year during the portion Korah, you played a song about the earth eating people. I can’t find the reference in your archives, could you refresh my memory? Thanks. (I would like to share this with our local Torah group.)

  22. Grover says

    YAAAAAAY thanks for the shout out! I was cleaning when I heard that, haha. Made me smile.

  23. John Holsti says

    Thanks for the reference. Everyone loved the song! 🙂 Shalom.

  24. SgtKRG says

    Why should we wear Tzitziot?? Like Keithe said it: because Yhovah said it to do, because Yehovah brought you out of Egypt to be your God, I am Yahovah your God!
    So it doesn’t matter that we do not wear the same square garment and that society has changed the way we dress, but Yehovah did not and will not change so HIS command still applys today; don’t have 4 corners (edge) garmets ? well make them, don’t make an excuse to not do what Yehovah said to do, the times and fashion statements changes NOT YEHOVAH! so don’t cherry pick what commands we keep or which one should we modify to accomodate our 21st century life style! Some things in the Tanack are literal and some are metaphore, I get it but then the literal don’t turn it into a “up to you” kind of command! I am no Tzitzit Police and honestly can care less about who wears them or not, you are right, that is between you and Yehovah; but DO NOT distor HIS WORD, HE said to wear them on the clothes that you use to cover yourself, and if you live in the 21st century then you are dressed and wear clothes most of the 24hrs of the day, therefore whatever you wear you are to “make edges or corners foryourself” (Deut 22:12) upon the garements you cover yourself with!
    I am not against people wearing them or not but against people using their reputation as a scholar or Hebrew expert to convey that this commandment is up to you in how to fufill it! there is only one way of doing it and it is Yehovah’s way no matter where you live or how you live.

  25. Daryl Iverson says

    The discussion about the tassels is interesting again this time around. It seems the description that Nehemiah gave seems to be at least slightly contradicted by the way it’s interpreted.

    Since it was the most prominent and constantly used garment that was worn at the time and the instructions were for it to be a reminder – then it stands to reason that it was intended to be a constant reminder – not periodic reserved for prayer time. It would likely get very dirty often but could be cleaned when needed.

    Having one on four corners with a blue thread makes it so there were hardly a time of day or activity where it would not be “in your face” as a reminder.

    It seems the only way to do likewise is to wear the blue thread reminder in a way that is constantly before us. A prayer shawl doesn’t seem to be in the spirit or the letter of the instruction.

  26. Dawn Marie says

    Jono, thank you for your personal story in this episode. Recently I had a relationship-ending blow up with the members of the Messianic schul I had been attending for nearly 2 years, essentially because I had returned to the “front of the book” to search out truth. I was accused of “spiritual immaturity” and “being led astray” by certain teachings.

    The story you related about the Bible study has helped me understand that sometimes we really do have to move on. While no one specifically said to me, “You have a different spirit,” the words that man said to you have brought some healing to my heart that I didn’t know I needed. When we look to Yehovah alone for His truth, we do take on a different spirit and people will recognize that. You’re experience has helped me put more perspective on mine. It still hurts, but if I have a “different spirit” because I’m searching the scripture to be sure that the words of those preaching (for 2000 years) is in keeping with the Father’s Word, so be it.

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