Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Ki Tisa – Exodus 30:11-34:35

And when Moses came down from the Mount Sinai, he held the two tables of the testimony, and he knew not that his face was horned from the conversation of the Lord. And Aaron and the children of Israel seeing the face of Moses horned, were afraid to come near. – Latin Vulgate – Exodus 34:29-30

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  1. Anthony Garica says

    Hello Dear Brothers in the Faith. I do have information with the use of oils, that I believe to be true in what you say as being the Anointing for Healing. If any man in need, with Faith. I will post a miracle that I believed happend, and had great proof with many men and medical evidence. I will share my story in another post when I get a break. Thanks for all the talks. Great stuff.

  2. Robin Barry says

    Oh! that picture is hilarious! I appreciate your sense of humor.

  3. Tammy Long says

    Another great one!

  4. carol castro says

    There is a teaching about the golden calf that has to do with the Sotah law. The word El in paleo Hebrew has a calf in it. But the calf is also the image of Hathor. perhaps those who followed the calf because of Yahweh, although incorrect in their action, were not punished as those who worshipped the golden calf as a representive of Hathor. By making them drink the mixture of gold, they could tell who had been in an adulterous relationship.

  5. Anthony Garica says

    It was only a few years ago, I had been volunteering as a Chaplain’s Assistant in the Arizona State Prison, Florence AZ. While in a minimum yard, I would hold Saturday bilingual Spanish/English services (with an inmate as my interpreter) with full music and items of worship that was allowed for our religious practices. While holding service, I felt the urge to hold a healing service, and I instructed the men, to prepare and fast, for a time not yet determined, so that this type of service can take place. After a few months, I was compelled to bring oil of Frankincense and Myrrh which was purchased at the local Christian Book Store (this one was from Texas), and the men were told, “if the Lord is willing, and if the yard isn’t locked down, we will be holding a healing service next week. So tell all who are willing, to be here. And those who are going too fast be prepared”. I fasted days before and prior to my arrival to the prison yard.

    I want to say, there were about 60 men who showed up, that was average for a good night of worship, and only five or so were fasting. I put a oil container in the hands of them who were going to lay hands on those who were to come forth, and I asked them to anoint themselves with oil, on their hands and head. After praying and with worship songs playing the men were asked to come up who needed prayer, and a little over a tenth came forth.
    One man in particular that I had placed my hands on was a Spanish older man that was having problems with the hair on his head. It seemed as if his hair had fallen out as a spot. He stated, “The doctors could not figure out why this was happening.” It looked odd as well, a circular spot, which was completely bald, on the back of his head. His hair around it was growing in full growth. Not balding in any other place and he had a full dark black head of hair. I put oil on my hands, and placed them directly on his circular spot. Several months went by, and I had opened up the forum for testimonies, when this man came up and told us his miracle before all the men. In spoke to the assembly, both in Spanish and in English and he said; “I had heard of this service and didn’t believe much that I would be healed. But something told me to come to the service, and let them pray over me. I had been losing my hair for seven years in this one spot, and the doctors could not figure out what was causing it, nor was any test picking anything up. And my close friends, and many of you here, know this was bothering me for a long time. And I’ve had people pray for me, and lay hands on me. But never had anyone ever suggest or place oil on my in such a manner, with faith.” He turned around to face the assembly, and what they saw was, this circular spot on his head, which had long bright white hair growing out from that circle which once was bald. He said; “the doctors were amazed, and he shared his testimony to the healing service that he went to, that he knows, made his hair grow back out.”
    It is testimonies like that, and facts by many eye witnesses, that keep me doing it is, what Elohim, Yehovah has us to do while serving His chosen people on this earth. These things were done in the name of the Son of God.
    ASPC-Florence South Unit P.O. Box 8400, Florence, AZ 85132 Phone number 520-868-4011 – South Unit Main Control/ Unit Chaplain Lee

  6. Elvira White says

    Nehemia, are there two different types or mixes of oil? One very special one for only use on priests and the High Priest and another one of some kind of olive oil for annointing kings? Maybe the one reference in the NT book of James is to the olive oil kind? The first was not to be even worn outside the Temple was it?

  7. Elisheva Fox says

    Shemot 32 did Aaron drink the powder?

    Exo 32:20 And he took the calf which they had made, and burned it in the fire, and ground it into powder, and scattered it on the face of the water and made the children of Yisrael drink it.

    Why did Aaron’s belly not swell as the others who were guility?

  8. benjamin whigham says

    I knew it was true…look at how big his horns are…

  9. Kimberly says

    This discussion was PACKED! Two thoughts in particular:

    Regarding the half-shekel when the people are counted, it stood out to me that this was an offering, and made me think that, yes!, I would certainly want to offer ANYTHING to YHVH when I find I am counted among His people!

    Next was Keith’s observation about how YHVH equips people to keep his commandments and fulfill the task he has given them. I have before thought of Moses, who seemed ill-equipped to do his job, being slow of speech. But now it seems like that was just in Moses’ mind. Perhaps he didn’t need eloquence since he would not be making up his own words, he would be speaking YHVH’s words. All he needed was faith.

  10. Ken Alder says

    Thanks for the program guys, I really do enjoy and benefit from them. Three things come to mind as I consider this portion.

    1) Back in 2006 I quit a very good paying job in order to keep Saturday Sabbath, now over 5 years later, I am beginning to realize I had been ‘presumptuous’ to have done so. I believe it was Nehemiah who mentioned a 7 day repeating cycle that goes back to creation, I no longer believe a case from history can be made for such a statement and I know of no where in Scripture that the weeks cycle continuously in an unbroken chain that goes back to creation. The facts are there are many calendar problems in trying to reconcile our present Gregorian calendar, from which we get our weekly Sabbaths, to the calendar of YHWH. I’ve studied Lunar Sabbath keeping now for over a year and find it to be compelling in the way it resolves calendar issues. It seems obvious that as Sabbath is listed as the first moedim of YHWH in Leviticus 23 that it would be reckoned just as the rest of the moedim are, that is according to the moon.

    2) The Golden Calf which Aaron had fashioned was an Egyptian ‘Apis’ bull calf. The ‘Apis’ bull calf is known as a symbol for ‘Saturn’ worship. The sad reality of Israel’s past is that they/we have been polytheistic from nearly day one. If you research the ‘star of Remphan’ and the ‘star of Chiun’ you will once again see symbols of ‘Saturn’ worship. The six pointed star of David is no different, having come from Solomon’s polytheistic worship. Here King David is getting a really bad rap for his son’s worship practices. They become obvious signs of our rebellious, stiff necked attitude toward YHWH. We have ‘marked’ ourselves with these symbols since the beginning of time and continue in the delusion via our ‘Saturn’s Day’ worship. We desperately need to return to the signs in the heavens to mark our days and worship just as YHWH has provided them back in Genesis 1:14, 15. I am in the process of divorcing the Gregorian calendar for ‘irreconcilable differences’!

    3) Another note on the Golden Calf/10 Commandment issue. If you take a literal approach to Leviticus 23’s commandment as how to count to The Feast of Weeks via Lunar Sabbath keeping you will discover that the very day Moses comes down the mountain with the tablets of stone, which is the same day Aaron has proclaimed to be a feast to YHWH match. The count comes out exactly the same and falls at the very end of the 4th month, not the first week in the 3rd month. So yes, the 10 Commandments were given on Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks! The count goes like this, 7 weeks complete totaling either 51 or 52 days depending upon the number of days of Rosh Chodesh, then the morrow after for 1 more day and then count 50 days for a total of either 102 or 103 days counted from the 16th day of the 1st month. Shavuot then falls on the 28th or 29th day of the 4th month. The year of the Exodus the count fell on the 29th of the 4th month, the same day Moses came down the mountain with the tablets of stone and Aaron proclaimed a ‘chag’ unto YHWH. Pretty amazing!

  11. jono vandor says

    G’day Anthony, thank you for illustrating my point exactly.

  12. jono vandor says

    I’m yet to meet a Lunar Sabbath keeper who keeps just the 7th day of the month. They seem to think they are entitled to the 14th, 21st & 28th days as well! Yet a Lunar Sabbath keeper is only entitled to the 7th day, that’s one Shabbat a month. But they observe every consecutive seventh day of a Lunar cycle. Where do they get that?

  13. Ken Alder says

    Shalom Jono, thank you for your question. Within the Lunar Sabbath community there are several factions as there are in all movements I know of. There is a minority view point that believes the Sabbaths of the month fall on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th days of the month, however as I said that is a minority view point. The vast majority of Lunar Sabbath keepers keep Sabbath on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th days of the Lunar cycle. The first day of the month always being Rosh Chodesh, which is a 3rd category of day, i.e. 1) work days 2) weekly Sabbath day and 3) Rosh Chodesh day. You’ll find these 3 categories of days summed up in a single verse in Ezekiel 46:1. The question of when to begin the month continues to haunt Lunar Sabbath keepers just as it does all believers who use the moon to begin their months to keep their High Holy Days. Once a person decides, hopefully in humility knowing they could be wrong, how to begin the month with Rosh Chodesh via First Visible Sliver vs. day after conjunction etc., then the vast majority of Lunar Sabbath keepers set aside the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th days of the month as Sabbaths of rest. The commandment to keep Sabbath is to labor 6 days and rest on the 7th day, Lunar Sabbath keeping never violates that commandment. Also whenever Scripture mentions a weekly Sabbath with a hard numerical date it always, without exception, is on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th day of the month. The Sabbaths recorded in the first 3 consecutive months of the exodus from Egypt all fall on the same days, which is impossible on any calendar other than a Lunar calendar. I know of no Lunar Sabbath keepers who keep only one Sabbath per month. Once the 4 weekly cycles of the month are completed you keep Rosh Chodesh for either 1 or 2 days depending upon whether it is a 29 or 30 day month. I hope that helps and thanks again for the question.

  14. Gracie May says

    First of all, I want to clarify something. Please correct me if I’m mistaken, but you all seem to imply that “anointing with oil” is wrong, simply because this passage in Exodus states that holy anointing oil is to be used only for the priests. If that is indeed what you’re saying, I have to seriously disagree with your line of thinking. It was that particular holy anointing oil, and anything closely resembling that mixture, which was forbidden. It doesn’t say no one can use any of those single oils or use them in a different combination for their own purposes. And I also think it’s completely illogical to assume that “anointing with oil” only refers to anointing with that holy anointing oil. I don’t know what it means in Greek or Hebrew, but in English, “anoint” simply means to apply any type of oil. I anoint my skin with aloe vera when I receive a cut. It’s completely unrelated to the priests and the sanctuary.
    Anyway, I had a very hard time understanding exactly what you guys were saying. I agree that it’s absolutely wrong for anyone to make, use, and/or sell that holy anointing oil mixture, because the scriptures forbid it. But I see nothing in the scriptures saying you can’t use oils at all. I apologize if I misunderstood you, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who got this impression.

    I don’t believe that passage in James is referring to anointing with olive oil (which has little therapeutic value) and definitely not that particular mixture described in Exodus. I believe it is referring to the essential oils found in a vast variety of different plants with wonderful healing properties. The oils, which are extracted from different parts of the plant (flower, stem, leaves, roots) are extremely potent and therapeutically powerful. Essential oils are far more potent than fresh or dried herbs because they are highly concentrated.

    I am rather new to the topic of essential oils, so I can only offer the following crash course. Please bear in mind that this is science we’re dealing with- what was once thought “magical” or “supernatural” is now more easily explained. I think “quantum physics” is the name of this particular field of study, though I might be wrong.

    A good place to start in understanding how essential oils work is to understand the concept of “frequency.” It’s perhaps best defined as electric energy. All matter has/is frequency. Both light and sound are also frequency.
    The human brain has an average frequency of 72-90 MHz, while the body is at 62-68 MHz. When our frequency begins to drop, by exposure to lower frequencies in sound, chemicals, unhealthy food, etc, then our bodies begin to die. Diseases have lower frequencies (colds-58MHz, flu-57, candida-55, cancer-42, death begins at 25). If the body’s frequency is high enough, then it will stay in good health and will not succumb to sickness. Remember that light itself is frequency- a lack of light, i.e. darkness, has no frequency. Darkness and death have low frequencies.

    Sound is frequency. That is why the power of life and death is in the tongue (pro18:21). Words of truth (light- high frequency) can promote healing, while words of lies (darkness- low frequency) will produce death. YHVH Himself spoke the universe into existence- His words are words of LIFE. This is also why Brad Scott talks about how “the earth was filled with hamas” in Genesis. The evil deeds of the population had so lowered/slowed down the frequency of the earth that the earth itself began to corrupt. I believe this is part of the reason the fountains of the deep broke open and chaos ensued. It simply could not hold together.

    In Joshua 24:26-27, Joshua said that the stone was a witness- it “heard” all the words spoken. It absorbed the frequency/sound of the words of YHVH and of the children of Israel. I believe it is playing back the words of YHVH on a frequency that we are unable to physically hear. It’s the same concept as being able to record music on a cassette or disc, and being able to play it back. We know that objects can record sound.

    David played his harp for King Saul when he was tormented by evil spirits. His music was restorative- it was pure worship of YHVH, and it raised the frequency of the atmosphere. This is why the evil spirits had to flee. They could not stand the higher frequency of the pure music- much like the high-pitched siren of an ambulance can tremendously hurt the ears of a dog from far away (not to say that dogs and evil spirits are similar, haha). Have we not all experienced this in music? How some music soothes our souls and brings peace, while some music just “feels wrong”? It is the spirit/frequency of the music that we are experiencing, and it will affect us either well or bad.

    An opera singer, hitting a certain high note, can make glass shatter. Now think about how Israel marched around Jericho and then made loud noise- and the walls came down. If you can match the frequency, you can destroy it. We see this with fabrics as well. Both linen and wool have high frequencies of 5000 each (I need to go back and check my source for this, I’m writing from memory). They are both “healthy” fabrics. However, when these two materials are blended together, they cancel each other out, and the finished material has zero frequency. Basically, it is a dead material. THIS is why God commanded us not to mix the two- it is a product of death, and we should not make it, let alone wear it. (I think I’ve heard Rico Cortes talk about this).

    ALL OF THIS TO SAY (long intro, I know), this is why many essential oils can heal people. Because they are highly concentrated, they have high frequencies, and when applied to the body (either internally or externally), it will raise the body’s entire frequency, therefore promoting healing and restoration. I believe that the spirit realm is an extremely high frequency (or at least, the kingdom of LIGHT is, as opposed to the kingdom of darkness), and I believe this is why the holy anointing oil mixture was used only for the priests. It was probably an extremely high frequency blend which prepared them to come before God, who is Spirit, and naturally, would have the highest frequency of all. It is probably why, when Moses spent time with God, his skin began to radiate- light is frequency!

    This concept of frequency can explain why individuals must be healed in all three areas of body, mind, and spirit. If one eats healthy, yet has unhealthy attitudes or experiences grief/depression, their overall health suffers (pro14:30;17:22;18:14). On the flipside, I know many upbeat, positive, and “spiritual” people who are still sick, because they do not eat healthy. We need to envelop our bodies in high frequencies, as well as our minds and spirits, by living healthy and by focusing our minds on the truths of YHVH (pro3:7-8).

    “And they cast out demons, and anointed with oil many who were sick, and healed them” -Mark 6:13
    “Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.” –James 4:14
    These verses address both the spiritual and physical aspects of sickness- and using oils to heal.

    Each essential oil has its own healing properties and applications. I could write a long list, but will only mention a few. As witnessed in Anthony’s story, frankincense oil is great for healing damaged skin. I applied it to a wart, and it healed within a few weeks with no scarring. Many people can attest to the pain-relieving properties of peppermint. As an essential oil, it’s extremely potent and fast-acting. Lemon oil is an excellent cleanser. One drop in a glass of water is far more potent and effective than a lemon slice. I’ve applied different oil blends on my baby’s feet. “Di-Gize” blend would relieve her constipation, and “RC” blend helps relieve congestion- in a matter of minutes and sometimes instantaneously.
    Essential oils can also help with allergies. My mother, who has suffered from cat and dog allergies, attended an essential oils party/demonstration at a friend’s house who owned both cats and dogs. They passed around many different oils to smell and apply, and even had some diffused in the air with a diffuser. She never once sneezed or had any allergy symptoms, even though every other time she visited there she would! The oils in the atmosphere that day helped raise her frequency to where she had no allergic reactions.

    I know this is a really long comment, but it only scratches the surface of this topic. If any of you want to learn more, I’d be more than happy to pass along more info! My husband is a Young Living Essential Oils distributor. This particular company has an unbeatable record when it comes to the best quality oils- they are absolutely pure and undiluted. The owner, D. Gary Young N.D., is a farmer/scientist who really knows and understands nature, agriculture, and the science of distillation, and has spent years trying to acquire and provide the best quality oils. His company does all the farming and distilling. We know so many people who have had great success with using these oils, my family included.
    Robert Maynard (my husband)
    Distributor number: 1175617
    (Ok, thus ends my sales pitch, haha).

    Jono, I understand if you may need to edit out our personal business info.

  15. jono vandor says

    G’day Gracie, thank you for your detailed comment. If I recall correctly, I think Keith asked if there was a precedent in the Tanakh for the actions of James 4:14, the answer being no. We also commented on the application of this verse in the tradition where I came from, which was clearly questionable. I understand that various oils contain healing properties and I have pondered the possibility of this understanding in the context of James 4:14, however, surely it would have it’s effect regardless of whether it was applied “in the name of the Lord”. Thus it seems kinda mystical and remains a nebulous practice in my view.

  16. jono vandor says

    Thanks Ken, Lunar Sabbath keepers must all be self employed 😉

  17. Ester says

    ” We desperately need to return to the signs in the heavens to mark our days and worship just as YHWH has provided them back in Genesis 1:14, 15. I am in the process of divorcing the Gregorian calendar for ‘irreconcilable differences’!” Amein!
    I appreciate your humour here, but I’m not for using “divorcing”, though, how about ‘giving up’/ridding/setting aside’ the Gregorian calendar? :-)) Reason, being in Torah, one cannot divorce for “irreconcilable differences”, as of the world, except for fornication as in adultery.
    “the vast majority of Lunar Sabbath keepers set aside the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th days of the month as Sabbaths of rest. The commandment to keep Sabbath is to labor 6 days and rest on the 7th day, Lunar Sabbath keeping never violates that commandment.” >Ken Alder. True! My shabbat will be this 15th.
    Shalom, Ken, here’s meeting another rare breed, Lunar Shabbat keeper! HalleluYAH!

    There are a few of us at Look forward to seeing you there!

    A book I’m recommending for those who wish to study the topic-MOADAI TISHMORU – “Discovering the Sabbath” by Rav David Pollina.
    His gifting is in dusting off layers of history and myth, then presenting a forceful case for the facts. Continuing with a theme first explored in his book “Reuniting The Covenant”, in this volume he explores the historical proofs that ancient observance of the Sabbath centred on a different kind of week than most use today.

    Anyone may e-mail to request a free copy of the e-book.

    Shalom! I’ve yet to listen to this progam LOL.

  18. Anthony Garica says

    Back Atcha Jono. I miss Australia, with all the kind people who took care of me during my visits in the Navy. I will pass this page onto someone who has oils and their healing properties, to see if you can get samples. There was a Dr. from NY who grew her own flowers, and would smell each one of them, to blend her floweral essence. They were not fully bloomed when you pick them, and the timeing was during the eve, if I remember correctly. She cured her own children from AHHD, Sleepliness and other diagnosed symptoms.

  19. Sylvia Kinzie says

    “While Colloidal Gold does not have the same germicidal/anti-bacterial action of Colloidal Silver, it can have a balancing and harmonising effect on the body particularly with regard to unstable mental and emotional states, such as depression, S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), melancholy, sorrow, fear, despair, anguish, frustration, suicidal tendencies…the maladies commonly referred to as the “sicknesses of the heart””.

    Gold would have calmed the group!

  20. Ken Alder says

    Jono, it is true, the Gregorian calendar is not friendly to Lunar Sabbath keepers. We’ve had to ‘count the cost’ and found it to be a pittance for the privilege. Many of us have had to modify our employment status to get off the Gregorian habit.

    Ester, believe me, no one hates divorce more that I do. I’m a victim of it and I’ve written on the subject, it literally makes me sick to hear of a couple taking that path. Actually if my memory serves me right Jono has read my article on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage and agrees with it, at least in large part. I use the phrase ‘divorce the Gregorian calendar for ‘irreconcilable differences’ as a bit of a play on words since the Gregorian calendar and the calendar of YHWH can not be ‘reconciled’. I use the phrase knowing that most people don’t hold to the conservative values that you and I do. Its kind of a ‘catching people where they’re at’ kind of thing. No harm intended. Still, thank you for your kind words!

  21. Ester says

    That was simply SUPER! Love the ending of Keith Johnson’s Hebrew declaration of YHWH’s Name! And the shofar.
    Cathoilics make the sign of the cross on babies’ foreheads for their christening.
    I affirm YHWH does provide in everyway for us to do HIS will.
    Aharon caved in to the desires and demands of the people.
    Book of Life, is what Yisraelis wish one another on RoshHashanah, that they be written in The Book of Life.
    Thank you Nehemia for sharing your perspectives, very much appreciated.
    Blessings, Jono.

  22. Ester says

    PS :-)) I am among the first folks who bought the CD and book.
    Love the Avinu’s Prayer, and have been learning it. Thank you!

  23. Gracie May says

    Hey Jono, thanks for posting my ridiculously long comment (ha) and for replying! I am still trying to clarify exactly what you mean. So, your hesitation/question is regarding the issue of “anointing in the name of the Lord”? I can now see your hesitation when you mentioned the sign of the cross on the forehead with oil. That is kinda bizarre. But then I remember I encountered something somewhat similar during one of my church experiences… except they were anointing roads… hahahahahahaahahahaa Yeah, not sure what to think about that now…

    The way I’ve understood James 5:14 (I mistakenly wrote *4*:14 in my first comment!) is that you should PRAY in the name of the Lord while anointing with oils at the same time. That’s how I apply the concept. When I or my family are sick, I pray, calling upon God’s name, and asking for His healing and for direction in what steps we should take to help the situation. At the same time, I also do what I believe will be beneficial- tweak my diet, take certain supplements, or apply certain oils. It’s a complete experience. So, because I have called upon God’s name during the situation, could it perhaps be considered that I anointed oils in His name? I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound that far-fetched to me.

    I wonder if perhaps James 5:14 is referencing what Yahshua said in Matthew 18:19-20?

    My question is this: when should the name of God be used? If we are ambassadors of His name and ministers of His truth, then shouldn’t everything we do for His glory be done in His name? And if so, what exactly does that look or sound like?? (I’m fairly confident it doesn’t look like a greasy sign of the cross on someone’s head in a religious ceremony…)

    On a technical note, I still haven’t received any email notifications of follow-up comments, even though I subscribe every time 🙁 I have been receiving the newsletter, though 🙂
    Can you, Jono, edit a comment that’s submitted and/or been posted? I am curious.

  24. shirley gibson says

    Yehovah – please shine on and in me – change me with your presence AMEN

  25. Susan Loats says

    Hello everyone, I wonder if the question about anointing with oil in mentioned in James is in regards to oils used in healing. Was a child born in ancient hebrew times wrapped in swaddling clothes after being rubbed with oil? Also in Isiaiah 1:6 it speaks of the soles of the feet being softened with oil as for healing. It could be that the oil referred to in reference to healing was not the same oil used to anoint the preists and kings. It seems to me that the practices were confused and muddied through the many translations and teachings of the constantine churches.
    Just a thought.

  26. FrankfromBerlin says

    Just saw that picture of Nehemia while downloading all the Pearls. There is something in Nehemias look that makes me wanna hug him and its not the horns. Love you Brothers, since i am listening, as a Torah newbie, this really brings groundation. May YHWH bless and keep ya´ll!!!

  27. Lewis says

    I was glad to hear Keith declaring the Names. However, the flute in the background kept me from being able to concentrate on Keith. Great music, bad time. Perhaps Jono’s sister’s guitar would be a better choice. OOPS, I hope that wasn’t YOUR sister on the flute, Keith! (She really does play fantastic!)
    Can’t wait for the FOUR hour session next week!

  28. Grady Golden says

    Shalom Brothers,

    My wife and I have been searching the word together for some time and have step away from a church environment in our search for our Father’s truth. In our search with have come to the knowledge and importance of the New Moon, Feast days, etc. We only use the word and the realization that we needed the understand the Hebrew culture to get a better understanding of our Fathers words and meaning.
    All of this is to say that we appreciate the effort that you have put into the Torah Pearls. It is in line with how we understand the words and meaning of Yehovah. As our search will continue, I wanted to take the time to say thank you for your efforts of spreading Yehovah’s to others. The format that you use is very well done. I love the inter action between the three of you and how you discern the word with the word. The Torah Pearls have been a Blessing to us. Nehemia may you find healing and peace in our Fathers arms. Keith, always keep your good nature and laughter Jono, you have the blessing of being a good anchor to those around you, hold on to that

    Yehovah’s Blessing on you!

  29. Petra says

    although the comments by Gracie are a couple of years old now, i will revisit only what Yeshua’s father states clearly “On the flesh of man you shall not smear it and according to Its formulation you shall not make like it; holy it is, holy it shall remain for you.” If you make an oil based on the ingredients found in Shemot they you have knowingly broken a commandment of YHWH not to make this oil. Yes these individual spices have natural healing properties, and using them individually or mixing a couple of them together may not constitute breaking Yah’s instruction but, making any formulation based on the ingredients listed in Ki Tisa would be a direct violation of Yah’s commandment. Christians appear to be good at mixing words and rejecting what Yah’s says as they seem to know better or feel their fictional jesus christ replaced Yah’s word / Torah….Wrong!

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