Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Emor – Leviticus 21:1-24:23

In this episode we discuss the standards and conduct of the Priests and acceptable offerings, as well as the appointed times of Yehovah and the issue of the Lunar Sabbath. Lastly, we address the stoning of the blasphemer!

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  1. Angela Wood says

    I have gotten 20 of the books, HIS HALLOWED NAME REVELED AGAIN, and passed them out all over. We have even sent them into the prisons here in Oklahoma.

  2. Shara says

    Hello Jono;

    I have a couple of questions for you, recently there have been a disturbing amount of people that are renouncing Yahshua as there Savior and I have listened to your show for about 2 years now and you do not speak about the new covenant anymore or I do not hear you speak of our Savior, nor do you have great guest on such as Brad Scott and Rico, ect have you renounced Yahshua as well? And this is not to say that your other guest are not great too! But I do find that our hope comes from Yahshua’s teachings and I find that we are lacking so much in these area’s that people focus on Torah and then forget the Haf Torah and the Brit! Thank you for the other great programs I do enjoy them too!

  3. Ester says

    Shalom Jono, Nehemia, and Keith!
    Love your pointing out to look up at YHWH’s clock in the sky, Keith!
    So is YHWH’s calendar, written in the sky! Non corruptible by man. HalleluYAHuWah! YHWH’s smarter than us!

    You are a walking, living ‘book’ of knowledge, Nehemia!
    Please comment on 21: 7, 13; would anyone else be able to marry a divorced woman? Todah!

    Ken, if you’re listening, please respond! You have been singled out as well by our dear Jono!

    No apologies, I believe in counting from the new moon as the start of the month and counting onwards from there, to the 7th day/Shabbat. LOL. Makes sense to me, anyway.

    Enjoy the laughter! Thank you!

  4. jason says

    Jono – amen regarding goat bucks and their smell!!! We’ve got two Nigerian Dwarf bucks…and they are NASTY!

    Anyways, great show as always. Thanks so much for making these available.

  5. Daryl Iverson says

    Thanks again guys. Excellent discussion!
    For Yehowah to instruct us to “proclaim” the appointed time of the weekly Sabbath is quite different than to “gather” on the weekly Sabbath. It seem It would be quite a mistake if we are instructed to gather and we do not but “speak” of it.

    Can we be sure of which is the right one?

  6. Joseph Zube says

    Awesome teachings! This is one of my favorite programs out

  7. Devorah says

    is it right to assume its still ok to spay/nueter unclean animals such as horses, dogs, cats, etc?

    and to Shara above, why is this disturbing to you? According to Isaiah 43:11 Yehovah alone is my salvation. It makes no difference to me Jono if you are a “….fill in the blank lable..” I love the show and the diversity and acceptance of all walks of faith! 🙂

  8. Riann says

    Hey guys,
    thank you again for a great study and a great laugh, my husband and I have made you a Sabbath staple for our personal studies and we value your insights (and levity).

    I did have a question, as I have heard Nehemia say on a number of occasions that he does not see Yeshuah as the messiah prophesised in the Tenach, I have valued so much his interpretations and explanations that I wondered what his reasons were for that. Is it prophesies unfulfilled, or not fulfilled accurately or something more, I would be very interested to know 🙂

    thank you and keep up the great work!

  9. kathrin Rothlisberger says

    Thank you for talking about God’s Feast . I really enjoy all the going through scriptures. And I tell my friends that as soon as I will find where God tells anywhere in Scripture to keep christmas and easter that I will keep them. So for now and forever I will keep Yehovahs Feasts!

  10. HerbB52 says

    Shara, I think that is a fair question.

  11. Yoel Ben Shlomo says

    I had to make the comment, I do have an agreement with Nehemiah that we don’t post silly stuff, but growing up with Monty Python I had to:
    “He said Jehovah! Stone him!!!! “All I said was that this halibut was good enough for Jehovah.” ” You’re only making it worse for yourself!” “How can I make it any worse: Jehovah, Jehovah!”
    What a stupid movie!!!!!”

  12. Peggy Cunningham says

    Thank you for another fabulous discussion.

    I noticed there were references made to whether or not certain material would be appropriate for children. Surely we are not censoring what is in the very Word of our Creator!

    Most of the discussions would have been far over the heads of a lot of young children I know anyway, but if a child is a teen or even a “tween” I can’t imagine hiding what YHWH has to say to us. We all know about bodily functions, we learn about sexual deviancy from watching the evening news. It’s important to be open about everything in the Scripture. I for one very much appreciate the frankness.

    Regarding Jono’s beliefs: I wonder if it’s not fairly presumptive of people to ask him this question. The show is called “Torah Pearls” and is an in-depth study and discussion from more than one viewpoint. Can it really get any better than this?

  13. student of Torah says

    My children know all about breeding from watching the goats. Oh, and we have eaten goat that is not neutered, and it is great! Never had a goat that is neutered, though. If YaH doesn’t want food from a goat that has been crushed, torn, whatever, it’s probably best if we pass on that as well. I’m sure in the future we’ll probably hear that meat is better for you if it’s not been mutilated in such a way. Oh, not to mention how neutering is the same as birth control and abortion-it is anti life and anti creation. It’s better for an animal’s and a human’s health if that individual bears offspring and nurses her young as well. Reduces risk of cancer among other things.

  14. Eunice Austin says

    Can someone help me please. I seem to be asked a lot lately as to when the Jubilee year was or is to be. Your answer would be much appreciated.

  15. Shara says

    I don’t believe it is being presumptive in asking this question, we all have to be very careful in what and who we are listening to. Have you read what our word says: 2Pet2 But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them…… I am very aware that it is called Torah Pearls and I did say I enjoyed the teachings however the whole reason I listened to Jono’s show was of his great guests who have strong beliefs in our Messiah Yahshua like Brad Scott. Jono does not have any guest on anymore who teach from the Torah, Haf Torah and the Brit. If I am going to continue to listen to a teacher I DO want to know where they stand in Yahshua? Nehemiah, & Yoel are very open in sharing their belief in Messiah, I do respect them and their teaching from a Torah perspective. It kinda makes me worried when you have Keith talking of the Pope that he takes the position of the High Priest in their catholic faith as if the Vatican is something to be admired, and also to Devorah if it does not matter “if anyone is …… fill in the blank” what if he was a Muslim teaching of Allah? I can appreciate that we are all on different levels and there is unity, but my question is to what extent and where do we draw the line. I know our bible is very clear on this matter. I am not looking to have a great debate here, I was only curious about a simply question?

  16. Peggy Cunningham says

    Shara: I would understand your belief that you have the right to question Jono in this matter IF he was a teacher. Nehemia and Keith are teachers and are both open about their exact beliefs.

    Jono is the radio host and to my knowledge has never claimed to be a teacher – he asks questions, interjects thoughts and in general “interviews” the teachers. I don’t think he should be required to divulge his personal thoughts and beliefs unless he chooses to do so.

    I would hope we would all know immediately if someone was a Muslim teaching of Allah; wouldn’t that come under the “judging of the fruit?”

    What I treasure so much about these discussions is that everyone comes together regarding Tanakh. I’m not sure that the rest of it is as important as we’ve been led to believe. We could live with Tanakh only. I don’t think we can say the same of the NT because the foundation is in Torah. (just my opinion).

  17. Carole says

    @Shara…. Nehemiah G is a Karaite and so is Deborah… that is, they do not believe Yeshua is the Messiah. I don’t know where Jono stands. He does not ever share his faith except in Torah alone and not Messiah, that I have heard.

  18. Carole says

    @Peggy: I wouldn’t think anyone is required by what, law?, to divulge their personal beliefs. More to the point is the question–why someone would refuse to share their particular faith?

    Your statement: “I’m not sure that the rest of it is as important as we’ve been led to believe.” is not a little concerning, since “the rest of it” is Messiah, the Son of YHVH … HE IS the Torah made flesh. It IS important not to deny Him. It IS important to publicly affirm one’s faith in HIM.

    Yes, we can learn from the good Torah teachers on this site; keep in mind that some continue have a veil over their eyes and do not see Yeshua in Torah for which reason their understanding, as great as it may be, is yet deficient.

    In my opinion, Shara’s question is a legitimate one. If it goes unanswered, that may be her answer.

  19. Grover says

    Thanks so much for discussing the lunar sabbath position a bit! I think there could be an entire show devoted to that alone. I love this website, I listen to EVERY. SHOW. I clean houses for a living so I just download the shows and listen on my MP3 player while I work, and I love it! And don’t let anyone criticize your jokes and laughter, it brightens my day, and I NEED that. It’s only a problem if someone is home when I’m cleaning and I bust out laughing for no reason that is apparent to them. 😉

  20. Peggy Cunningham says

    When I use the phrase that someone (Jono) is not “required” to divulge personal thoughts and beliefs, of course I don’t mean in a legal sense, but rather the fact that he is providing a very good program free of charge for anyone who wishes to listen and it doesn’t seem necessary to know exactly what he thinks. He’s doing good interviews, not “leading” the teachers in any direction. It is completely immaterial to me what he believes since he’s conducting the interviews in a fair and unbiased manner and the listeners are being given loads of truthful information we probably won’t find anywhere else.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of believers in Jesus/Yeshua are very quick to say that those who don’t (or possibly might not) be believers are the ones with veiled eyes, even going so far as to assume that a non-answer is reason for concern. It almost seems as though there is fear present. But if a believer’s faith is solid, then the information presented here shouldn’t be cause for concern.

    Brad Scott has a website – there are loads of YouTube teachings by him and other teachers who combine B’rit Chadashah with the Torah portions. Surely the internet is big enough for everyone to find the type of teachings that will fit their needs.

  21. Ester says

    I’ve listened to this program a second time, as it is worth listening to again.
    I have a few things to say to Nehemia, as I have complimented him as a ‘walking’ knowledge book, and that is so true; but to comment on someone’s belief in YHWH’s lunar calendar as sort of “silly”, and refering to their belief as based on any encylopedia, whereas he ignores Gen 1:14, as Keith has so excitedly pointed out in this program
    that YHWH has a calendar set in the shamayim, referred to as moedim/appointed times, 23:2, 4, &44, translated as ‘seasons’!

    A huge appreciation to Keith’s great contribution in all these programs; for making these programs REALLY so lively and inspirational!
    Thanks, Jono for putting up these programs. :-))

  22. HerbB52 says

    Truth2U has received my gifts. If there has been a change in his belief our policy I don’t think it would be too big a deal to let me know what I am supporting.

  23. jono vandor says

    G’day Herb, thank you for supporting T2U in the past. I hope the program continues to be a blessing! You asked on the T2U Facebook page “Are you still Messianic?” I may be mistaken, but I don’t believe I have ever used the term “messianic” to describe myself in all the years I have conducted interviews on T2U. However, I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know that I do eagerly await the messiah and I fully expect all prophecies given from Yehovah to be fulfilled. May it be today!

  24. Carole says

    @ Peggy– it’s so hard to get the right expression in an email. Of course, I did not mean to infer that you were speaking “legally” –that was simply meant tongue in cheek, as in, ah, no one is “required” to say what they believe–or if they are, what would require them to do Obviously that is not the case, so it is also not the case that Jono tell us if he believes Yeshua is the Messiah. He is under no stipulation to do so. He leaves it to speculation as to why he would not, but he is not required.

    You will notice he quite effectively dodged the answer again in his answer “I am eagerly awaiting the Messiah” — does he await Yeshua Messiah? Or another? Perhaps better said, Does he await the first appearance of Messiah or does he feel Messiah has not come even once, therefore denying the historical Yeshua Messiah?

    I used the term “veiled” because that’s how the Brit describes some who cannot see. Don’t read too much into that word— I’m not in fear.

    It may not be important at all to people whether Jono is or is not a believer in Yeshua– because I do not know, I do not give to the program. Otherwise, his personal faith is not an issue for me. I enjoy the programs; listen to most all of them without fail. I understand that NG does not see Messiah in Torah as I do, and am cognizant that JV quite thriftily avoids the topic as well.

    If he believes perhaps that Yeshua was just a man, perhaps a very good man, perhaps a prophet or a teacher, a 1st century rabbi—but that he denies His status as the Son of YHVH, that Yeshua simply died like every other human being, and the resurrection was/is a lie or a myth, well that’s what many in the world believe. Personally, I do not hold to that view— Yeshua’s body did not rot in the grave; He did come as Messiah, fulfilling the Law and the Prophets; and, He will complete that Messianic fulfillment at His second appearance.

    What listeners have noticed and have vocalized is what they hear JV say concerning his personal faith in Yeshua Messiah: nothing.

  25. Peggy Cunningham says

    Hi Carole,

    I am so appreciative of the fact that you and I (and others too) perhaps don’t agree about everything, yet we are able to interact and discuss our differences with kindness and sincerity. Thank you so much – I’ve enjoyed the discussion.

    I hope everyone is as blessed by the Torah Pearls as I have been.

    Another Sabbath is practically upon us, so I’ll wish you “Shabbat shalom”.


  26. Carole says

    @Peggy….. Shabbat Shalom to you as well! Unless you are not a believer in Yeshua, I don’t think we disagree at all 🙂

  27. carbonblack says

    Just a quick question for Nehemia, if we sight the moon to get the month and the starting of the month, then how come Yah’s weeks follow a different timeline from His months? It would seem counter intuitive to me… could you give some insight to this?

  28. carbonblack says

    Could Nehemia comment on the verses in 1 Samuel 20: 18-29 specifically from the Hebrew text, it reads very differently from the english one. Thank you!

  29. Ken Alder says

    Of all the programs that I would miss I missed this one! Ah Jono, so Ester and I are Lunies or did you mean Loonies? For any Lunar Sabbath keeper out there who may have heard this program I would encourage you to stay strong, this is the kind of treatment you can look forward to, ridicule via the traditionalists. Here is a quote which is applicable from Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher, 1788-1860, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.” Obviously the restoration of Lunar Sabbath keeping is still in the first two stages of ridicule and violent opposition. And why should we think it should be any other way, the restoration of Lunar Sabbath keeping is in it’s infancy and Lunar Sabbath keepers are a group of very diverse beliefs and practices. So again to my Lunar Sabbath keeping brothers and sisters, stay strong, there will be no cowards in the Kingdom! There is NEVER any reason for a Lunar Sabbath keeper to take a ‘back seat’ in any discussion over YHWH’s calendar which He has placed in the heavens where man can’t mess with it. Lunar Sabbath keeper, you have the Scriptural high ground, be willing to fight to hold that position.

    Now then according to Scripture, “YHWH has made the appointed times and Sabbaths to be forgotten in Tsiyon,…” (Lamentations 2:6b) Also in Hosea 2:11, “And I shall cause all her rejoicing, her festivals, her New Moons, and her Sabbaths, even all her appointed times , to cease,…” Surely He has fulfilled that prophecy! So then should I expect an accurate recording of Lunar Sabbath keeping to be found in the writings of fallible historians? Should I find an accurate account of Lunar Sabbath keeping in the writings of historians that could thwart the will of YHWH? It has been His will that the Sabbaths, New Moons and Appointed Times be forgotten as a disciplinary response to Israel’s constant apostasy. And speaking of apostasy I would have to reject Nehemia’s demand from ancient Jewish sources for the Lunar Sabbath for which he has already shown the willingness to refute via ad hominen attack and say that the onus of proof is on the traditionalist who claims an unbroken chain of 7 day weekly cycles that goes back to creation. After untold numbers of Israel’s apostasies it is unrealistic to believe that Saturday is the 7th day of YHWH. And just so you all know, at the time of Messiah Yeshua, the Roman Empire was keeping an 8 day week, the week days of that market calendar being A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H. It wasn’t until some time later that via Mithraic influence that the 8 day market calendar was changed to a 7 day pagan god calendar which had Saturday as the 1st day of the week. As that Mithraic influence continued to increase at the time of Constantine the Sun Day was venerated by moving it from it’s 2nd day position in the week to the 1st day position which bumped Saturn’s Day from it’s 1st day position in the week to the 7th day. Get a grip on that and then maybe your mind will be open to accepting the calendar of YHWH which is marked via the moon in the heavens where man can’t mess with it! You can shut all of us Lunies up with irrefutable proof that the continual 7 day cycle goes back to creation. I say that of course knowing full well that it can’t be done. Further more Nehemia had a perfect opportunity to knock Jono’s fat, slow ball pitch out of the park with Scripture verses that prove a continual cycle that goes back to creation. Obviously he didn’t do that. Why? Because there aren’t any verses in Scripture that proclaim a continuous 7 day cycle that goes back to creation, that’s why! Put up and we’ll shut up, until then Lunar Sabbath keepers will continue to dig deep to uncover every detail that can help to unite our diverse beliefs.

    What an unenviable position Nehemia created for himself, before discrediting the Jewish encyclopedia, which I really didn’t mind, as far as I’m concerned we can throw the bums out, they’re not trustworthy, but then Nehemia felt the need to discount the Sabbath’s legitimate position in Leviticus 23 with words like, ‘parenthetical’ and ‘inserted’. Sounds like Nehemia thinks YHWH did a poor job of getting Leviticus 23 right. Of course a logical explanation for what Nehemia called ‘parenthetical’ and ‘inserted’ is Sabbath’s segregation from the rest of the moedim being based on Sabbath’s recurring status throughout the course of the year as opposed to the rest of the moedim being ‘Annual Sabbaths’. To discount the weekly Sabbath as not being governed by the moon as are all of the other moedim of Leviticus 23 even though it is listed with but segregated from the rest of the moedim which are governed by the moon in Leviticus 23 is a serious case of ‘eisegesis’ I’m afraid.

    Further more, when YHWH says He will take His Sabbaths, New Moons and Appointed Times from Tsiyon He means exactly and completely what He said. Which means when it comes to discerning which day is Rosh Chodesh today is ‘guess work’! Scripture does not tell you how to mark the beginning of the month. We are leaning on the arm of flesh (Jewish historians) to say it is according to First Visible Crescent or by any other measure. Having said that I’d like to ask, “What are you three men planning on doing this Monday or Tuesday, i.e. May 21st or 22nd?” The reason I ask is because it will be Rosh Chodesh on one of those days depending upon whether the beginning of the month is via Conjunction or FVC. According to Ezekiel 46:1 the gate to the ‘inner court’ is shut during the 6 days of work but is open on the Sabbath and Rosh Chodesh (New Moon). So come Monday or Tuesday is the gate to the inner court going to be open or shut? If you say it will be shut because its a work day I’ll say its open because its Rosh Chodesh. If you say its open because its Rosh Chodesh I’ll say its closed because its a work day (Monday or Tuesday). Until you are willing to admit that Rosh Chodesh is a 3rd category of day which NEVER falls on a weekly work day or weekly Sabbath you have no good answer to the question, “Is the gate open or shut?” So then, are the three of you going to be working or worshipping on Monday or Tuesday, one of which will be Rosh Chodesh? If you maintain your 6 day work week you’ll violate Rosh Chodesh, a day of worship. If you worship on Rosh Chodesh (Monday or Tuesday) you’ll violate the 6 day work week. So what’s it going to be boys?

    The fact is that if Scriptural history is Scriptural prophecy, and it is, then just as YHWH restored His calendar in the heavens to the Israelites before the first exodus out of Egypt He will again restore His calendar in the heavens before the Greater Exodus out of these lands of exile which I hope is soon. There is not a doubt in my mind that Lunar Sabbath keeping is a player in that restoration. There is much yet to learn but I thank my Abba in heaven that I am not stuck in the mud of ‘TRADITION’!

  30. Ken Alder says

    Oh yeah, one more thing! I’ve already mentioned the diverse beliefs and practices of Lunar Sabbath keepers in the infancy of the restoration of YHWH’s calendar. One of those diverse beliefs and practices is the count to Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks. Although there are some who count the 7 weeks ‘complete’ with their Rosh Chodesh days included making for a count slightly more than 50 days, there are also others, myself included which count 7 Sabbaths ‘complete’ AND THEN count 50 days to Shavuot. That count of 100 plus days takes you to the 28th or 29th of the 4th month depending upon how many days of Rosh Chodesh are included in the 7 Sabbaths ‘complete’ count. I’d like to ask Nehemia to search the land of Israel for ripe ‘SPRING WHEAT’ at the time of the ‘traditional’ Shavuot in the 1st week of the the 3rd month. I’d also like to ask Nehemia to search the land of Israel for ripe grapes in the 1st week of the 3rd month. You see, at Shavuot there needs to be ripe ‘SPRING WHEAT’ to harvest for a ‘First Fruits’ offering unto YHWH. Secondly for the scoffers in Acts 2:13 to say those who spoke in tongues on the day of Shavuot were drunk on NEW WINE there had to be NEW WINE available for their scoffing to have any credibility. I don’t believe there would be either ripe ‘SPRING WHEAT’ or ‘NEW WINE’ available from the land of Israel in the 1st week of the 3rd month but both would be available in the land of Israel by the 4th week of the 4th month.

    Also I may as well add that the days of the 10th, 14th and 16th of the 1st month are very problematic when trying to reconcile the calendar of YHWH to the calendar of Pope Gregory XIII. On the 10th day of the 1st month Israelites are instructed to buy a lamb to sacrifice if they don’t already own one. Of course if the 10th day of the 1st month of YHWH’s calendar falls on Pope Gregory’s 7th day Saturn’s Day, which it often times does, a person finds themselves in a bit of a quandary. The 10th is the only day of Scriptural provision to buy that lamb but to do so would violate Pope Gregory’s 7th day! The 14th day of the 1st month is the day of Pesach on which the lambs are to be slaughtered. In Scripture Pesach NEVER falls on the 7th day Sabbath but when we observe Pope Gregory’s calendar it often times will, so if the temple stood today along with the Levitical priesthood and I traveled to Jerusalem to offer up my lamb what would I do if the 14th of YHWH’s calendar fell on the 7th day Saturn’s Day of Pope Gregory’s calendar? Finally the 16th day is Wave Sheaf offering. Israelites had to go to their fields and harvest a ‘first fruits’ portion to be offered to YHWH, it was a ‘work day’. But what if that ‘work day’ fell on Pope Gregory’s 7th day Saturn’s Day, could you go into your fields and harvest the crop?

    Of course none of these problems occur on the Lunar Sabbath calendar of YHWH. The Sabbaths are the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of every month on the Lunar Sabbath calendar without fail, it NEVER CHANGES!

    The calendar you observe proclaims the god you serve.

  31. Ken Alder says

    One last thing, that 100 plus day count that I sited in the post above perfectly reconciles the count to Shavuot, i.e. 7 Sabbaths ‘complete’ plus 50 days, with Moses arriving at Mt. Sinai and then coming down the mountain with the 10 Commandments after spending 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain. Many commentaries say the 10 Commandments were given on Shavuot but the Lunar Sabbath keeping count of 7 Sabbaths ‘complete’ plus 50 days is THE ONLY WAY to reconcile the two.

    I’d also like to give Keith Johnson a great big THANK YOU for your part in this trio of voices. Hang tough friend!

  32. Devorah says

    I must put a disclaimer in here…..the post above from Devorah is not me….Dev the Kultured Karaite. This is my first and only post in this thread and I don’t want anyone to think that I have participated here.

    the Kultured Karaite

  33. Peggy Cunningham says

    Ken, that’s a lot of information and I probably just don’t understand a great deal of it. But I wondered how people following the Lunar Sabbath calendar manage to keep Shabbat if it falls in the middle of the week if they have a regular Monday-Friday job.

  34. Ken Alder says

    Hey Jono! Clearly I’ve been asleep at the wheel! In regard to the word ‘lunatic’ which I never heard being used on the program but rather ‘lunie’ or ‘loonie’. My sense of the word being used in conversation circled around Lunar Sabbath keeping is that it is a form of ‘staturing’. I don’t know about the gals but men are constantly doing this, always positioning themselves to look better than the guy standing next to them. When standing next to a Lunar Sabbath keeper if you can paint him as a ‘lunie’ or ‘lunatic’ who is ‘one brick short of a load’ and to be avoided at all cost then it’s ‘mission accomplished’ and you don’t have to meet him on the field of ‘critical thinking’. Although I have said of myself ‘I’m not the brightest star in the evening sky’ I must also say some of the smartest people I know are Lunar Sabbath keepers. They are anything but mental lightweights.

    I am fairly strong mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually so being called a ‘lunie’ really doesn’t bother me, I actually like it in the sense that I wear it as a badge of honor. Every day we all have to put on our ‘big boy pants’ and roll with the punches regardless of the direction from which they come. Therefore I’m not in the least concerned for myself but rather for those who are not as strong as I am, that’s why I try to encourage them to stay strong, they have the Scriptural high ground and there is no reason for them to take a back seat to anyone on this subject. So then concerning the use of the word ‘lunie’ in reference to an individual who proclaims something like Lunar Sabbath keeping I am reminded of the parable of the sower in Luke 8:5 which reads,

    “A sower went out to sow his seed. And as he sowed, some indeed fell by the wayside. And it was trodden down, and the birds of the heaven devoured it.”

    By casting someone such as myself who proclaims something outside the box of ‘tradition’ as a ‘lunie’ who is to be feared, avoided or just simply ignored is to play the part of the birds in the parable who devour the seed which I am trying to plant. It’s a very effective tactic, I see it all the time. Never the less, I love the program, I love Nehemia, Keith and you Jono. Keep the great programs coming you’re reaching many people with profound truths. When I take exception I’ll drop in a comment from the ‘lunatic fringe’!

    Peggy Cunningham… Living in the lands of exile and including the land of Israel today can make keeping the Lunar Sabbath very difficult unless you are self-employed. What each of us needs to do is study the subject for yourself. Don’t let me influence you toward Lunar Sabbath keeping and don’t let anyone else influence you away from Lunar Sabbath keeping. Study the history of calendation, prove for yourself that it is impossible to even get back to the crucifixion of Messiah Yeshua via a continual 7 day cycle let alone all the way back to creation thru the many apostasies of Israel. Once you understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 7th day of Pope Gregory’s calendar which the entire world bows to today is not the 7th day of YHWH then and only then should you go further into discerning what the true 7th day of YHWH actually is. Once you have concluded what the true 7th day is remain ‘open minded’ as to the possibility that you could be wrong as there are different methods of proclaiming Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) which of course would change the keeping of all the moedim including the weekly Sabbath. Once a person has gotten that far in their studies of the true 7th day then you can begin to make the changes necessary in employment and whatever else might be required to keep the Lunar Sabbath. Count the cost and if you’re willing and able to pay the price go for it. It’s worth it! Blessings to you as you study so show yourself approved!

  35. Jeanie says


    i have just listened to this episode. Since it is well past May you might not even see this comment. I do not know much about lunar Sabbath keeping. But I would like to know where it is in Torah that says we should worship on Rosh Chodesh?

  36. rocky says

    I heard Nehemia Confirm Something today that has been working in my Spirit for Quite a while about Moshes time on the mountain …Very interesting to have Confirmation on this issue …Thanks….

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