Yoel ben Shlomo – The Temple Mount

Where exactly is the site of the Temple Mount & how well documented is it’s location? How has it suffered from Arab vandalism and irreverent tourism? Is it still Holy and, according to the Torah, are we allowed to visit it today?

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  1. Tanya says

    For some reason I can’t get it to download. So am listening live. Not sure why but it’s something with writing. When I click on it it says it’s an application downloaded from the internet. I was able to download Nehemia and Keith and Stephen Tamplin.

    I’m using Firefox.

  2. צ'ופצ'יק says

    יואלוש, באמת שיעור מוצלח. בטוח שמעת על אשר קאופמן. אתן לך את סיפרו כשאקפוץ לירושלים. ישר כוח עם ידיעותיך במקרא והחכמת הגויים.

  3. jason says

    Just wanted to let you know that the download link is HTML – no mp3 available.

    Thanks for all of the great programming. G’day from America!

  4. jono vandor says

    Sorry guys, I’m not sure what the problem was. It seems to be streaming fine at this end. Let me know if it’s still a problem.

  5. Tanya says

    Thanks Chris, your link worked!

  6. Tanya says

    No your link still doesn’t work. But Chris’s does so I used his.

  7. Darren Chan says

    Thank you for the awesome teaching Yoel!

    Before I used to think Heaven was some fluffy cloud in the sky with harps being played.

    Now I’m wholeheartedly with Jono about the Temple with the service of the Levitical Priesthood being restored in Israel, may it please be very, very soon!!!

    Jer 17:25 Then there shall enter by the gates of this city kings and princes who sit on the throne of David, riding in chariots and on horses, they and their officials, the men of Yehuda and the inhabitants of Yerushalayim. And this city shall be inhabited forever.

    Jer 33:17 “For thus says YHVH: David shall never lack a man to sit on the throne of the house of Israel,
    Jer 33:18 and the Levitical priests shall never lack a man in my presence to offer burnt offerings, to burn grain offerings, and to make sacrifices forever.”

  8. Teddy H Craig says

    Jono, can you put up a list to his Facebook page please.

    Thank you.

    Yours in Yahh Hoshua,
    Teddy H Craig.

  9. Ester says

    Thank you, Joel, for all these ‘inside’ information of Yerusalem and the Temple Mount! So precious to know.
    That feeling you shared when you were inside the Kadosh place, stirs us to wish we could be there too.

  10. jono vandor says

    Sorry to everybody who couldn’t download this incredible episode with Yoel on the Temple Mount. I discovered and fixed the problem, so enjoy 😉

  11. Andre says

    I guess the Hebrew Roots and Messianics who tried to go to the temple mount are going by zeal without knowledge. I’m not sure why any would think it’s ok. According to Yeshua – even the least of the Torah is in effect while the heaven and earth are still standing… so that would include prohibitions on who could enter that space.
    According to the testimony – He and his disciples were known to frequent to portico of Solomon… but I still don’t get where they thought he physically went into the Holy of Holies. The only thing I can think is where He said he would prepare a place in His Father’s house “and when I come again I will receive you”… but that time hasn’t even come yet.
    Yakov/James – Yeshua’s brother – when he sent Saul/Paul to the temple in Acts to take a Nazirite vow it was specifically to show the people that Saul/Paul was obedient to the Torah. Saul/Paul was arrested on suspicion of bringing uncircumcised Gentiles within forbidden areas of the temple court – which he adamantly denied. That was why he had Timothy circumcised (his mother was Jewish)… so that wouldn’t have been a controversy for him… but he was clear that though he brought Gentiles to Jerusalem… he didn’t violate temple precincts.

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