Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Beha’alotcha – Numbers 8:1-12:16

Where are the teaching priests today? Move with the cloud – what was the purpose of the trumpets? Quail and “the graves of lust” – was the mixed multitude framed? Why did Miriam, and not Aaron, suffer the consequences of speaking against Moses? Also, listen to Nehemia as he highlights God’s grace during the 2nd month Passover of Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles 30!

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  1. Dia Giordano says

    What a fantastic study! Just so much to this section of scripture. I’ll be listening to it two or three more times to be able to soak it all in.
    A quick question, since the Israelites took all their herds and flocks with them from Egypt, and since Moses even mentions ‘shall we
    Slaughter all the herds to provide this flesh for them?’ (paraphrasing), why is it that they complained of not eating any meat, or why did they not take from their thousands of head of livestock?

  2. Charlotte Ohst says

    One of the things I appreciate the most is the frequent clarification of Hebrew words. I took a Biblical Hwbrew class…got an understanding of the grammar but now, I am increasing in the vocabulary which is wonderful. I have resouces of lexicons and etymological dictionary and none are as valuable as the input of a native speaker such as Nehemia.
    Thank you so much.
    ps my tradition is a believer in Yeshua who is Torah submissive, formerly Catholic then non-denominational Christian

  3. Rick Winkler says

    I would like to give a shout out to Keith Johnson in Charlotte, NC.

    I would like to give a shout out to Nehemia Gordon in Israel.

    I would like to give a shout out to Jono Vandor somewhere in Australia.

    I appreciate all that you do.

  4. daw says

    Hosea 14. What hope 🙂 and what love YHVH has for those who seek Him and who desire to follow His ways. Absolutely amazing grace He has for His own.

  5. Darren Chan says

    Love the section about the principle for those at the top serving the people when Keith says “I know somebody who taught that, he’s in the back of the book” then Nehemiah replies “oh that guy”. That was hilarious, it was the highlight of my day!

    It is awesome that you guys are providing us with so much hope to observe all this diversity coming together because of one name, Yehovah, and one set of instructions, His Torah.

    Hey Jono, Keith’s not a “squeamish” vegetarian is he? I was a meat cutter for several years, people are so far removed from that process with all the prepared and packaged meats of today. Not long ago I tried the raw vegan thing for a few months nearly losing my sanity from the lack of vitamin B12.

    Thank God my wife discovered Nourishing Traditions and listening to your shows with the Kultured Karaite.

  6. Hanré Lass says

    Keith and Nehemia, I heard you both when you were in South Africa and it is wonderful to be able to just continue in what I learned in that one session. Sorry I didn’t meet you when I was in Oz Jono:-)
    I am truly blessed by your interaction and the Light of Yehovah that you share weekly. Thank you so much and be blessed. Hanré.

  7. Sandi Hayman says

    Keith and Nehemia,

    Another softball… Keith when you saw the Menorah in stone on the Arch of Titus, did you notice the base of the Menorah was 6 or 8 sided with dragons and Roman images on it. Yehovah would never have ordained images of other gods in His Holy place. The pictures of the early Menorah inscribed on rocks and scrolls all depict the Menorah as having a tripod type of base.

    Since Herod was married to the daughter of the High Priest, who paid for this position, it’s highly possible that he had this special Menorah made to replace what was used before. How else would this ungodly piece get into the temple? BTW, did not the original go missing just before Babylon ransacked Rome?

  8. Owen Murphy says

    Great session and thank you all. I wonder if the Seventh Day Adventist ‘s might possibly be descendents of the Rechabites. They shun drinking wine as a major aspect of the S.D.A. belief system.

  9. Mary says

    Love the Torah Pearls, keep it up for all to learn more truth…..

  10. Shelley Browne Cadd says

    3 shout outs for the three Amigos! I don’t know how this show can ever be topped!!! Gotta share it. Lovn’ Yah – and lovn’ ya lovn’ Him, His Word, and each other – keep lettn’ it shine, guys! Shabbat Shalom.

  11. Miriam says

    What a tremendous blessing to have my eyes open to the true understanding of “Spirit of the Law”! How gracious of YHWH to accept what we can do, although it is not exactly what the written Torah requires, when we repent and pray that it be accepted.
    A shout out to Keith, Jona, & Nehemia.
    This was such a great Torah portion midrash. Thank you.

  12. Benjamin Whigham says

    You all three get an AMEN and a Shout out….this portion was chock full of goodness and thank you three so much for puliing out and polishing the pearls.
    Truly enjoyed it again. I have been listening to the pearls now for several months and am truly getting meat from them.
    Blessings to you and Yah,

  13. Krisi says

    I am going to be donating very soon. I have a question…what are we suppose to do with the clean first born animals (that can’t be redeemed) since we can’t sacrifice them and most of us here in America don’t have a “priest” to give our firstborn animals to…we are planning on raising chickens and cows soon and we aren’t going to do it for a buisness but just for family food…this seems like this could get out of hand VERY FAST if we have to keep all the firstborns. Also, what do people do with the first fruits of the year (since no they eat them, throw them away?..and does this apply to any fruits growing on a tree..or just the grain and corn ?) Another question I have is does the not eating of the fruit of the tree until the 5th year apply to everywhere or just the land of Israel (it says when you come to the land..implying Israel..but then again it’s obvious the first born of the animals apply to anywhere in my opinion). I truly hope you guys answer these questions!! Thanks in advance..and again I will be giving a good donation within a week..thanks again!

  14. jono vandor says

    Krisi, that is an excellent question, and one we had to study up too, as we have chooks & goats. The conclusion I came to was based on Deuteronomy 14:22-29, I sell the animal and give the money to a Levite.

    Regarding the fruit, there are some who say that particular law, like the sabbatical year for example, applies only to the land. Others claim such laws applies world wide. Key verses are Leviticus 19:25, 20:22, & 25:18-19. At this stage I’m inclined to agree with the former.

  15. Krisi says

    Jono, Thank you soo very much! I will be praying about the first fruits/grain. After I read your answer I was thinking again about the it just if the first born animal is a male (or even if it is a female)? Also, do chickens even count with this command (I was thinking how would you consider a first born of a chicken because they lay eggs anyway) so if they do count, would it be the first egg that hatched(no matter the order it was laid) or the first egg that was laid that was fertile(even if it hatched after another fertile egg)..and then it would be very likely you wouldn’t know which egg hatched first or was laid first…Thank Yehovah for grace!! Of course I really want to do what is right so thank you for your respones! This program has been a TREMENDOUS blessing. I have caught up with all these Torah portions in about a month and I LOVE all the viewpoints it really helps..I can’t wait until the final gathering of all the people how exciting!! 🙂

  16. Dan n heidi says

    Ok boys… We lay our hands on yall, and affirm your roll in greater israel! So keep it up! U r doing something holy & APPOINTED! YA keep u and bless u… Thank u so much for letting us listen.

  17. Myra Martin says

    My question is about the use of the final form of the Hebrew letter Nun that appears twice in the KJV Numbers 10:35 and 11:1.

    What does it signify to the Israelites then and to us now?

    This Torah portion has blessed me so much!! Thank you Jono, Nehemiah, and Keith!!

  18. crystal says

    Such an AWESOME program. GREAT JOB!

  19. shirley gibson says

    Am one of those who came to this party late. When I discovered these torah pearls – i went and started at the beginning.

    i want to give out a “shout out” to all three of you – Keith, Nehemia and Jono.

    These torah pearl programs are such a refreshing blessing in a world full of confusion, misinformation and religion. I kept praying and asking the Father where to sow my seeds/tithes cause i want to put it into the arenas where He is working. He has led me to Keith, Nehemia and you Jono to sow my seeds/tithes among you, as well as supporting the widows/orphans in Israel through Hands of Mercy -Israel and The Lydia Project. What i love about you three is that you don’t demand that I have to in order to continue with you – You invite me to come along side of you and assist you in your assignment from the Father. Its like the Father invites us to continue on with Him through you. Father just lays it out there – if you do this – this happens but if you do this – this happens – then He leaves it up to us as to whether or not and how we participate with Him.
    There is such a breath of fresh air that comes from listening to you three discuss and reveal new truths to us from the Fathers torah. Keep up the good work. Is is greatly appreciated. For me – it is everything about the torah pearls that have been a blessing to me. May Yehovah continue to bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you Keith, Nehemia and Jono. Amen

  20. Hugo says

    Praise to our father in heaven!
    Nehemiah was so right in letting Jono read the whole chapter of 2 Chronicles 30!
    The chapter is a pearl by itself.
    Great how Yehovah is guiding you guys!

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