Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Bamidbar – Numbers 1:1-4:20

What is the meaning of the terms Bamidbar and Shaddai? Who is Shlameel & Shlamazel and the “camel of God”? Is there a problem with the numbers in Numbers? What are the emblems and standards of the twelve tribes? Why is it that the tribe of Levi is selected? How does currency and money differ? Also, what does it mean to be the redeemed of Yehovah? The answers to all this and more in this week’s Torah Pearls!

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  1. Tara says

    Thank you for wonderful insights, I love your Torah Pearls.
    Be blessed!

  2. Rick Winkler says

    Thanks, guys, for another thought provoking discussion of this week’s parsha. I have always just accepted the idea that there were 603,550 men plus women and children and a mixed multitude totaling 2-3 million people. [God said it, I believe it, that settles it.] But, I have recently been introduced to the possibility of another meaning of the word ‘eleph’ which precipitated a lingering doubt, “How could 70 souls have multiplied into 2-3 million people in three to four generations or even 400 years for that matter.” The possibility that eleph can mean something other than ‘thousand’ sure seems to make sense. However, the p’shat trumps all.

  3. Jimmy Fink says

    Thanks for explaining – I both laughed and cried. May all of Ya’ll be Blessed/Blessed/Blessed !!!

  4. kathrin Rothlisberger says

    Thank you so much for your insight to broadcast it to us. Now I have a question, is the firstborn always a male or are females counted as firstborn too?

  5. Garry Brown says

    I would like to ask the question about human sacrifice since you guys mentioned that it is an abomination to Yehovah. How does that fit in with the sacrifice of Yeshua? I would love to hear from you guys on this. I look forward to the show each week and thank Yehovah and you for bringing to the world. Keith, I bought the book His Hallowed Name Revealed Again but the cd was blank. Is it subliminal? Just joking about that. I do want to hear the names of our Father though.
    I love you guys. I think of the three stooges when you’re on, no disrespect intended but I laugh at how you carry on.
    Blessing to all
    Garry from Pulaski, TN.

  6. Ken Alder says

    I’d like to comment on Keith’s having ‘waxed on’ in regard to the Israelites having known without a doubt what the days, months and years were during their exodus. Indeed, the set apart calendar of YHWH had been restored in the earliest moments of the exodus from Egypt. If bible history is bible prophecy, and it is, then it also stands that if we’re in the last days prior to the Greater Exodus then we should begin to see another restoration of YHWH’s set apart calendar. Without hesitation I can say the pagan calendar of Pope Gregory the XIII will have ‘no part’ in that restoration for it holds nothing in common with the Creator’s Calendar! Not the beginning of days, the beginning of weeks, the beginning of months or the beginning of years, much less the pagan names for days and months! Although I am not so bold as to say that the calendar I keep today, which is a version of Lunar Sabbath (there are many), is the calendar that will be revealed at that time, I am confident that the Lunar Sabbath calendar will be ‘a player’ in the restoration of the Creator’s Calendar. Thanks guys!

  7. Sandi Hayman says

    I just wanted you 3 to know how much I enjoy the Midrashing. It’s this kind of exploration into the Word that opens up so much. Learning what the Hebrew really says makes a difference in our understanding. I’m in Florida and have had you on, thru the internet, all day. Thanks and blessings, Sandi…Florida

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