The Book of Esther & the Holiday of Purim – Yoel Halevi

For if you altogether remain silent this time, then relief and salvation shall arise to the Jews from another place; but you and your father’s house shall be destroyed; and who knows whether you have been called to come to the kingdom for such a time as this? – Esther 4:14

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Hebrew In Israel

Comparing Purims

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  1. Rocky Jackson says

    Hello all or G’day
    I have a quick question for Yoel, I have been enjoying all the wonderful wisdom that has been shared by yourselfs in the various discussions.
    So my question is in reguards to the mentioning of Dictionaries you YOEL has mentioned several times past , how would an american (me) I obtain one or pehaps multiple dictionaries.
    Would yoel recommend one or another?

    Pehaps a link to sources?
    any help offered would be more than greatly appreciated!


  2. Mike says

    G’day Jono,
    I enjoyed the discussion on Esther.
    As it happens, I’ve been to Shushan in Iran (called Shush by the locals — well, it’s a quiet place!) and visited the ruins of Ahasuerus’ palace and wondered if I was standing in the remains of Queen Esther’s TV room or whatever. The river that runs through the town was where Daniel received his vision (Dan 8) and (get this) inside one of the mosques in town is a tomb purporting to be Daniel’s (he is recognised as a prophet by the locals). Normally I would have no interest in entering a mosque but I made an exception this time to photograph what they say is Daniel’s tomb.

  3. Mike says

    PS. my ‘8’ for the chapter number in Daniel above came out as a smiley. Sorry. Normally those inane things irritate me greatly.

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