Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson – Pearls from the Torah Portion – Tetzaveh – Exodus 27:20-30:10

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  1. melissa weis says

    In matthew chapter 12 yeshua talks of david and his companions eating the consecrated bread. I love your teachings. Thank you

  2. crystal says

    This has been very helpful, especially since I and another couple just came out of a church where we were told to only listen to our minister and no one else.

  3. Dafydd says

    Regarding the Urim & Thummim – I understand that they were stones (don’t know the number) which were the same shape (cube?) and same weight, and were black and white. They were kept in the High Priest’s tunic, in a pocket behind the Ephod.

    The High Priest would reach into this pocket and pull some out a stone or several stones and would make a ruling or answer a question according to the colour or colours taken from the pocket.

    I have read, though I can’t find the source now (either Josephus or Jerusalem Talmud), that after the crucificion of Yehoshua the Urim and Thummin always came up black.

    These stones were also used to determine guilt or innocence, and that is the white stone Yehoshua refers to in Revelation 2:17.

    Temple garments –

  4. Kimberly says

    I was really intrigued by the interesting, but extremely brief mentioning of “tamid”. I thought there WAS another instruction that the menorah was not to go out, supporting the idea that tamid means continuous, 24/7, as opposed to just daily. I’ll have to look that up. If it means “daily”, would that mean that everything that is called “tamid” refers to the evening and morning service times?

    Also enjoyed Nehemiah’s (rant?) excited explanation of the so-called 4 vowels of the Name. I have heard that they could be vowels, but when I looked into that further, I could only find support that the yod and vav could be vowels, but not the heh. Also, even if the heh was ever used as a vowel, that would only make 3 vowels, right? Anyway, the explanation that they would only be 4 vowels in Greek makes a lot of sense. Now, how to verify that…

    Thanks again, Brothers! Shalom.

  5. joyce virgillo says

    Thank you for helping me get my head around the truth. I love the way getting it right changes EVERYTHING! The pearls of the Torah are one of my favorite most looked forward to weekly must do listen I have joy in my life again!

  6. Jimmy Fink says

    It has been taught that David was able to eat the Bread because He was of the Melchizedek priesthood. Who knows?

  7. Ida Blom says

    Thank you so much for clearing up the “5-vowel-issue” as well as ridiculous assumption that Josephus referred to the Name being secret for the generally assumed reason. Who would have thought that it referred to Bacchus all the time! Amazingly educational – thank you Nehemia and Keith – Thank you Jono for doing this every week.. truly Torah Pearls!

  8. Lyndsey says

    I also would like to know where and how we can verify the “four vowels” in Greek.

  9. Gracie May says

    I’ve recently been in a discussion regarding the consumption of pork in locations where pork is *supposedly* the only protein available to eat. One of my arguments was that if pork is in fact the only protein available to consume, that it still doesn’t negate the commandment to abstain from eating it. People can survive without animal-based protein, though I believe it is typically detrimental to good health in the long run (please vegans, leave me alone, hahaha). Anyway, the idea of David eating the bread being acceptable because he was starving makes me ask the question: if one was starving, and only an unclean animal was available to consume, would it be ok to consume it? Personally, I don’t think it would be ok, but I’ve love to hear others’ opinions. Definitely thought-provoking.

  10. Elaine Preece says


  11. LaurieJo says

    Wanted to hear more from Nehemia about the blood on the tip of the right ear, thumb and big toe. 🙁 wondering why Keith wanted to skip over that?
    Anyway, thank you men for another great time of study. I am happy to have gone through the part about David eating the showbread, and the “filling of the hands” which was very eye opening for me.

  12. Ester says

    This is the way to midrash, no bashing, disrespect, nor tempers involved. Such fun, yet much to pick up from; look forward to this weekly.
    Thanks to Jono, Nehemia, and Keith, what a team!

  13. Karla Mitchell says

    I love listening to these teachings, for the second time around! Thank you all, for helping me understand the Torah! I laugh and chuckle at the conversations between you three. YET, I learn more each day I listen! Praises too you each for taking the time, your knowledge and love for the Torah, and sharing it with the World!

  14. May Davies says

    No one could pronounce Bacchus’ name because they were all drunk ROFL They could pronounce it just fine after they sobered up. Oh, my… laughing so hard I’m crying. Great portion! It would be sweet if you guys did this again another year, eh?

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