The Kultured Karaite – The Probiotic Power of Fermented Food

The Kultured Karaite

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15 thoughts on “The Kultured Karaite – The Probiotic Power of Fermented Food

  1. Thanks for the interview. I’ve been making Kefir for almost a year and we’ve been gluten free for four years now. I believe our family’s health has greatly improved because of these changes. It’s nice to stay away from the doctor’s office. :)

    I’m looking forward to more interviews from The Kultured Karaite and Channi!

  2. Gosh, I love you guys. Would love to have the Vandors as neighbours. Super people.

    My family and I are also now following a wheatfree, sugarfree lifestyle, and are consuming homemade sauerkraut with all our main meals. Make our own homemade yoghurt in the slow cooker. Have managed to track down Kefir here in South Africa. So can’t wait to get my hands on them. Also have “Nourishing Traditions” on my Wishlist. Gosh would love to own a little smallholding and do it all properly with own animals, veggies etc. One day Yah willing. Although security on rural areas a huge concern here in SA.

    Have personally lost 26kgs in under four months just going wheat and sugar free, without exercise. Feel tons better.

    I really think this move back to eating properly is YHWH’s way to prepare us for what lies ahead. Keep us safe during the pestilence etc., keep our minds more focused.

    Bless you guys. Thanks Jono and your lovely wife. Also thank you to your guest speaker for sharing her knowledge.

    Shalom from South Africa.

  3. Finally got my quart jars, Dev, and putting veggies into them today, yippee!!!! the show was terrific, can’t wait for the next one. Kudos to Jono, you held your own quite well with the ladies…really enjoyed hearing about Channi’s scientific experiments..hehehe. An interesting and timely topic might be about about the type of fermenting that we are not to do during the week of Unleavened Bread , and why wine, which is fermented, is ok (I only know about this from NG’s insights, maybe he can join you for that one…combining Torah Pearls and Kultured Karaite…maybe Kultured Pearls???). Shalom!

  4. I really liked this discussion. I have had my kefir grains for quite a few years. I have a rule, which was passed to me with my grains, they are NEVER to be sold, only the cost of shipping. I like this rule and have stuck by it all these years. The woman who sent mine got her grains from Dom in Australia. Doms Kefir Insight is a website with tons of information on kefir grains, kefir nutritional value, and kefir recipies. I have an extreme sensitivity to store bought dairy, except after the kefir treatment. My body has never had a bad reaction to kefir, and I liked the taste after a couple days. I like mine with a swirl of grape juice occasionally, and at bedtime, on those restless nights, I add a shot of Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate with the natural melatonin, and sleep like a baby. That combination is my favorite flavor too. Recently I have been considering doing fermented foods. After this discussion, I am making it a point to start asap. Thanks everyone! Laurie Jo from Wisconsin USA.
    Now for my weekly Torah Pearls. :)

  5. Hi,
    Just wondering, why did Channi change her name from Christine? I appreciate the willingness that you have had to share your Torah journey and your journey in healthy living…..and there certainly is a relationship to leaving behind the deceit/error many of us have been under in both areas.

  6. This is really fascinating- another good push for me to study the subject.
    My husband and I just recently started using sourdough, with fresh hand-ground wheat. We want to try rye sometime soon.

    I can definitely speak very positively on behalf of a no-grain diet. I battled candida problems (unknowingly!) for years, due to a ridiculously poor diet. A couple years ago I lost immunity to poison ivy and broke out really bad. That, in combination with systemic candida, covered my skin with extremely painful and itchy weeping rashes. That’s when I realized something was wrong… hahaha. I went on a no-carb diet and after about 4 months, I was mostly healed of all the health problems I’d had since puberty. That diet was the best thing I ever did. I eat carbs now, but I try to limit them as much as I can. I still suffer from sensitive skin, and exercise will cause me to break out with tiny itchy blisters on my legs. I’ve definitely improved my diet and lifestyle dramatically, but I know I still have far to go. My husband and I are always learning more and more, and trying to get the best quality food we can. I will never take my health for granted again! I’m so thankful YHVH saved me and taught me to “heal myself” with the food He’s given us. I just wish my testimony could convince others to take their health seriously before they find themselves facing such serious consequences as I have.

    Thank you for addressing health topics on this program. It is SO desperately needed.

  7. We have not been using kefir for very long, but we have seen improvements in our well-being. I want to try to make kefir cheese again soon, my first two attempts were not successful. How long do you drain the kefir? I have 2 batches going with grains from two sources. The first produced very sour kefir for 2 weeks and now the taste is still very sour. The second batch I received has made a drinkable kefir from my first try. The sour batch I use for cooking(I tried but know have given up the thought that I can make the kefir from it tart and not sour) and the other I use for smoothies. I am the only one who can drink kefir straight. I am starting to brew water kefir to see if that will be more palatable for my children, right now they prefer kombucha. I cannot keep enough brewed in the house. This summer I hope to ferment more vegetables. Thanks for the program. God Bless.

  8. Great to hear Channi and Deb share their culturing wisdom and inspiration! I hope to hear them on here again soon. As soon as I’m not pregnant anymore, I’m looking forward to making fermented garlic cloves again…they are really awesome and require less work in the kitchen. Its hard to prepare/consume kimchi while pregnant too (from the heightened sense of smell) but it works wonders for NO HEARTBURN!! Without it, I’m a suffering pregnant mama.

    Even though raw veggies are still good to consume, I don’t feel so bad when we can’t afford many veggies from the store when I’m serving my family cultured food items at the dinner table. Like Deb said, the fermenting/culturing increases the nutritional value so I consider them healthier then plain raw veggies/salad. Just my two cents. I still enjoy a good green smoothie :)

    Channi your cream cheese sounds delectable…I’ll be over for breakfast asap :)

  9. Wow,this is all amazing and overwhelming. Where do I start? I would start with kefir and fermenting? I am also not sure how all this fits into my busy life. I have more questions than answers.

  10. Really good interview and really inspiring. I used to ferment milk kefir all the time and quit and now have water kefir. I’ve also recently learned to grow a kombucha SCOBY without a mother. I’m shocked at how much I hated biology in school, lol.

    I’ve never fermented veggies, though, it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

    I’ve had the book, Nourishing Traditions for YEARS. It’s a really great book. Also, a book I love is Wild Fermentation, written by Sandor Katz.

    I guess I’ll have to get some more milk kefir grains now and start on the fermented veggies.

    One thing, candida/fungus are not bacteria. They are yeasts (a fungus) and/or molds.

    Another great interview that I am most grateful to get to hear and learn from and have been encouraged. Thank you so much to all three of you!

    I am very much looking forward to learning about fermentation in the Torah. So, hopefully, this wonderful guest can come back ASAP.

    As a gardener, I am convinced that the Creator warned us against hybridization and cross pollination in the Torah and love to hear about things like this.

  11. I guess I am a bit confused over the issue of grains. Hadn’t people consumed grain in the biblical days? They ate bread, although it is different from the garbage we call bread today. I see grains referenced in the bible. Did Yeshua eat them? I do limit the mount of grain that I consume because I am watchful of the over all glycemic index of my meals. I also eat whole grains as much as I can, and avoid processed. I am going to do a bit more digging into this matter. This isn’t something I’ve pondered as it personally relates to me. :-)

  12. Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and we are all so excited you are liking what you are hearing!!

    Let me try to answer a few questions: You do not have to make milk kefir to ferment vegetables. You can simply ferment vegetables with salt and water. I think milk kefir is a big key to health and I make kefir cheese (which is yummy) so I have whey available after I make cheese. I use whey in lot’s of ferments because it can speed the process and in a way “guarantee” the ferment will be good. But it’s not necessary.

    Grains: There are several issues with grains. First and foremost, the grains we have today are not the ones the ancients had. The main wheat back then would have been Emmer or Einkorn. You can get Einkorn wheat here:
    The other issue is that when you put a grain (oats, barley, spelt, wheat, etc) on your tongue, your body says “ummmm sugar!” if you have no issues with sugar, over-weight, diabetes, or even gluten sensitivities, then it may not affect you like it does most people. Please see “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” on YouTube, it’s a real eye opener! Also please read “Wheatbelly” by Dr William Davis. It goes into great detail about wheat. Since he is a cardiologist, he has proof in his patients of before and after wheat. In today’s world, very few do not have issues with sugar or gluten. We love whole steel cut oats in my house but we only have them once a month and when we do, I soak them for 24 hours in whey and water.
    I also find it interesting that the ancients would have eaten a diet higher in fresh veggies and fermented veggies, fermented dairy than we do today and bread, which would have been sourdough, would have been used in much more moderation than we use it. Today’s diets are very high in processed carbs. Theirs would have been higher in protein. The good bacteria in the probiotic foods and drink would have been enough to keep whatever the bread would/could have caused, in check. A real balance. The bread would have been much higher in protein making it much lower in carb because of the type of wheat. They had true wonder bread, we don’t.

    Just a little side note: Ancient Egyptians had a high incidence of obesity and diabetes. They didn’t eat a lot of sugar but did eat a great deal of bread, pastries and beer. Hummmm????

    I will be making matzah for Hag HaMatzot, but I will be making it out of Einkorn wheat and I will go back to no bread/grains after that because of my personal issues with carbs. Everyone’s body is different.

  13. Thanks for the info, Devorah. I went to a seminar about an antioxidant (Protandim) that I am taking, actually this was last night. There was a nutritionist educated at the doctorate level available to answer questions. He also mentioned the book about the wheat belly and he corraborates what you’ve said. He was diagnosed with inflammatory diesease ( much like Jordan Rubin),he saw many doctors, took many prescriptions thatr did not help him. He looks so clear and healthy. I am willing to make gluten free choices, and at the very least, consume very little gluten at all. It’s everywhere. In my learning process, I’ll still be exposed to it and not even know it. Like I said in my previous comment, my lifestyle change has me eating a lot less cereals and a lot more fruits, veggies, seeds & nuts. I have noticed a difference. Jono, thanks for hosting this informative segment on your show.

  14. Shalom.
    I tried the fermented vegetables and ended up throwing out 3 qts of rotting veggies…? what did I do wrong– ?

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