Yoel ben Shlomo – The Laws of Niddah

In this program Yoel offers a detailed explanation regarding the Rabbinic practices and mindset of Niddah, Zavah, and the Mikveh.

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  1. Jaimie says

    I just thought I would point out that it is well known in the medical/OB community that a girl baby is born with all the eggs that she will ever have. Her body creates these while she is in her mother’s womb. Her body will never create more in her lifetime. Therefore, her mother is not only carrying her, but also the eggs for her future grandchildren. The mother is carrying twice the life in her womb if she is carrying a girl!! It only makes sense that the time of the mother’s separation after the birth would be twice that for a girl than for a boy. She is carrying twice the life!!
    Shabbat Shalom!

  2. Rick Winkler says

    When a person immerses himself in a Mikvah, he immerses himself spiritually in the basic concept of change itself… when he emerges from the Mikvah, he is in a total state of renewal and rebirth.
    “Waters of Eden; The Mystery of the Mikvah” (pages 66-67)
    by Aryeh Kaplan
    Published 1976 by OU/NCSY Publications

    Now, let me see, wasn’t there someone else who spoke about a rebirth that comes from a washing?

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