Yoel ben Shlomo – Light of the Prophets – Joshua 19:49-21:45

In this week’s Light of the Prophets Yoel talks briefly about the global threat of Islam and encourages us to stand with Israel by buying Israel and boycotting her enemies. We also discuss the action of casting lots to divide the land. Lastly we take a look at the cities of refuge and the cities of the Levites (referencing a previous episode regarding the question of the Tithe).

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  1. Daryl Iverson says

    I love Yehovah Almighty and the people of Yehovah. I listen to this program often to learn more about the Israelite perspective in relationship with God. Quite a bit of time was given in this episode that did not serve that purpose and was difficult to listen to.

    I am saddened by the tone of many comments in this episode of the program that are derogatory toward Arabs. While it is true that many Arabs (some of whom are Muslims) hate Israel, such generalizations are not warranted and serve no good purpose.

    I know Christian Arabs, for an example, who love Israel. I also know of groups of Americans who call themselves Christian and hate Israel and we all know of the history of hatred of Jews by many so-called Christians. But, if you generalized that Christians hate Jews and that Christianity isn’t a peaceful religion it would be just as outrageous.

    I simply urge you to keep such rhetoric out of your programming.

  2. Ken Alder says

    Jono, I haven’t been able to get the player to work on this page, but listened to the program via iTunes.

    The whole tithing message reminds me of the many Feasts of Tabernacles and Shavuot camps that I’ve attended during my time in the Messianic movement. One thing that you can rest assured of hearing while you’re at any of these camps is, “don’t come empty handed”! The words are spoken as though the camps are a fulfillment of the travel festivals back to Jerusalem. I hate to be pessimistic but it seems evident to me, even though there may be many good things that take place at these meetings, they are nothing more than cloaked ‘fund raisers’ for the sponsor. Shavua tov!

  3. Darren Chan says

    United States of Arabia Yoel?

    We are living in two worlds running in parallel with each other, a physical world and an underlying spiritual one trying to control it.

    Today in the physical world I’m having a difficult time enough simply trying to earn a living to feed my family. I feel ill equipped to deal with this spiritual Islamic force attempting to rule over us.

    Absolutely nothing can occur without the God of Israel causing it to happen including the rise of the Muslim world. As a non-Jew living in the U.S. what can I possibly do to reverse the trend?

  4. Miri~ says

    Keep speaking up, Yoel, sleepers need to wake up to the truth.
    Muslims plainly state their bloodthirsty goals!
    They have a song: “First we get the Saturday people; then we get the Sunday people…”
    Hey, Daryl: where are these “christian arabs” that love Israel? “Islam means peace” It does NOT mean peace; it means SUBMISSION.
    Any cooperation with Israel from the arabs is a death sentence, witness the arabs executed for selling property to Israelis.
    Islam IS a world threat, especially in USA… “Slowly, slowly…” That’s why it is called “creeping sharia”… Every time I return to visit USA, I see it EVERYwhere! Can’t we see what has happened in Europe, especially UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, plain as can be! It can’t be denied!
    Who is on YHVH’s side? This is not just a social issue.

  5. Janice says

    Yes Yoel what you said is truth. I work at a multicultural hospital with 2 Jordanian Muslims and they are very nice, gracious but if the word Israel is mentioned their countenance changes. It’s as if a berserk button was pressed. If we were outside on the street instead of the lunch room they would spit on the sidewalk after the name Israel is spoken. I noticed just this week that there are more Muslims walking the street than last summer. Now there are more Hallal street vendors than ever before.
    Jono, you call this forum Truth2U; well you continue to allow the truth to be spoken. The truth, when spoken often times, hurts.
    After hearing this episode the thought came to mind- how much do I love Torah? Will I die for what YHVH said? There may come a time in the near furture where this question will be asked.
    And by the way, I am a non-Messianic Christian, non-Jew who loves YHVH and Torah, living in the 911 city.

  6. Rebecca says

    I would just like to say thank you to both Yoel and Jono for all the time and effort you both put into this program. I imagine it must take a great deal of preparation and work and I’m grateful that you are both willing to do so for a program that is provided free of charge. I would also like to remind the listeners that they do not have to pay a subscription fee for these programs, nor are they required to listen to them, and as such, have complete freedom to stop listening at any time if they find that the programs are not to their liking. I personally find the lack of political correctness in this series refreshing. This world has enough people in it cloaking, sugar-coating and withholding the truth from people. I appreciate you both for being willing to make the truth known, whether it’s the truth about Yehovah or the truth about global circumstances. Thank you for all you do and please don’t stop!

  7. Peggy Cunningham says

    I don’t like political correctness. I want honesty, and I thank Yoel for telling us the truth. He lives in Israel and is more able to know the facts regarding this situation than we are.

  8. John Wickes says

    as per a sliver of your discussion eye for an eye…’ and it was said that the person when found guilty the family would be the ones to kill him’.
    For me this links into a passage that Jesus uses that I see entirely differently. Mark 8 the adulterous woman. Jesus’ famous answer is ‘he who is with out sin throw the first stone.’
    I feel that Jesus was spinning off a couple of different passages in the Torah. One, the obvious and what links to this discussion is says that the witness/es are the ones to throw the first stone. Deut 13:9,10 and 17:5-7.
    The second -as you spoke- if you use the law dishonestly or wrongly, what ever you intended to have done to the other, is done to you eye for eye..
    . When you put these two verses on Jesus’ situation: firstly there was only a woman being charged– where was the man? (He had to be there if they were caught in the act of adultery) It was the witnesses that needed to bring the charges and the penalty.
    When Jesus made his famous statement he did two things at once. One, when he said ‘first stone’ he was addressing two and only two people –nobody spoke up.. nobody brought the charges nor the stones– that put everyone else (pharisees and scribes who were accusing) in the situation of bringing charges wrongly and without substance against the woman since there was no witness to start it all off. Thus they now fell under the death penalty themselves because they said she should be stoned.
    Thus with out the 2 witnesses that Jesus called on (throwers of the first stone) to get the ball rolling there was nothing but hearsay. Everyone had no choice but to be quite. Then Jesus said ‘neither do I condemn you’ Jesus as well had no right to condemn her for he was not a witness either.

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