Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Achrei Mot – Leviticus 16:1-18:30

In this episode we center in on the Day of Atonement and discuss the two goats and what they represent. Listen in as Nehemia recounts the miracle of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Also, Keith tells of his recent adventures beneath and upon the Temple Mount, plus a bonus story about his meeting with the Pope!

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  1. crystal says

    The “All-Seeing Eye” is also known as the “eye of god”; not our God but the pagan sun god. So the holy sepulchre can not be the center of the world. I believe not no absolutely sure, but I think the Book of Enoch tells where the center of the world is , which I believe is where Eden used to be. Just my own thoughts.

  2. abraham rabadan says

    thank you so much for posting these torah portions for free download we are very thankful to be able to listen here in mexico, Abraham and Elisabeth Rabadan and our children Abraham, Ana, Adaya, and Chasya

  3. Daryl Iverson says

    I sincerely appreciate this program and plan to support this ministry soon.

    As great as it is, I would like to offer the following as constructive criticisms:

    1. Revealing truth and the contrast between the truth and error will help every listener. While it is useful to point out the errors within certain traditions, it seems counterproductive to belittle or berate those who teach or follow those traditions – even when doing so seems intentionally misleading.

    2. It seems the program is becoming unbalanced. At times, Keith Johnson is not allowed to make opening remarks and his comments are spoken-over or somewhat belittled. It might be helpful to keep track of the time given to each of your comments (sort of like more structured debates) as to be fair, more inclusive, and less rude. Each perspective is equally important for the format of the program, which is a great part of what makes the program appealing.

    3. While I enjoy and appreciate the humorous times, it seems too much time is used for “picking on” each other resulting in not having enough time to explore as fully the richness of the topics.

    Thanks again for offering such a wealth of information freely. I look forward to hearing more.

  4. catherine says

    i was told that according to tradition, this goat was pushed off a cliff? have you ever heard of this?

  5. Tzofiya says

    I wanted to say my family, & we really enjoy going over the Torah with you all!…., we also enjoy & delite in your 3 different backgrounds, & how you all come together in carefully studying the scripture…& we really enjoy the gentle midrashing going on. =-) We come here because we are so sick of being preached at, & with the wrong stuff, and the typical strick structure that some organizations place on learning scripture. It is nice to come to this site and let your hair down and just listen to the teachings without having to worry about a structured program. I feel our family benefits from your approach to the scriptures more than any other way. Thanks for all that you do and please don’t change the way you do things on this program. We have made your program a part of our Shabbat every week and listen as a family. Sometimes our family is spread out through out the world due to work, but we all still listen to your program where ever we all are and discuss it. It brings us together and helps us stay focused on the weekly readings. You guys are a great inspiration, and wonderful teachers! May Y.H.V.H. Bless you 3 gentlemen, & people who put this program together… =-)

  6. Reginald Platt says

    . Could the ‘Scapegoat’ picture the Saviour Removing our sins completely out of sight. As far as the East is from the West. Never to be seen again. Heb.10v17. Jer’31v34.

  7. Myra Martin says

    Looking at the Hebrew letters for Azazal

    Ayin = eyes
    counsel of Godhead with heaven’s decision

    Zayin as the hammer of God to execute the judgement

    Aleph = The head, tree of life
    Christ was crucified on a tree

    Zayin as the nails, where our sins were nailed to the cross

    Lamedh = ox goad. It is finished, our sins are paid for!!
    Our sins have been removed forever.

    Praise YHVH for His wisdom and wonderful works!!

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